(Ed. Bumped up because it’s a great idea.)

I’m posting this here in hopes that someone from the Reds front office might be reading. The Padres, an organization I know pretty well and respect even more, have introduced another cool idea, based on a suggestion posted on Assistant GM Paul DePodesta’s blog. (Another great idea the Reds should steal).

Anyway, the club set up an online “Padres Channel,” where fans can view all the team’s videos in one place, along with original content (a clubhouse tour and an interview with front office types). The Reds should do the same thing.
(Now, it would be even better if MLBAM would allow embedding of videos, so blogs like ours could provide meaningful links and drive traffic back to the team sites, but that’s a different story.)

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  1. Y-City Jim

    It would also be a good idea if Reds front office personnel would occasionally join in the dialogue on some of the blog sites such as this one, not the ones such as Cincinnati.com or Hal McCoy’s.

  2. mike

    DePodesta has not only shown a keen incite into baseball but he’s also shown he’s a fan.

    I’m not holding my breath for the Reds to turn a new leaf and be nice to fans. Reds management, like radio program directors, are in fear of their fans leaving.
    Reds management should realize that their fans already don’t go to games, Look at how bad attendance is, and that if they aren’t going to put a winning team on the field they should extend an olive branch once in a while.

    which brings me to something I was thinking about tonight, reading about the Yankees latest deal. How is it that the Reds stink and have stunk, for what, the last 8 years, and our new fancy pants GM hasn’t made any moves???

    How is it that this team, through 3 (?) GMs and 3(?) managers still caries 3 catchers? How is it that Patterson is still on the roster? How is it that there are no Jr trade rumors (besides the fact that he isn’t playing well)?

    The Reds are 24th in baseball in attendance. 20th in capacity% at 60%. Shouldn’t the bean (banana?) counters that are part of the Reds realize there is 20-40% more money to be had if they try and do something for the fans?

  3. K-Patt

    Hey, at least I’m not playing much anymore.

  4. Chris

    I think the current Reds ownership is very fan-friendly. I honestly have no complaints about how the off-field things are run – only a few suggestions.

    I agree that there are some goofy things going on with the roster, but don’t think any of them are killing the team.