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Game Thread: Rockies at Reds — 2008.07.25

(Ed. Bumped to top because I screwed up and posted it a day early!)

The Reds face the defending National League champions, the Colorado Rockies, tonight.

Goodness, that still sounds strange.

Anyway, a sweep will give the Reds a record of .500. Dare to dream!

59 thoughts on “Game Thread: Rockies at Reds — 2008.07.25

  1. Sad to hear about the death of Randy Pausch, the “Last Lecture” prof from Carnegie Mellon.

  2. I just heard the Rox are looking at Arroyo and the Reds would be willing to pick up some of his salary if they can agree on the talent. THis is according to ESPN’s Rumor Mill or whatever its called.

  3. Why do the Rox need the Reds to pick up salary? At least, they have talent to send the Reds.

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