Game Thread: Padres at Reds — 2008.07.23


Afternoon delight today, with Bronson Arroyo pitching against Greg Maddux. Yeah, the good guys blew game one of the series, but they can still win two out of three with a victory in today’s get-away game.

Discuss it here, if you are trying to avoid actually working today….


  1. Shane says:



  2. Steve says:

    40-19? No way.

    But 35-24 is not unrealistic, even if they do a bit of a firesale. Shoot, darn near ANY MLB team can post 2 relatively hot months to put together a decent record like that.

    The problem NOW has become that it doesn’t look like 85 wins is going to be good enough to pull of the wild card – which at the beginning of the season most us probably though WOULD actually do the trick.

    IMO, it IS going to take 40-19 the rest of the way to have a realistic shot.

    And, um, unfortunately that’s NOT realistic.

  3. Steve says:

    Oh yeah, and Dunn sucks. He couldn’t hit a 5-run shot. 😉

  4. Mike Martz says:

    This would have been a good day to call in sick and watch the REDs play. 😀

  5. Y-City Jim says:

    I walked into the eye doctor just before Edwin hit his blast and then missed the rest of the game while in there for an eye exam. That was one quick game by today’s standards.

    On the Hutson Street rumor, we aren’t going to trade Dunn for a reliever are we? Come on! We been down this road before. I know the Dunn value is increasing but unless Edwin is going to fill the offensive void this team cannot afford to let the Big Donkey go.

  6. Y-City Jim says:

    IMO, it IS going to take 40-19 the rest of the way to have a realistic shot.

    And, um, unfortunately that’s NOT realistic.

    What was that run by Sparky and the BRM that one year? 43-7 or something like that? I know this team is a far cry from the BRM and Dusty ain’t no Sparky Anderson.

  7. Steve says:

    Yeah, wasn’t the 1970 team something like 70-30 in the first 100 games and then played about .500 the rest of the way while coasting to the division title?

  8. Steve says:

    Honestly, Y-City, I listened to Marty and Thom ridiculing the idea of the Dunn for Street rumor, and I couldn’t help but feel the same.

    I wish they’d just lock up Dunn and end the suspense. I can live with the streakiness, the strikeouts, and the poor D for what we get in return – LOTS of difficult to replace offense.

    Everything from simply getting on base with a high degree of regularity to a game-changing blast.

    He’s simply the only guy on the team anymore that we can rely on to do both. Junior only has those moments IRregularly now.

  9. Y-City Jim says:

    and I think a guy like Dunn is good for the clubhouse. Yes, there needs to be someone who calls people on the carpet but you also need someone like Dunn who is going to set a bag of poop on fire outside Dusty’s door.

  10. Shane says:

    he set patterson on on fire outside Dusty’s door?

  11. Mike Martz says:

    Now that’s funny!

  12. Kevin says:

    Bring back Pete Mackanin and we´ll go 40-19. Maybe we can get him from the Yankees for Arroyo.

    Also, Patterson and Baker make me pretty mad, but if the front office lets Dunn walk at the end of the year, it will absolutely top all things that have frustrated me in the 4 seasons since I started watching again.

  13. Kurt Frost says:

    would it really be so bad if dunn accepted arbitration and the reds had him for 1 year at market rate?

  14. Y-City Jim says:

    Shane – That’s a classic!

    Kurt – Not if Bobby Castelini is serious about winning ASAP.

  15. Steve says:

    Hilarious, Shane!

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