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Short hops

–Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Aaron Harang won’t be ready to return when he’s eligible to come off the disabled list:

Aaron Harang is eligible to come off the disabled list on Wednesday, but won’t.

In fact, Harang hasn’t begun throwing yet.

Harang (sore forearm) was to be re-examined by Reds medical director Dr. Timothy Kremchek on Monday. Harang is 3-11 with a 4.76 ERA.

“He’s been training and working, a lot of cardio,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He’ll be in great shape when he comes back. We’ve got to get his arm in shape. Hopefully, he doesn’t have any setbacks.”

–Speaking of which, why didn’t the Reds just place Jared Burton on the disabled list instead of playing short-handed? And when is Burton ever going to be able to pitch again?

–More DL issues: P Daryl Thompson is headed to the disabled list, too.

13 thoughts on “Short hops

  1. Jim-I was thinking the same thing. I would drive CoCo to Chicago myself.

  2. Hasn’t CoCo gone bad since Dusty used him six days in a row about two weeks ago. About the same time Burton got hurt. And Harang has obviuosly been hurting since the extra inning game.

    Hopefully the blip in the road for Edinson isn’t more of the same.

    Maybe Dusty’s reputation of hurting pitchers has some merit.

  3. If the BP article is even close to accurate and we only have a 0.6% chance of the playoffs, none of this stuff matters. Rest these pitchers as long as we need to because we’re not going anywhere. In fact, it’s probably a good time to get a look at Homer for a longer stretch, as well as Josh Roenicke in a callup for Burton. All I care about for the next week is trying to unload Griffey under any circumstances. I’d be more picky with Dunn, but I just don’t know if the guy is worth the contract he’ll sign in the offseason. I mean, if the Rockies can entertain offers for Matt Holliday, surely we shouldn’t be too precious about AD.

  4. The way he used Aaron Harang in that Padres game was fine. You can say that is what’s messed him up but Dusty’s use of Harang was a sound choice at the time.Burton might be feeling it because he isn’t used the workload. I’m not saying I know that but he’s passed his innings pitched that he had last year. Dusty also hasn’t really used Burton in back to back games too much either.

    Cordero on the other hand I might be more inclined to agree with. He might just need a few more days of rest.The only problem with that is hoping to rely on Bray,Affeldt and Lincoln to get the game to Dave Weathers in the 9th.Wether you agree with him closing you know that’s who they would go to. I also only said those three guys because lets face it, Majewski hasn’t been that good and only the good lord knows about Coffey.

  5. Not surprising, Harang hasnt been the same pitcher since that extra inning game and it seems like we use teh same guys night after night. Its no wonder these guys are breaking down. I am not saying its all Dusty’s fault … ok, so I am … I have to think Arroyo’s value is peaking … time to offer him, Affeldt & Weathers up ina trade for a couple of high prospects. Bring up Roenicki & Herrera to take their place. Would love to get a guy like Austin Jackson from the Yankees …

  6. I’d bet good money Harang’s elbow IS blown out and he needs TJ surgery. Kremchek is usually terrible with diagnosing this stuff early. Besides, announcing Harang’s injury would be a PR disaster and would kill ticket sales. If they drag out the faint hope for a few more weeks, we’re into the end of August and the race is over anyway. By then we’ll all be looking at prospects anyway.

    Of course, if Harang needs surgery, you can write off most of his 2009 as well.

  7. The way he used Aaron Harang in that Padres game was fine. You can say that is what’s messed him up but Dusty’s use of Harang was a sound choice at the time.

    Um, no it wasn’t at all. The sound choice in extra innings would be to save Fogg for last, and let him pitch until the game is over.

  8. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have used Fogg for more than he went but there is generally nothing wrong with having your big horse pitch on a throw day.

  9. From the DDN:

    THE DISCUSSION was home protection and Ken Griffey Jr. asked all the writers, “Do you have a gun, do you have a gun, do you have a gun?” Only one said yes (blush, blush).

    Said Griffey, “I have an arsenal and if the police ever need ammo they can knock on my door. Of course, my alarm system is a picture of Marty Brennaman from 1973 in my window instead of a Brinks sign in my yard.”

    Is Junior the president for the NRA?

    Good dig on Marty with the second comment.

  10. This was on Fay’s blog and was made by a poster. Did Baker really say this?

    File that one with the black players do better in day games comment Dusty made in Chicago.

  11. Yes Dusty said that. He said that he felt black and latino players played better in the heat because of their skin color.

  12. How do we know that Harang didn’t already have a problem that he wasn’t telling anyone about at the time of that extra inning game? Maybe that’s why he threw nothing but fastballs for the entire time he was in that day

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