This team is a joke. I don’t know why I waste my evenings on them.

6 Responses

  1. Phill

    It’s just so gut wrenching.

    It’s time to start looking to trade off the soon to be free agents for whatever prospects they can get.

  2. Fire Dusty Baker

    FIRE SALE!! Whoever thinks this team has a shot of contending is just a plain old idiot.

  3. Relient k Car

    Haha honestly i believe we’re close due to our prospect status
    Bailey, Cueto, Volquez and Thompson all major league ready.
    plus livingston as a possibility too
    and klinker

    Bruce and Votto and Alonso
    we got a few players that could make us a contender
    but hey… Kearns and lopez were supposed to do the same.

  4. AnnapolisRed

    Livingston? Last night was a microcosim of the last five years.

  5. John of Muncie

    Last night’s loss was so bad, it makes you wonder if this game isn’t just rigged.

    Lots of moments like that in the last few years. Ryan Franklin giving up the extra inning homer out west. Felipe Lopez hitting a grand slam against them. Now Cordero chokes twice in a week.

    Every team sucks it up now and then, but this team more than most, and definitely in ways I’ve never seen before. See also: 3-5-6 double play. At least it’s creative losing.

  6. Corey patterson should die

    yeah bobby livingston the guy who did pretty well for us last year