–The All-Time Gold Glove team has been announced, and Reds comprised three of the nine positions: catcher Johnny Bench, 2B Joe Morgan, and OF Ken Griffey, Jr.

Morgan and Bench showed up for this ceremony.

–OF/IF Ryan Freel is going to have surgery:

After several weeks of trying to avoid this option, the Reds’ Ryan Freel will have surgery to repair the torn distal hamstring tendon behind his right knee.

The operation will be performed on Wednesday by team medical director Tim Kremchek, the Reds revealed on Friday. A prognosis for recovery won’t be announced until after the operation.

–Edwin Encarnacion is heating up.

10 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Parker certainly was an outstanding 1B but the best? Joe Pepitone would be one that I might consider better.

    Is Joe Morgan really the best fielding 2B of all time? What about Bill Mazeroski?

    Finally, Roberto Clemente? He was good but one of the three best? Better than Mantle or Dimaggio?

  2. AnnapolisRed

    Morgan was definitely the best and so was Clemente. Do you disagree with everything?

  3. Chad

    I can’t say about Morgan, because I’m biased. As for Clemente, I think he was definitely better than Mantle or Dimaggio as a fielder. Clemente was quick, got good jumps on the ball, and had what was probably the best arm of anyone who ever played.

  4. Y-City Jim

    First of all, I “questioned” three of the choices. Choosing all-time greats is a difficult choice for anything.

    Second of all, do you find it necessary to be hypercritical or are the rest of us free to question, analyze, formulate opinions, etc.?

  5. Andrew

    Griffey should be no where near that list. Even in his prime, he was overrated.

  6. AnnapolisRed

    Y-absolutely, but you and mhopp are like the boy who cried wolf. You complain about EVERYTHING that when there is something legit to complain about nobody is listening.

  7. Y-City Jim

    I wasn’t complaining about the picks. To ask why others were not considered is not a complaint. It’s questioning, with the thought in mind that others would contribute their perspectives. Listening to others share their thoughts makes me a wiser person.

    Perhaps I am wrong but I think you stand alone in your opinion of me. No one else on this forum has ever felt it necessary to consistently criticize me as you have.

    Can mhopp be a little irritating? At times but does that make it necessary to scold him like a two-year-old?

  8. AnnapolisRed

    I actually think mhopp is five.

    I am just giving you a hard time like you do of Bako 100 times per game. It gets old doesn’t it 😀

  9. Y-City Jim

    As old as all of us running on Patterson?

    I’ve taken it easy on Bako as of late though I think he is one of the most overmatched hitters I have ever seen.

  10. Pete

    I agree Y-City. I’ve been very impressed to this point with your refusal to engage in a mud slinging contest concerning Annapolis’ irrational dislike of you. Good work.