Last night’s devastating loss


Well, that was just ugly.

That would have been a great win for the Reds. The Reds entered the break on a bit of a hot streak, and to open the second half with a big win against the hottest team in the majors would have been huge.

Can the guys regroup tonight?


  1. Relient k car says:

    My fantasy stats!!! ahh my poor fantasy stats

  2. Y-City Jim says:

    Cueto and Cordero really let the team down last night.

  3. Mike says:

    I was worried about Stormy in the 8th. inning, but with this team you never know.

  4. AnnapolisRed says:

    Let the fire sale begin please

  5. Evarmstrong says:

    How did Johnny let anyone down? He is a young kid going against a hot team, yes our closer needs to refund the team some money, but I have no issues with Johnny C and his performance this night or the entire season.

  6. Kyle says:

    Last nights pitching left a little to be desired, but at least the bats lit up. And can we please give Valentin some props. I have not been a Valentin fan at all, but that was a huge pressure situation where he came up with a great at bat to get the reds back in the game. I think thats the second clutch at bat he has had this season. Not bad for someone that barely ever sees the field.

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