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Hall of Famers at All-Star Game

Did anyone else watch the player introductions before the All-Star Game? I really enjoyed watching all of the Hall of Famers who were in attendance. Good to see those guys.

However, am I the only one disappointed that three members of the Big Red Machine, plus another former Red, failed to appear for the ceremony?

7 thoughts on “Hall of Famers at All-Star Game

  1. Perez showed up, so it’s Bench, Morgan, Seaver…who am I forgetting? Oh – Sparky?

  2. I did hear Marty say that Bench has a prior commitment for a golf charity benefit in Minnesota, I believe it was, and that Morgan was doing radio.

    I understand Bench’s commitment, but it would seem that something could’ve been worked out by ESPN for Morgan to attend.

  3. If it’s Sparky, that’s not a big deal to me. At his age, I don’t expect him to show up for everything.

  4. It was strange that there were quite a few of the HOFers missing. I’m not sure if there’s something more behind that or not

  5. Chad-I am with you. Very disappointed. Radio? That is a very lame excuse.

  6. DevilsAdvocate, Seaver never appears as a Red unless in Cincinnati. If he would have been there, he would have been a Mut. It was great to see Tony. He deserves this kind of national recognition.

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