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Jim Bowden and Jose Rijo are under investigation

This doesn’t sound good at all (tip of the cap to my brother, who sent this link along to me):

Federal authorities and Major League Baseball are investigating Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden and special assistant Jose Rijo for their possible roles in a growing financial scandal involving the signing of players from the Dominican Republic, several sources familiar with the probe told ESPN.

Anyone implicated could face felony fraud charges, sources familiar with the investigation said. Numerous MLB employees in the United States and the Dominican Republic are under suspicion in the probe, which allegedly involves the skimming of signing money allocated for Dominican prospects. Bowden, a 23-year veteran of MLB front offices and a general manager on and off since 1992, is the highest-ranking official known to be under investigation.

Read the entire article. The investigation is in its very early stages, but it looks bad, if nothing else.

4 thoughts on “Jim Bowden and Jose Rijo are under investigation

  1. off topic, but I needed to respond:

    Jesus would have been good. Maybe they are holding him until the 9th in order to get the “save.”

    Jim, I’m SO jealous of that comment. I might use it tomorrow during service. 😆

  2. What I have read doesn’t really make the mechanics of the theft clear to me – am I right that bonuses are being paid to Dominican players, and organization people are skimming off the top? Does that mean that like, for instance, Bowden would tout a kid and get the Nats to pay more for him and then pocket the difference?

  3. Mark T, I’d guess that’s what the feds think is going on, in one form or another. In one form, the bonus signee would be unaware of the scam. He’d be told he was getting a bonus of X, while the club was really offering a bonus of X+2. The scammers — they’d likely need to be those few people who actually handle the funds transfer to the signee — would pocket the difference.

    Of course, the signee might be in on the scam. The ESPN piece says this is common practice in the Dominican Republic, with “finders” touting players to clubs and taking huge fees out of any eventual bonus.

    What intrigues me, though, is the assertion that the Bowden probe is in its early days, while the broader probe seems to have been going on for some time. I doubt the feds would leak info about a new probe, so, then, who did, and why?

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