I don’t think the Brewers are the Nationals either. And with Josh Fogg pitching for the good guys tonight, I’m not extremely optimistic. The only question is: “How will Bill Hall beat the Reds this time?”

Then again, the Reds hit about a million home runs yesterday, so maybe there’s a chance we can win today. Discuss it here….

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. Tonight’s starting line-up:

    Jerry Hairston cf
    Jeff Keppinger ss
    Junior Griffey rf
    Brandon Phillips 2b
    Edwin Encarnacion 3b
    Joey Votto 1b
    Jay Bruce lf
    David Ross c
    Josh Fogg p

  2. They say the ball flies at Miller Park when the roof is open, and it is open tonight.

  3. Nice, Griffey just cracked Hairston’s back in the dugout.

  4. Can anyone explain why you’d ever play for one run in the first inning of a game against the Brewers, in Miller Park, with Josh Fogg on the mound for your team?

    That stuff is infuriating. Of course, Marty and Brantley are slobbering all over the radio booth about their beloved littleball.

  5. Or, you can just let Ryan Braun take his cuts.

  6. interesting article….

  7. Brantley was ranting about how “it’s not the strikeouts or batting average” that bother him. He compared Ryan Howard favorably to Adam Dunn, b/c Howard leads the NL in RBI (“It’s about run production,” he slurred).

    Howard: 27 HR, 83 RBI, 113 OPS+
    Dunn: 24 HR, 54 RBI, 133 OPS+

    Brantley and Marty completely miss the fact that RBI are team-dependent. Howard has had 292 guys on base when he’s come to the plate. Dunn 205.

    Dunn’s driven in 15.6% of the runners who’ve been on base when he’s come to bat. Howard 19.1%

  8. Wow, Nate. That doesn’t look good.

  9. With the Reds likely out of contention, is it safe to assume most everyone is rooting for the Brewers to win the division?

  10. Good question, Rob. Last year, I was on the Brewers bandwagon from spring training. Then they disappointed me, signed some uninteresting guys (Mike Cameron – sorry), and I haven’t paid much attention. The Cubs, I hate to admit, have a pretty appealing team this season. Other than Dempster, who I will always resent, and Kerry Wood, who’s a cheeseball, I like most of their guys. I’m as in love with Geovanni Soto as George Grande is.

  11. Wow, that’s a crazy article, Nate.

  12. I know it’s probably his crappy pitching that has warped me, but am I the only one that simply cannot stand to look at Josh Fogg? He always has that goofy look on his face. It’s infuriating.

  13. He’s irritating, but nowhere near the levels of Majewski, Weathers, Milton, Haynes, or Jimmy Anderson.

  14. Oh man Chris…your comment reminded me of all the junk the Reds have rolled out there and called it “pitching.” I still can’t believe Haynes was our opening day starter one year…that was a year destined for greatness.

    And Jimmy AnderTon, yikes.

  15. Haynes was the Opening Day starter on the day GAB opened. Talk about a bad omen.

    I have a large panoramic photo of the first pitch at GAB in my office. It would be a great picture, except Jimmy Haynes is in the middle of it.

  16. That’s hilarious.

  17. Remember how much people/media wanted to get excited about Haynes. Anyone with a brain knew that wasn’t going to end well, but “15 game winner Jimmy Haynes” was all you heard.

  18. Chad, did you make it to Cooperstown during any of your recent NY jaunts?

  19. I’m in shock, Fogg only one hit and one run through 5. Will he walk the pitcher?

  20. Fogg struggled with the pitcher…better score some runs before next inning.

  21. He’s irritating, but nowhere near the levels of Majewski, Weathers, Milton, Haynes, or Jimmy Anderson.

    Chris, how could you leave out Manzanillo? Now that was one sorry pitcher.

  22. Regarding your Cooperstown question (would’ve answered earlier, but had to get the kids in bed…Chris, you have a lot of that to look forward to)….

    No, we didn’t get up there. Pretty much have stayed in the City. I went on a big Cooperstown road trip with some buddies back in law school…1997 or 1998. It was the middle of Feb and Cooperstown was under about a thousand feet of snow.

    It was an awesome trip. I was just thinking earlier today how much I cannot wait to go back with my son.

  23. Does Dusty have anyone warming in pen? Oh, lets wait until Reds are behind.

  24. Bray warming, usually gives up hit or walk to first batter. Better to go with Burton.

  25. Majewski warming? Be afraid, very afraid.

  26. Bill Bray with some VERY bad luck there.

  27. Oh NO! Bill Hall is going to pinch hit!

  28. In all fairness, the Reds do have some serious bad luck.

  29. If Dusty brings in Majewski here in a tie game, he deserves what he gets. It may work (anything can happen), but it’s a stupid move.

  30. Majewski, OMG! Bray was fine…this should be interesting.

  31. Chad-I totally agree…that’s why my name is what it is. He’s a buffoon.

  32. Chris, as far as individual players there are Cubs I like. For me, it is the whole Wrigley atmosphere that turns me off. I hate that tradition of throwing visiting home run balls back, celebrities singing the seventh inning stretch etc. It used to be a cute novelty. Not anymore. Go Brewers!

  33. Anyone but Bill Hall.

  34. I agree w/ #31 Chad.

    Of course.

    Nice effort, Jr.

  35. I hate Dusty Baker. He is the worst manager in Reds history.

  36. Bill Hall vs. Gary Majewski. OF COURSE, Hall is going to get a double.

  37. If you use your 8th best pitcher w/ the game on the line b/c it’s the 6th inning, you deserve what you get. Jared Burton should’ve been in there.

  38. Jesus.

  39. Micromanaging at its worst.

    Is the Reds killer Bill Hall or Gary Majewski? or perhaps, Dusty Baker?

  40. And a second straight hit vs. Crappy majewski equals another run. Reds get out of the inning because of poor baserunning by the Brewers. Majewski didn’t actually retire a batter in that inning.

  41. Here’s the thing that gets me: Dusty played in 2039 games, and managed another 2297. Yet he still sits there and looks surprised when $–t like this happens.

  42. Comment #40

    Jesus would have been good. Maybe they are holding him until the 9th in order to get the “save.”

  43. Exactly, Chris (#39). Why not use Jared Burton there? It’s a potential game-changing spot. You need a good pitcher in there.

  44. Comment @44 – Forgive me, preach.

  45. I had a dream last night that Jocketty wanted to hire me b/c he was good friends with someone I knew. In the dream I actually put him off for several weeks. Any idea what all that means? Of course ridding the team of Baker would be my first move…then a celebration.

  46. Majewski is absolute garbage.

  47. Is that outfield wall made of flubber? Everything hit by the Reds off of it bounces right to the Brewer outfielders.

  48. DustyBakerSux…despite your subtle hints, we get that you don’t like Dusty Baker. Can you give it a rest?

  49. WOW!!! Lady Luck visits the Reds dugout.

  50. Sorry Dallas…what would you have me say? 😕

  51. Good luck for the Reds. Imagine that.

  52. By the way, this Thom Brennaman/Chris Welsh combo on TV is pretty darn good, in my opinion.

  53. new game, some good luck.

  54. Much better than the Marty Brennaman / Jeff Branley combo on radio tonight. Brantley is so much worse on radio because he has to attempt to describe the action.

  55. To #52: Through 93 games, the Reds are 6 games ahead of where they were last year. One could say that Dusty’s making some progress.

  56. Nice job by Mike Lincoln.

  57. But Dallas that progress is in comparison to Jerry Narron. Dusty does deserve credit though for his willingness to go with young pitching.

    On to another thought. If the Reds were to release Majewski, who would take his place in the bullpen? Please don’t say Coffey.

  58. Another double for Encarnacion, his third hit of the night.

  59. Do the Brewers play defense like this all the time?

  60. Bill Hall makes an error vs. the Reds? Will wonders never cease?

  61. #57–I can’t see how Dusty has done much. He’s been given Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Johhny Cueto, Edison Volquez, and one of the games best closers…all of which have played well. How do you figure he’s done better than Narron or Mckann? Given a legitimate answer I will gladly shut up.

  62. Now David Weathers is in in a close game. I’m think I’m going to be driven to alcohol soon.

  63. Chad-I think Dusty may actually be trying people who are up on the trading block. Won’t get much by giving up doubles though.

  64. He’s been given those things? The board’s other big Dusty basher, mhopp, uses the argument that the buck stops with the manager, so all the Reds’ ills are the blame of the manager. If that’s the case, then surely the manager has to be given credit for the positives as well. Under his watch Cueto is being groomed into a very good pitcher and Volquez has gone from high Single A to possibly starting the All-Star game. He inherited the league’s worst bullpen (notwithstanding Cordero, obviously, but I honestly can’t remember if he signed before or after Dusty) and has had his two marquee pitchers (Harang and Arroyo) perform somewhere in between mediocre and poor for a large segment of the season. Not to mention Griffey underperforming and Dunn…well, he’s Dunn, whether you’re a fan or not, he is what he is. I’d say he’s doing a decent job with what he’s been “given,” and that April, May, June, and the beginning of July is not nearly enough time to judge a major league manager. The Reds have been bad for a long time; don’t expect a pennant contender after 3 and a half months.

  65. Junior with the Hot dog Play of the Game but if Hairston hadn’t been in the line of fire it might have been Bruce. I’m thinking he would have gunned down Braun.

  66. Thom Brennaman has just turned into Paul Harvey and is telling us the rest of the story. It is a nice story about Torres though.

  67. That was a terrible strike three call against BP. It was at his shoestrings.

  68. A ball in the dirt (okay, I’m exaggerating) is a strike?

  69. A strike below the knees?

  70. Sweet play by Keppinger.

  71. Okay Dallas, you win. I don’t want to cause anyone to have a heart attack here. I think that most would agree that Dusty has made some really bad decisions this year, ones that defy logic…major league or high school.

  72. I’ll take it!!! They have a shot at a 3-3 road trip, which ain’t too shabby against Chicago and Milwaukee.

  73. That looked like ball four to me, but I’ll take it.

  74. 😀 😯

  75. Makes up for bad call on BP…fine with me.

  76. I think a lot of us tend to sometimes beat on Dusty or Corey or whoever a bit excessively at time. The frustrations of being a Reds fan sometime gets to even the best of us.

  77. CHICAGO (AP)—Doctors and family members say a 7-year-old boy who fractured his skull when he was struck by a foul ball at Wrigley Field was recovering and expected to live.

    Dominic DiAngi of suburban Frankfort was sitting behind the Cubs dugout Thursday afternoon during a game between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds when a foul ball off the bat of Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly struck him in the head.

    On Friday, the boy was in serious condition. Children’s Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Julie Pesch says the boy regained consciousness on Friday and doctors said he was steadily improving throughout the day.

    The game was the first major league game the boy had ever attended.

  78. I was at the game and it was very scary. Thanks for this post, I have been wondering how he was.

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