That’s all I want to know.

5 Responses

  1. Relient k Car

    cause we would look good
    and the reds arent allowed to look good

  2. CeeKeR

    Because the Nationals are a AA-(ex)Reds team?

    On a serious note, I say that tomorrow determines the rest of the season. If the Reds win, then ok..but if they lose it’s almost guaranteed they’ll be sellers at the deadline (unless you count on them sweeping the Brewers since they need a 4-2 road trip at a minimum).

  3. K-Patt

    Too bad my brother, E-Patt, got traded to the A’s in that Harden deal. He had a stellar .824 fielding percentage in left field.

    He could’ve really helped this team.

    No worries, Neifi Perez is off the suspension list around the All-Star break.

  4. james

    I think Harang needs to not pitch till the first game after the break. That game in San Diego must of done something. He needs to reset and get back in the old Harang mindset.

  5. mhopp

    Who in the world is Nefi Perez? And why does anyone think that the Reds have a chance in a division with the Cubs and Brewers? Time to focus on next year as this team is a dysfunctional mess. The problem(s) start with Dusty Baker and his indescribable stupidity. Maybe next year DT and JB will be ready and Harang will be better, Griffey will be gone. I’d say until Dusty Baker is gone there won’t be a post season, it’s obvious this man is a fool and BS’d his way to the Reds.