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Game Thread: Nationals at Reds — 2008.07.06

Reds go for the sweep today, and try to wrap up what could be a 5-2 homestand. Not bad, but last night’s win already assured a winning homestand, so that’s good news. A winning record on the upcoming road trip to Chicago and Milwaukee to close out the first half would be even better.

Edinson Volquez will pitch today against the Nationals who, after watching them for three days, I’m convinced have a roster full of more re-treads and AAA players than any other team in the league. Good work, Nationals GM Jim Bowden!

Discuss the game here….and remember, if nothing else, the Reds are in fourth place, not last!

95 thoughts on “Game Thread: Nationals at Reds — 2008.07.06

  1. This ex-Reds thing is out of control. Why Lo Duca?, Eddie Taubensee not available?

  2. I understand Lo Duca’s point but the Reds completed the play. It isn’t their fault that Lo Duca didn’t run it out.

  3. Yeah, but they don’t have to assume – the Reds completed the play. Do they really think that the catcher is going to beat that throw if he runs it out?

  4. How does Jim Bowden still have a job? This Nationals team is flat out horrible and he just keeps acquiring ex-Reds. Looks like he could use Casey at 1B.

  5. I agree, DA. I’m just trying to explain what I think their rationale might have been.

    OK. Why didn’t EE slide?

  6. He would have been sliding right into the legs of the catcher. What’s the point in risking a potential injury when you’re out by 5-10 feet?

  7. LoDuca would have easily made it to first, I think. They made the correct call to make up for the terrible first call by the first-base ump.

  8. Fielder’s choice so Bruce was safe at 1B. He is now at 3B after the JH hit.

  9. renbutler, the Reds could argue that they didn’t try to complete the DP as fast because Dreckman halted play.


  10. I agree Annapolis, nice to see they are spending time with a kid that does not have what we all take for granted.

  11. 4 days in a row, is he crazy? Nice, now we’ll need him against the Cubs and Brewers in the 1st game and he’ll be worn out.

  12. I think Brandon Phillips should be the official spokesperson for John Morrell Hot Dogs.

  13. Annapolis, one person said something about the kid. Big deal. Lighten up. It’s more sarcasm than anything else.

  14. Given just Bray and Thompson alone, I’d say the Reds definitely got the better of the deal…I never understood what the big question was…pitchers for batters I’d do that.

  15. Yep, Dusty Baker mentality…everyone holding their breath…maybe this will go 18 innings and we can burn Aaron Harang or something

  16. So much for my thought that Cordero would not be available, guess he goes in the ninth regardless.

    Don’t remember anyone suggesting he trained with Mike Marshall.

    For you kids that’s Mike Marshall with 208 innings in relief over 106 appearances … Yes, in one season.

  17. 4 days in a row = less velocity Dusty, with a mistake or 2 here’s what you have

  18. YES!!! REDS WIN!!!

    They have to up it a notch to do this against the Cubs though.

  19. I was surprised that Cordero got the call again as well.

    The umps totally blew the call on the LoDuca bunt. When the first base umpire called foul it should have been a dead ball. No outs should have been recorded and LoDuca should have gone back to the plate. That was totally botched.

  20. It’s a no-brainer on why Junior isn’t but there are several candidates that should have made it before Fukudome. Cub fans did a nic ejob of stuffing the ballot box.

  21. Griffey shouldn’t be within 500 miles of the All-Star game.

    Where are all those people clamoring for Kearns? It’s all we heard for two years after THE TRADE. Now, not so much.

  22. Are they done talking to this little kid yet? Christ.

    I doubt it was intended to be funny but it wasn’t intended to be vicious either. Ellis was simply stating enough of interviewing the kid who was obviously very uncomfortable in the booth.

  23. Griffey shouldn’t be within 500 miles of the All-Star game.

    Why not? I used to take my time on the ballots and search for those players who were having career years to ensure that the most deserving were picked….Bah. If fans want to see Jr play in one more all-star game before he heads off to Cooperstown, should they not have that opportunity? I think Welsh is right: expand the rosters and let the soon to be hall-of-famers, even if on the decline, play. I didn’t care if Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken, or George Brett were on the decline. I wanted to see them play. I didn’t live in a market to get many of their regular season games so I thought it was quite a treat to see them all together for one night at least.

    To say someone with over 600 homeruns and 5000 total bases should not be within 500 miles of an all star game is harsh, to say the least.

  24. Thanks Preach and definitely should not be over shadowed by some no name rookie. Seems like just a popularity contest…like Derek Jeter in the AL. I can’t believe the Cubs have 7 players. Actually you know that does increase the risk of someone getting injured so with 7 that is a higher likelihood than the Reds for sure.

  25. Because he doesn’t belong in the All-Star game. He would be the first to tell you that.

  26. More than anything he really doesn’t want to be there. Junior values the family time more than anything. The world needs all the dads it can find to be like that.

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