Happy Independence Day, Redleg Nation!

We will be celebrating at the ballpark this afternoon, and if the game is as fun as last night’s, it will be a celebration indeed. Unfortunately, Bronson Arroyo is pitching, and that makes me nervous.

Hope everyone has a great holiday today, and I hope you’ll discuss the game here.

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34 Responses

  1. John of Muncie

    I’d rather watch Arroyo pitch than hear him sing.

  2. TylerS

    Chestnut defeats Kobayashi in OT!!!

  3. Y-City Jim

    Today’s starting line-ups:

    Jerry Hairston Jr. ss
    Jay Bruce cf
    Ken Griffey Jr. rf
    Brandon Phillips 2b
    Adam Dunn lf
    Jeff Keppinger 3b
    Joey Votto 1b
    Paul Bako c
    Bronson Arroyo p

    W. Harris cf
    C. Guzman ss
    E. Dukes lf
    D. Young 1b
    A. Kearns rf
    R. Belliard 3b
    P. Lo Duca c
    F. Lopez 2b
    J. Bergmann p

    Trade rumors galore surrounding the Reds.

  4. Kerm

    I used to absolutely hate those JTM commercials now they have become such a novelty with my friends that I love them. Especially when one man playing guitar exclaims “BEEF HOAGIES!!” How can you really argue with that?

  5. Kevin

    What are the trade rumors? I don’t feel like surfing the web for them.

  6. Mike Martz

    Banana phone fun today! Caller called in to say Dusty Baker is a racist.


    Where do they find these people…..

  7. Y-City Jim


    Also Hopper on the DL for Tommy John surgery, Fogg starts tomorrow, Harang’s start pushed back to Tuesday due to forearm stiffness.

  8. Matt B.

    If we get Victorino, does that mean Dunn, Victorino, and Bruce across the outfield next year?

  9. Kevin


    I don’t know why we would want Victorino unless Griffey or Dunn are going somewhere…if you ask me Hairston in center is just fine. But, the catching prospect seems like something we need.

  10. preach

    I would be happy with an outfield of Dunn, Victorino, Bruce. I like Shane and think he would be a positive addition. I am more concerned about catching and getting right handed help on the bench, however.

  11. Y-City Jim

    I have to agree with the later part of your post, preach.

    Is Victorino that RH bat because unless something changes between now and next year I have to think CF is Jerry Hairston’s to lose.

  12. Relient k Car

    Well i like shane hes a switch hitter a great guy at the top of the order
    he might be what the reds are missing
    and getting rid of arroyo would be fabulous
    but i have no idea why philly would want arroyo.

  13. Chad

    Starting to rain again here at the ballpark, but at least the Reds are swinging the bats.

    With Fogg starting tomorrow, I think I’m gonna skip the game and have a nice dinner someplace.

  14. Matt Steele

    Phillies aren’t going to trade Victorino, though the I think the Reds are probably going to move Arroyo. Jayson Stark at ESPN says that the Reds have told clubs that Aaron Harang is not one of their untouchables but it’s unlikely that a deal gets made for him.

    tough break for hopper

  15. Dave from Louisville

    This Arroyo tribute is ridiculous

  16. Matt Steele

    yeah but he’s pitching well lol if they have to do this every time he starts, I’m cool with it if he gets the win

  17. Y-City Jim

    Arroyo about 20 pitches from the wall he seems to hit when his pitch count gets into the 80’s.

  18. Dave H.

    Gameday says Andy Phillips pinch hit for Arroyo. Did I miss something?

  19. Dave H.

    I haven’t missed as much as Dusty if he really thinks Weathers should come in now.

  20. DevilsAdvocate

    I did a doubletake on Phillips too.

    Radio team says that Andy Phillips has had a busy week – designated for assignment by the Reds, claimed by the Mets. Played three games for the Mets, then designated for assignment by them and claimed by the Reds again.

  21. Phill

    I couldn’t help but crack up when Arroyo was doing his tribute and in mid song stopped playing guitar to salute.

  22. Y-City Jim

    Even though it was against the Nationals this outing should up Arroyo’s trade ability. I guess Phillies sources are denying interest. The Miami Herald does say there is interest by the Marlins in David Ross.

  23. Y-City Jim

    Reds win!!! Decent win over a bad team.

    That Ohio Sports News blog site also says C.C. Sabathia is head to Milwaukee.

  24. preach

    Even a mediocre starting pitcher can command some cheese in return. I wouldn’t mind them moving Arroyo at all, but don’t just jump at anything.

  25. Kevin

    Lest we forget, the Phillies took Kyle Lohse off our hands last year.

  26. Phill

    I’m not buying into that ohio sports blog stuff. I’ll believe things from a source that has a track record of finding out good quality info that is true.

  27. AnnapolisRed

    Yeah and look at Lohse now with the Cards. I like Shane Victorino alot and would love to see him in CF with Dunn and Bruce flanking him.

  28. Chad

    Ummm…Shane Victorino is not good. We don’t need more below average players.

  29. AnnapolisRed

    umm, I disagree. He isn’t an all-star, but he is better than what we have.