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Game Thread: Nationals at Reds

I would have posted this sooner, but I was rear-ended by some moron on the way to Cincinnati. My family and I are all okay, but we are running late.

Discuss the game here. I will check in from GAB as often as possible.

59 thoughts on “Game Thread: Nationals at Reds

  1. I like the Nationals, their #5 batter is batting .190 and what makes it even better is that he’s a former Red!

  2. I was amazed those fans were EATING out of bowls of something while it was raining.

    Sweet win! Nice to see Cordero given the opportunity tonight to do what he was hired to do. Cueto one win away from .500.

    1:15 tomorrow. Wear your camouflage.

  3. Great win tonight. Not looking forward to blue hats, camo, and white pants tomorrow…

  4. Chad-Sorry to hear about that. That really stinks. Glad everybody is OK.

    I had my own personal hell tonight, reading mhopp and Y-City posts on this forum with nobody else bringing some sense. I noticed Y-City failed to mention the David Ross passed ball. And what cave have you been living in if you haven’t heard about A-Rod, Madonna, Mrs. A-Rod and Lenny Kravitz.

  5. Chad – that was me that rear-ended you. Sorry about that, but it was the first solid contact I’ve made in two months.

  6. Oh my. Hilarious, K-Patt.

    (Considering that Chad’s fam are all fine and everything.)

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