Yes, Jared Burton pitched poorly, and yes, Corey Patterson looked like a Little Leaguer (as usual) in the at-bat that ended the game, but it’s time, once again, for a David Weathers rant. I’m so sick of Weathers, I could scream. In fact, I think I will scream. Be back in a moment….

…okay, that’s better. CSG has the right idea:


The guy is absolutely brutal!

Why does anyone think this guy is good? He has sucked since the first time he put on a Reds uniform in 1998 and immediately posted a 6.21 ERA. Yeah, he has had intermittent periods of being average, but even in those times, he hurt the Reds because managers keep putting him in close games.

He just isn’t a dependable reliever. Let him pitch in mop-up duty.

I’d love to have compiled a list of all the games he has blown for the Reds. I’m sure it would rival Danny Graves’ list. Every time it gets close, it seems like Weathers is the one to blow it.

Okay, I’ve blown off enough steam now. Thanks for letting me rant. It just makes me sick to my stomach to watch the Reds give away a winnable game to the stinking Pittsburgh Pirates, like they did last night.

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  1. IamWallaman

    Hard to rail on him too badly after last year’s job. He was the ONLY option in the bully last year and a solid one at that. He did the job when no one else could. It think this year’s woes are on the front office for not looking to trade him while his value was high and he was still a year younger.

    Besides, Weathers isn’t the single reason they lost last night. When you strand as many runners as they did and get as many bum calls as they did… you simply aren’t going to win too many of those.

    Not saying I’m not irked about it all. 😡

  2. Mark in CC

    Chris Welsh said last night he thought there would be a lot of interest in Weathers and Affeldt at the trade deadline. If so lets do it!

  3. Andy

    Releasing Weathers outright would be a dumb move. I seriously doubt he would pass waivers, there will always be a market for veteran relief pitching. We might as well get something in return if we’re getting rid of him.

    Also, I think your memory is being a little selective when you say he’s “sucked since the first time he put on a Reds uniform”. I’ll agree he’s been far from dependable this year, but I shudder to think how many games we would have lost last year without him. It was always a roller coaster when he came in, but he was able to shut the door more often than not. He had a very solid, if unspectacular, season.

    As mentioned above there is plenty of blame to go around for last night’s loss, Weather’s was just one of many contributors.

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    Interesting, from the Prospectus stat page that Chris linked to last night:

    Nearly 300 pitchers who have pitched at least once in the National League this year.

    Weathers is third-to-last in relievers’ rating (WXRL).

    Win eXpectation above Replacement, lineup-Adjusted.

  5. John

    I wondered where all the Weathers-bashing had gone, so I looked. In the month of June, Weathers pitched in 14 games and had an era of 1.98, walking 1 across 13.2 innings. My mood was bad last night after the game, too.

  6. Phill

    I went to baseball-reference and noticed that this year batters hit between .300-.400 against Weathers if there is less than a 3 run difference in the score.

    They can’t release him. That would be foolish but they need to figure out a trade to do or tell Baker that he’s last years Todd Coffey(“We need pitchers that know how to lose”)

  7. Chris W

    I say cut bait and move on. As long as I don’t have to watch him pitch again, get rid of him however you can.

  8. Y-City Jim

    Weathers does deserve the blame for the loss. The offense had eight innings last night where they had scoring opportunities. The scored one or more runs in four of those innings. Two of those other innings were short circuited by outs on the base paths. That sounds pretty efficient to me.

    Can the Reds get anything of value in return for him? Releasing him and having him not clear waivers releases him from the Reds payroll, correct?

  9. Relient k Car

    his stats always look good
    cause he only gives up other peoples runs.
    then gets out of it.

  10. TylerS

    It seems like EVERY run this guy gives up is absolutely back breaking because he is only used in high-pressure situations. I just don’t think he has enough stuff anymore for him to be used in tight games.

  11. John

    “his stats always look good
    cause he only gives up other peoples runs.
    then gets out of it.”

    In the 14 appearances in June, Weathers inherited 9 runners and 1 scored. If they trade him, fine. If they keep him, he’s a decent #3 bullpen guy behind Burton and Cordero. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  12. RiverCity Redleg

    I would rather get rid of Patterson. What is he good for? A: Nothing. Why did we release Andy Phillips and keep Pooperson?

  13. Glenn

    Some team will give up something for Weathers. No sense in just letting him go and getting nothing in return.

  14. Kyle

    Why is not one talking about trading Griffey? His contract is up at the end of the year and he wants out anyway. Not only that, it just makes sense. With Griffey gone you open up right field for Bruce to play everyday. Hairston takes over center and quits splitting time with Keppinger. Now we have a respectable 1-2. Not only that, it opens the hole for Votto to start getting at bats in the 3 hole where he will no doubt be once Griff is gone. Hes getting old but he still has value. And lets not forget that if Griffey could have hit a routine sac-fly in the first last night, the game would have been over in 9 and Weathers would never have been given the chance to blow it.

  15. AnnapolisRed

    Weathers has been way better than some on this board give him credit for. Is he great? Nope, but neither is most of this team. He is a pretty good option for the #3 or #4 guy in the pen.

  16. John of Muncie

    Weathers should never pitch in high pressure situations or close games or whatever you want to call it. If the game is on the line, he’s the wrong guy. He had a flash in the pan year last year. Other than that he’s had a below average career.

  17. Phill

    Griffey really doesn’t have value whatsoever and I don’t think you can blame Griffey on the loss because he didn’t hit a sacfly.There were many weak points in the offense last night as there have been the whole season including the fact that only about 4 guys on the team not including pitchers know how and can lay down a bunt.

    I wonder if maybe Weathers subconsciously hates Cincinnati for not making him closer again so he takes it out when he’s at GABP.

  18. Y-City Jim

    Here’s a shocker 🙄

    Gonzo done for the year

    Alex Gonzalez will have surgery Monday to correct the compression fraction in the left knee.

    “It’s tough decision,” he said. “But I’ve been working hard and I don’t see progress. The MRI is the same as May.”

    Gonzalez has missed the entire year. He said the rehab program is five to six months.

    Surgery was an option all along. “It was a last option,” Gonzalez said. “But for months, it don’t get better. I’m not even close.”

    The Reds owe Gonzalez $5.375 million for next year. There’s a $500,000 buyout on a mutual option for 2010.

  19. Y-City Jim

    I’ll chip in a couple bucks on the buyout next year.

  20. mhopp

    Can we trade the two center pieces to the Reds Woes? Dusty Baker and Corey Patterson. Neither realize how bad they really suck. 😡

  21. AnnapolisRed

    Weathers has not had a below average career? Compared to what? Just making it to the major leagues is a huge accomplish, yet alone pitch as long as he has.