The Dragons were rained out tonight in Midland, Michigan. This was going to be my 15th start of the season, and for those counting at home, it has rained out or I have pitched through rain on 13 of those nights. Anyone out there know any cures for this? Maybe sacrifice a live chicken or something.

4 Responses

  1. Bill

    My son proposed some type of promotion at a home game…”Roofman vs Rainman”…

  2. Chad

    That’s crazy, and it has to be frustrating. Congrats on the great start tonight, though!

  3. Chad

    BTW, it was great to see your name on the scoreboard at Great American Ballpark tonight (in the minor league update). Hope we see it there much more in the future.

  4. Ted

    Matt, I’ll get Michael to do an anti rain dance before your next start. Although, we think you’re doing just fine with the rain thing.

    Mike & I got to sit with Mom & Dad & sis a couple starts ago & of course it rained on us while you were warming up. Thanks Matt!