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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds — 2008.07.02

I’m still frustrated over last night’s game. That game just encapsulated, in a nutshell, all the frustrations that we, as Reds fans, have been experiencing over the many consecutive losing seasons we’ve been suffering through.

I’m so sick of watching this team play like the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Of course, that isn’t stopping me from heading up to Cincinnati tomorrow for the Nationals series. I’m hopeless. After the last seven or eight years, I guess there’s nothing the Reds can do to me to make me give up on them. That’s a pretty sad statement about me, I’d say.

What a miserable franchise the Reds have become. Oh well, there’s no night like tonight to begin turning that around. Here’s to a win tonight, and a win in this series. It’s a start!

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66 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds — 2008.07.02

  1. haha, I guess you’re right, I’m sure (or at least I hope) they’re taking this whole losing thing harder than we are.

  2. I’m sure they are. I wonder if they hate their manager as much as we do?

  3. The players probably love the comments about George Grande.

    Good Lord!!! Another HR!!!

  4. Someone should do a music video of maple bats shattering to the tune of the Rolling Stones “Shattered.”

  5. Did I miss anything, oh just more sub .500 Pirates smashing runs in. And yes, I think they hate the manager as much as we do and that is why even the good players are playing so bad, it’s contagious. Dusty is a fool and everyone knows it.

  6. wow….I have been kind of watching the game and also studying …..what is going on?….do they know they are playing the pirates??????? UGH!!! 😕

  7. The only thing worse than watching the Reds is reading the rantings of Y City Jim and mhopp. Comical that Y City is blaming Bako. Is David Ross your daddy?

  8. Since I rant about Bako here’s another. He is batting .157 (.232 OBP) over the past 30 days. Can this offense afford that? While Ross is hardly lighting it up (.225 BA .340 OBP) it is an improvement.

  9. Don’t get me wrong, Bako is not great, but Ross is just as bad and is worse defensively.

    mhopp-Surprised you haven’t mentioned Ben Jukich in like three days.

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