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Game Thread: Reds at Indians — 2008.06.27

Remember the Cleveland Indians? The Reds beat the devil out of them a few weeks ago. You remember…it was back when we really started to think the Reds were on the verge of turning into a pretty good team. That was a fun time.

Yeah, I know that the Redlegs have been treading water for a while since then. But wasn’t that sweep of the Indians fun? I remember it like it was yesterday. Good times….

Boy, it would be nice to sweep the Indians again. Gee whiz, that would be just neato, wouldn’t it?


Okay, enough of that. Back to reality. New series tonight. I’m hoping for the best, but not expecting much. Less disappointment that way.

Discuss it here….

56 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Indians — 2008.06.27

  1. Congrats Chris
    maybe he’ll be ready for us in the majors by age 3
    he would do better than Patterson

  2. McCoy’s blog story states that Weathers’ 8-year-old son shags flies better than some of the Reds OF.

  3. Congrats Chris, maybe by the time he’s old enough to remember the REDs, they’ll be something worth remembering!

    10 years from now Chris will be at a REDs game with Charlie (now 10 and wearing his reds cap) The Reds are 15 games above 500 and leading the division and Chris looks at his son and says “Charlie, you won’t believe this but the REDs really used to be a terible team, and I remember when Bruce,Votto,Volquez,Keppinger,Cueto,Phillips,and Encarnacion first came to the REDs.” and Charlie will say “Come on Dad the REDs have always been awesome, our little league coach talks about the Big Red Machine all the time!”

    Congrat Chris, go get that REDs outfit and put it on little Charlie for the ride home from the hospital!

  4. Yeah, I guess I was 2-for-13 with no RBI or extra-base hits going into last night.

    Give me a chance — fractured knee caps suck! πŸ˜€

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