Remember the Cleveland Indians? The Reds beat the devil out of them a few weeks ago. You remember…it was back when we really started to think the Reds were on the verge of turning into a pretty good team. That was a fun time.

Yeah, I know that the Redlegs have been treading water for a while since then. But wasn’t that sweep of the Indians fun? I remember it like it was yesterday. Good times….

Boy, it would be nice to sweep the Indians again. Gee whiz, that would be just neato, wouldn’t it?


Okay, enough of that. Back to reality. New series tonight. I’m hoping for the best, but not expecting much. Less disappointment that way.

Discuss it here….

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56 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Rain delay

    Tonight’s WTH Line-up:

    Jerry Hairston Jr. SS
    Adam Dunn DH
    Ken Griffey Jr. RF
    Brandon Phillips 2B
    Jay Bruce CF
    Jeff Keppinger 3B
    Joey Votto 1B
    Norris Hopper LF
    David Ross C

  2. Y-City Jim

    Which version of WTH do you think I meant?

    Choice 1 – It doesn’t matter what the line-up is with this crappy offense so WTH.

    Choice 2 – WTH was Dusty smoking when he made out this line-up?

  3. ChicagoRedsFan

    I just saw a guy wearing a Cubs T-shirt with “Patterson 20” on the back in the convenience store by my apartment. I of course had to say something to him. I don’t think he spoke English… 😀

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    I think I like Choice 1. Choice 2 is too common; and anyway it can really only apply if Corey Patterson is in there and at the top of the lineup.

  5. Y-City Jim

    ChicagoRedsFan, that is frickin’ hilarious!

  6. Y-City Jim

    I didn’t see Dunn’s fly out. Yahoo said it was deep. Is that deep or George Grande deep (meaning it barely left the infield)?

  7. mhopp

    It probably was, kind of like Crappy P. deep.

  8. RedRedMan

    Deep. Woulda been off the wall in the deepest part of the park if Seizemore hadn’t caught it.

  9. mhopp

    Nice to see Votto in the 7 spot with a .350 OBP 😕

  10. Y-City Jim

    Maybe if Crappy would hits some ground balls like Hopper he would get on more often.

    Is Hopper in LF due to the arm/elbow issue?

  11. RedRedMan

    I assume he’s there because Dunn is DHing instead of Griffey.

  12. RedRedMan

    *and Bruce has never played there.

    Not that I buy that reasoning, but it’s quite Dustyesque.

  13. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of Crappy, someone asked yesterday or the day before what the Reds record was with Crappy starting. Shockingly it is 19-19. Even more shocking is that the Reds offense scores more runs per game when CP starts. The Reds have been held to three runs or less almost 50% of their games but when CP plays it is “only” 38.75% of the time. Go figure.

  14. mhopp

    Wonder if Dusty can figure out where to put Hairston at after that throw?

  15. Y-City Jim

    Dick Pole will work on that and ruin him for life in the process.

  16. mhopp

    I’m sure it’s a coincidence but it will still be ammo for Crusty to use.

  17. Y-City Jim

    Is there any player in MLB that looks more out of shape than C.C. “Lumpy” Sabathia? Looks can be deceiving.

  18. mhopp

    Someone needs to tell the Reds batters that because they can’t hit his lumpiness. He now has passed EV in K’s for the year.

  19. Y-City Jim

    The Royals are 9-1 in their last 10? Wow!

  20. Kevin

    I know I haven’t posted in awhile, I’m living in South America for the rest of the year…but I got on tonight to listen to the game as a treat…

    What I need to ask, is WHY is our offense so bad? It can’t be just because of the wacky lineups. We ahve a lot of players who I thought were really above-average defensively. Enough that it doesn’t seem like slumping could devastate us this much. Maybe I’m just clueless, but this confuses me.

  21. mhopp

    I’ve been pointing at management and that seems to be what most believe it is.

  22. DevilsAdvocate

    any player in MLB that looks more out of shape than C.C. “Lumpy” Sabathia?

    Former Indian Bartolo Colon comes to mind. David Wells retired, I guess…From yesteryear, I always think of Sid Fernandez.

  23. mhopp

    Looks like Lumpy is in cruise control.

  24. Y-City Jim

    injuries have played a part.Keppinger got hurt. Hairston got hurt. Encarnacion starts getting hot and gets hurt. Griffey is toast. It seems like the Reds have adopted a “hit to contact” philosophy to cut down on strikeouts but means the players are driving the ball. Brooke Jacoby is a joke. A good hitting coach recognizes what kind of hitter a player is and develops those strength.

    An old example of that would be Joe Morgan. When Morgan was in Houston, Harry Walker was the hitting coach. Walker wanted Morgan to hit the ball to the opposite field all the time. Morgan got to Cincinnati and Big Klue recognized Morgan’s strengths and developed them. He didn’t try to make him something that he was not.

  25. mhopp

    Bailey vs. Toledo Mud Hens in AAA…4.1ip, 8h, 5er, 3bb, 5so

  26. Y-City Jim

    Oh my! George Grande is doing Howard Cosell impressions.

  27. mhopp

    Jim, what do you know of Sam Lecure and Eric Eyeman? Both are at AA doing well.

  28. Y-City Jim

    Let’s send Bailey to Nolan Ryan’s farm. Maybe Ryan can do some kind of Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid) thing with him to straighten him out.

  29. mhopp

    10 pitches to that batter by DT and not one was wild, all were close to the zone…like to see him get better at putting him away but he must have a good head on his shoulders not to freak and go wild like Bailey.

  30. Y-City Jim

    Looks like the Indians need to hire Roger Bossard to work on their field.

  31. Y-City Jim

    Sizemore provides the Tribe with the only run they likely will need.

  32. Y-City Jim

    Wonder what George Grande is like when he’s drunk?

  33. mhopp

    Thanks, that’s what I was thinking…no more runs needed. Last year the bull pen sucked and hitting was decent this year the hitting sucks and bull pen is decent…being a Reds fan…nevermind 😥

  34. Y-City Jim

    If you have never heard the “Harry Carey doing the very first baseball game” bit, here it is.

    Funny stuff. We need humor.

  35. mhopp

    Bray has so often given up a hit to the first batter he faces when runners are on. Lets hope he doesn’t this time.

  36. TylerS

    So let me get this straight…

    You bring in Bray to face a righty. Righty K’s. IBB the lefty. Bring in a new pitcher to face another righty?

    Something seem wrong here?

  37. Chad

    The all star break really needs to get here soon. I’m exhausted.

  38. Chris

    How’s the game going, guys? I’m sitting at the hospital with my new son. Charlie is his name (middle name not “Hustle”).

  39. Kevin

    Don’t worry about the game. But, congrats! We needed some good news.

  40. Chris

    Majewski pitching and I’m not the least bit irritated. Kids really are little miracles. :).

    Actually, Majew has a couple-week-old kid himself.

  41. Chad

    Congratulations, Chris! Awesome news.

    Don’t let him grow up to be a Reds fan!

  42. mhopp

    Looks like I called that one, such a sorry team g-night.

  43. renbutler

    What on earth has happened to this team’s offense.

  44. Y-City Jim

    Congrats, Chris. That is wonderful!

  45. Relient k Car

    Congrats Chris
    maybe he’ll be ready for us in the majors by age 3
    he would do better than Patterson

  46. Y-City Jim

    McCoy’s blog story states that Weathers’ 8-year-old son shags flies better than some of the Reds OF.

  47. Mike Martz

    Congrats Chris, maybe by the time he’s old enough to remember the REDs, they’ll be something worth remembering!

    10 years from now Chris will be at a REDs game with Charlie (now 10 and wearing his reds cap) The Reds are 15 games above 500 and leading the division and Chris looks at his son and says “Charlie, you won’t believe this but the REDs really used to be a terible team, and I remember when Bruce,Votto,Volquez,Keppinger,Cueto,Phillips,and Encarnacion first came to the REDs.” and Charlie will say “Come on Dad the REDs have always been awesome, our little league coach talks about the Big Red Machine all the time!”

    Congrat Chris, go get that REDs outfit and put it on little Charlie for the ride home from the hospital!

  48. Shane

    Because you’ve sucked for the most part since you came back

  49. Keppinger

    Yeah, I guess I was 2-for-13 with no RBI or extra-base hits going into last night.

    Give me a chance — fractured knee caps suck! 😀