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156 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Yankees — 2008.06.21

  1. Like Johnny Cueto before him, I think Daryl Thompson just flew by Homer Bailey on the Reds depth chart. I would not at all be suprised if Homer’s dealt sometime before spring training. It might be a good move for both him and the Reds.

  2. The thing is if you fix Bailey’s mechanical flaws you have someone as awesome as the others. Imagine Harang plus four young guns. Plug the offensive holes mainly at catcher and right field and it looks pretty good.

  3. I’d give Bailey until the end of the season, then trade. I just can’t see keeping him and agree with Glenn. Hopefully he is not scarred for good. You just never know, some players are over rated and some are under rated. The Reds need a player who is clutch and hits for average with a little pop so that’s what I’d get. Maybe Textiera (spelling?) at 1b and Votto in the OF?

  4. I hope I’m wrong and Bailey gets things figured out. I’m just wondering if that day is ever going to come.

  5. Trade Bailey? For what? I’m not sure it is even mechanical. I was at the game he started in Philly LAST YEAR and he wasn’t breaking 87 on the gun. Something is wrong, just not sure it is mechanical.

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