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  1. Do so at your own peril. Yankee fans are a bit like Cubs fans, just a bit less ignorant but much more arrogant.

  2. No way would I wear anything that let the Yankees fans know I was a REDS fan unless your looking to fight your way outta the stadium.
    I’ve never seen anyone at a REDS game treat the other teams fans with anything but respect, but the Bengals games are another story. I’ve seen fans throw beer and other items at the fans of the away teams. Same thing at the Titans football games. I decided right then that when I go to away games I’d go incogneto and enjoy the game trying to keep my cheering at a low roar especially if the Away team happened to win.

    I’m just saying if you go decked out in REDs gear and they win, it might get ugly for you on your way out of the stadium.

    Just my 2 cents……..

  3. Chad I will be at the game tomorrow and I will be wearing Reds gear / Reds hat. I wore Reds gear / Reds hat to Shea when the Reds played the Mets in May (the game which we batted out of order, ugh) and had no problems. Yes a few people booed me and teased me as the Mets destroyed us, but I really didn’t have any problems.

    I was also at the Mets / Yankees game a few weeks ago and there were a TON of Mets fans there decked out in full Mets gear, but I never saw anything more than fans being fans (just a few people booing back and forth, etc). There was a lot of back and forth, but I have seen much worse in Cincy than I’ve ever seen in NYC.

    So yes…wear your Reds gear. That will make 2 of us.

  4. I’ll be at the Sunday game, and I’ll be wearing my Reds hat at least. Of course, I’m going with a pair of Yankee fans so I KNOW that I’ll be taking a lot of ribbing…especially if the Reds don’t figure out how to win a game soon.

  5. Just FYI, fans at Shea tend to be much more tame than fans in the Bronx. It also depends on where you are sitting. People in the expensive seats are too rich to be bothered with heckling you, but in the cheap seats, look out.

  6. I’m a Reds fan since ’61 and I’ll be flying upto NYC from Texas to see Reds Saturday and Sunday. Should I wear my Reds gear or a paper bag with cutouts over my head? I’m glad that looks like Thompson will pitch Saturday’s game. Nothing like fresh meat.

  7. If you’re in the bleachers, people will heckle the crap out of you. Though if you take it well, then they respect that lol

    Anywhere else, you’re fine

  8. I grew up in NY, still live close by in north NJ. I root for all out of town teams (don’t ask). Not that I own much gear anymore, but even when I was younger, I never would wear my team shirts/hats to the NY stadiums and arenas, just because I liked it that way plus I have seen some bad things (although I have seen even more perfectly civil things too). I always thought it was funny anyway, like if one of the players got hurt, the coach would look in the crowd for some guy wearing the uniform or hat and ask them to play? 🙂 I understand about supporting your team and all, but the fact that you are there says enough IMO. Why call attention to yourself is my motto. Unless you feel the need, then go ahead. 🙂

  9. Mike Martz,

    I’ve seen plenty of fights happen at Reds games in Cinti. Usually it’s just the normal case of two stupid guys got too much to drink.

    If you’re going to be at the game in NY, you gotta wear the gear man. Unless you are in the bleachers or trying to outjerk someone else you’ll probably be fine.

  10. absolutely.

    just don’t sit in the cheap seats if you don’t want people to make comments. the people who get into trouble are the fighting type of people. i can see where redlegs’ mouth got him into trouble.

  11. New York fans (both the Mets and Yankees) are the most nuerotic in baseball because they feel if they don’t win every year (at least get to the playoffs) their season is a disaster. I lived there for over 30 years and never saw much heckling of the opposing teams fans. You’re a Reds fan, wear your gear.

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