America’s Best Sportswriter weighs in on Ricciardi’s “eye” for heart.

““Do you know the guy doesn’t really like baseball that much?” Ricciardi  told the cllaer, according to the National Post. “Do you know the guy doesn’t have a passion to play the game that much? How much do you know about the player?”

How much, indeed? Did he cry during the let’s-have-a-catch scene at the end of “Field of Dreams.” Does he know all the words or only most of them to the second verse of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame?” Does he appreciate cool trivia questions like: “How many times was Roger Maris intentionally walked the year he hit 61 homers?”*Does he have a baseball card in the spokes of his bicycle? And, if so, then what card? Because it has to be someone like Sixto Lezcano or Paul Assenmacher or else it feels kind of phony. Does he occasionally put on the ol’ pajamas, go to the parents basement and blog about baseball just for fun? Can he not only name the entire lineup of the ‘75 Reds but also the starting pitchers? No, I suspect not. This Dunn is most definitely not a Blue Jays man. Not a Blue Jays man at all.

*Zero. Maris had Mantle hitting behind him. You knew that already because you, unlike Adam Dunn, like baseball.

And what would an asinine statement be without to weigh in:

“There’s a reason why you’re attracted to some players and there’s a reason why you’re not attracted to some players. I don’t think you’d be very happy if we brought Adam Dunn here …

Dude, again, I’m not saying you should definitely trade for Adam Dunn. He’s not a savior by any means. But your current leader in OPS is Rod Barajas, at .821.

Current Adam Dunn, despite his piss-poor .227 BA, would lead your team in R, HR, RBI, OBP, SLG, and (of course) OPS. But you’re not “attracted” to him, naturally, because he’s such a passionless turd.

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  1. Y-City Jim

    How do you measure passion? Did Rick Reuschel have passion? He had a gut hanging over his belt all the time. Certainly he lacked passion or else he would have been in better shape. He won over 200 games and appeared in the post season three different years.

    Maybe he thinks Ryan Freel has passion. Will Freel’s passion (or insanity) lift the Blue Jays to the heights of their division?

    We could go on.

    Here is what disturbs me more than his unsolicited opinion. How did he form this opinion or was the opinion give to him from someone close to the Reds? Dan O’Brien? Wayne Krivsky? Jerry Narron? Bob Boone? Dave Miley? Pete MacKanin? Leatherpants?

  2. buddy

    Good question Jim. The Reds certainly have their share of disgruntled ex-employees lurking here and there and one could easily have been the bird on the shoulder.(i.e.MacKanins Bailey thoughts recently coming to light)
    In any event I do believe J.P. may have now given Dunn the passion to have the series of a lifetime which would be great for us and him as he’s been awful the last couple weeks. At the end of the day though, you’re right J.P., Dunn is not a “Blue Jays Man” and why the hell would anyone want to be. May you suck on the exhaust fumes of NY and Boston for all eternity. Nice astroturf ass-clown.

  3. Y-City Jim

    If Riccardi’s opinion is the consensus of MLB then resigning Dunn just got a lot easier.

  4. Chris

    “Baseball men” are pretty big gossips. I am sure there are many who share that view of Dunn, and some shared it with Blue Jays guys and/or Ricciardi directly.

    In fact, I suspect that the factual observations are largely the same. Some guys see Dunn and say, “laid back, even keel, good sense of humor, keeps the clubhouse loose. Other see exactly the same behavior and get their panties in a bunch like Ricciardi did. Then, I’m sure some guys say, “Who gives an eff – the guy hits 40 bombs a year.”

  5. Chris

    Ricciardi has apologized, profusely. He apparently called Jocketty,and is trying to get in touch with Dunn. I have no clue why Dunn would like to take that call.

  6. buddy

    O sorry I misread, Looks like the “Blue Jays Man” paragragh was Poz not J.P. being quoted. I”ve now gone back and listened to the audio and read the piece…not quite the rant i understood it to be but still bizarre that a GM would let that fly. I mean he’s basically saying that Dunn aint worth 13 mil/yr and all the scouts know it. Maybe re-signing Dunn did just get easier. How much is Dunn worth? Could he get say 4 years/50mil??

  7. Phill

    If I was Dunn I wouldn’t accept a phone call from an asshat who was just talking crap about him.

  8. Glenn

    I’m not laying this on Dunn, but honestly I’m not seeing a great deal of enthusiasm from this club. To my mind, this team just hasn’t gelled together as a unit. The Dodgers are not a team that is a great deal better than the Reds. They just did the little things that create an edge that turns into a series sweep.
    I wonder if Ricciardi is using Dunn (unfairly) to examplify what other clubs are seeing when they look at the Reds.
    Maybe things will change once Freel, Keppinger and Hairston all get back. I can’t believe that this team doesn’t have the talent to at least be a .500 club. Something else is going on here.

  9. Chris

    They aren’t pitching or hitting well. That, not enthusiasm, heart, or Ryan Freel, is the reason they aren’t winning.

  10. Glenn

    Its all in your perception I guess. Your right Chris, they can’t hit, pitch or field, it just seems to me that they don’t seem to give a rip either.

  11. preach

    It does look like that sometimes Glenn. I think that perception does have a lot to do with it to a certain extent though. When you have a “get ’em on, get ’em over, get ’em in” type (dare I say ‘small-ball’ without facing disdain?) of club as opposed to a sit back and wait for big innings and home runs team, it appears like you have no hustle when things are going south for the latter club. It goes back to team construction. Not enough contact .300 hitters surrounding the big boys. You have to expect struggles with young pitchers, and that roller coaster is what we are getting. Perhaps your best known quantity is your closer, who you are forced to under-utilize. I think when things go badly for players they press, and guys who take big swings early in the count tend to adjust by swing harder even earlier and make the situation worse. If guys would learn to take a couple of pitches sometime and just drive the ball things might be going better. I don’t have the numbers in front of me for argument’s sake, but since we are talking in part about perception, there is mine.

  12. Glenn

    Preach, I agree 100% with the statement you made about the lack of .300 hitters. You’re right that goes to the construction of this team. If Dunn were surrounded by contact hitters who generated their own offense, folks wouldn’t be so down on Dunn. Dunn’s strikeouts wouldn’t hurt as bad and his HR and RBI production would be better appreciated. I think that this team is constructed around the 3 run homer rather than rallies sustained by singles and doubles.
    I don’t believe that Dunn is a lazy player. He’s just a laid back type of guy. However, at the same time, you can’t have a team full of laid back guys. Great teams have guys like Bench, Rose and Pinella, who hate to lose and will do just about anything to keep from doing it. I don’t see any players like that on the current roster.