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Game Thread: Dodgers at Reds — 2008.06.19

This team is frustrating. I’m almost glad I will be in court during today’s game.

For those of you who will be watching or listening, discuss it here….

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  1. Then buddy, what has happened because before this year Encarnacion was the last person an opposing team wanted to face with the bases loaded?

    Compare each year

  2. Cabrera pinch hitting for Janish. They should have Arroyo pinch hit. He’s got a better chance getting a hit than either of those two.

  3. I don’t know what’s happened Jim, I see the stats, I’m perplexed. It just seems like he’s been “developing” for 5 years.
    And now it doesn’t seem like he’s developing at all…regressing actually…pull, pull, pull…I know he’s only 25 but I’m starting to get a sneaking suspicion that EE is all he’s ever gonna be…believe you me I wish it wasn’t so…Where’s Brook Jacoby?

  4. Great idea, then Arroyo could start singing the JTM song and they’d let him go to second just to get rid of him, same thing at second, third, and a run is in!

  5. Exactly! It boggles my mind to see the lame 1.5 years of hitting instruction that Jacoby has provided. His predecessor was canned because his 2006 Reds hitters had a bad September.

  6. Bruce gets tossed. Sounds like he tried to call timeout, but it was granted and it was a strike 3 pitch.

  7. The thing about Bruce getting tossed that really irks me is that he is seldom even steps out of the box. If he was one of those irritating hitters that is stepping out all the time and delaying the game I could see Davidison not calling time out.

  8. Nice of the Reds to help salvage the Dodgers road trip. Is it me or is it tiring hearing GABP called a bandbox by opposing announcers, which I suppose it is but why not move the fences back a bit? It’s not like we need the seats and at least we could eliminate the “line drive” HR.

  9. Glad I didn’t waste too much time watching this team lose yet again. I did notice that with Hopper in the line up the whole game there were 4 runs scored, compared to an average of just over 2 with CP in on this home stand. Now if Kepp can come back they should be better at scoring runs…if Crusty doesn’t screw it up.

  10. Actually adding seats to that open end of the ball park would be more likely to decrease the HR “friendliness.” It would decrease the jet stream that makes balls carry so well. Ever notice that fly balls just seem to carry and carry and carry?

  11. The dimensions of Great American are normal and very similar to those of Riverfront. Moving the fences back probably doesn’t offset the jet stream factor and it makes the outfielders have to attempt to cover more ground.

  12. mhopp, I share your optimism. I think increasing catching time for Valentin would help as well. Dusty needs to stop worrying about playing the best defensive catcher and take every opportunity to insert offense into the line-up.

  13. Interesting Jim…yea having lived in CA the last 15 years, I’ve only been to GABP a handful of times so I’m not all that familiar with how the jet stream works. Does it blow through that gap in the structure that faces downtown?

  14. Ben said (12): Maybe we should start a “number of times adam dunn strikes out with a runner on third w/ less than 2 outs watch.” 2 days and counting…

    Never let the facts get in the way of good old-fashioned Dunn bashing.

    Dunn this season, w/ a runner on 3rd and < 2 outs: .308 .429 .308 .736 6K, 4 BB in 21 PAs. Note the .308 SLG and 0 HR, which should please those who want him to "adjust his approach" in that situation.

  15. Great effort by the Donkey on the fly ball in the 9th. which helped to add run #7 for the Dodgers!

  16. I got a hit! I’m up to .195!

    Send Hopper back to Triple-A. I’m going to break the Mendoza line.

  17. Yea but how about those stats WITH 2 outs and a runner on third- .143 .500 .286 .786. Or how about just 2 outs and RISP – .136 .387 .455 .842 Nevermind the last 14 days – .128 .320 .385 .705. Spin it any way you want. The Donkey is what he is. What he should be is a DH in the American league but after JP’s comments and that horrible audition for Boston that might not be so easy. OR KEEP HIM if you want but then it becomes imperative to find a catcher that can hit and another outfielder who can hit for avg. which means goodbye Griffey. Playing the way they do this team cant afford to keep both Griffey and Dunn (more and more the same guy). So who goes Griffey or Dunn? Or both? Who brings the most in return?

    Never let what we saw on TV get in the way of some good old fashioned Dunn-hugging.

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