The NBA sputtered to a conclusion last night, the NHL is finished, college baseball is almost over, and I think the NFL has revoked Cincinnati’s football franchise. The kids are out of school, the weather is getting very nice, the kids are finished with tee-ball, gymnastics, and dance classes. It’s time to focus on the Reds…

…and it’s time for the Reds to go on a roll. Without anything else to occupy our energies in the sporting world, I really need the Reds to rip off a 16 out of 20 game winning tear.


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  1. Matt W

    I made the same comment to my son last night after he finished up his little league season (mine is a little more negative) about how every year when our time loosens up for the Reds; they are already out of it

  2. Ron35

    It’s all about consistency. Every player on this team, except Edinson Volquez maybe, needs to turn it up a notch and start performing on a more consistent basis. If they don’t, then expect more of the same.

  3. Thomas Clifford

    I live in MD, season Reds tickets, and get to see about 1/3 of the home games in person each year (3-day, mini-vacations). The rest of the time, our family watches via MLB Extra Innings. IT WAS GREAT seeing the ballpark filled last night, on a Tuesday no less. I realize it was the tribute for Grif and a previous, big-time rival in town, but I love seeing the park filled. I blast the team (& management) as much as anyone folks, but if you look at the NL standings, the WILD CARD is not yet out of reach…almost, but not yet. We have to buck-up…and get to the park folks…it can’t hurt.

  4. Matt Steele

    I really hope we can go on a roll here sometime soon, but our schedule isn’t too favorable until July.

    Dodgers, Yankees, Blue Jays, Indians…. Ouch

  5. Y-City Jim

    Actually against that lame opposition they ought to make hay.

  6. Sultan of Swaff

    Tony LaRussa would mock my very existence for suggesting injuries prevent a team from winning. I am truly humbled.

  7. mike

    They have an easy schedule now.

    LA is under .500
    Toronto is under .500
    Cleveland is under .500
    Pitt is not only under .500 but they are Pitt.
    Washington is not only under .500 but are the worst team in baseball.

    the only good team the Reds have to play for a while is the Yanks

    If the Reds don’t get over .500 in this next stretch, they won’t

  8. GregD

    Expect to see a lot more Patterson on the coming road trip through the AL as Griffey, Dunn, etc take turns at DH. Probably will see Keppinger back during the trip, too, as he could alternate at DH (like he’s doing in AAA) if he’s not ready to play the field every day.

  9. TylerS

    Great news, Greg. We could all use a little more CP in our lives.

  10. daedalus

    The Yankees aren’t good. Don’t we have the same record as them?

    Wang may be out for the year, and he’s definitely out for the weekend.

    I don’t think this team believes in itself. How can we make them do it?

  11. mike

    guess you haven’t looked at the standings much over the last 8 years, which I guess is understandable since the Reds have stunk.

    The Yanks are 5 games over .500 and only 5.5 out of their division lead in the toughest division in baseball

    The Reds on the other hand are in last place and 6 games under .500.

    The Yanks also have the 9th best offense in baseball and that’s on a year were ARod was out for a while.
    The Reds? They have the 18th best offense in baseball and Baker has man-love for leading off one of the worst leadoff hitters ever in Patterson.

    When you’re schedule includes absolute stiffs like Pitt, Washinton, Toronto, etc and Yanks are the tough competition.

  12. Y-City Jim

    Hal McCoy is to be applauded. He actually called Baker’s reasons for not pinch hitting Patterson “feeble.” Maybe the media is ready to turn on Baker.

  13. Y-City Jim

    Unbelievable!!!! Patterson is in the line-up in CF and NOT LEADING OFF!!! He is in the 7 spot!!!

    Check it out!!!

    Joey Votto 1b
    Jolbert Cabrera ss
    Jay Bruce rf
    Brandon Phillips 2b
    Edwin Encarnacion 3b
    Adam Dunn lf
    Corey Patterson cf
    David Ross c
    Bronson Arroyo p

  14. Y-City Jim

    Jerry Springer needs to have Dusty and Corey on his show because I think Baker is seeing Cabrera behind Corey’s back.

  15. AnnapolisRed

    *Forget about the wild card.

    *David Ross should be insulted.

  16. Y-City Jim

    Junior is still out of the ine-up and probably again tomorrow. It’s most dehydration. I suppose that means he has been puking and shooting the runs a lot.

  17. Y-City Jim

    Other news:

    Jeff Keppinger and Norris Hopper are on the field at Great American hitting. Don’t read anything into that. Louisville is off today. But I wouldn’t be stunned in Hopper is activated.

    Jerry Hairston Jr. is also taking early BP.

  18. preach

    Look, toothpick is going righty, righty, lefty, lefty, righty righty (4-9). Doesn’t that violate some principle of Dustyball? I would much rather have Bronson hit ahead of Patterson. Take a page out of LaRussa’s book and try Patterson ninth. It’s the only way he should be in the lineup.

  19. Mike

    Hopper coming back? Here’s a ‘make it happen player.’ Will he ever be in the lineup; maybe we could score some runs in the first four innings of the game.