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Game Thread: Dodgers at Reds — 2008.06.18

Another game tonight? Man, seems like the Reds play every day.

Aaron Harang is on the mound, so that’s a good thing, but if the team can’t hit, what does it matter? They wasted a very nice start by Johnny Cueto yesterday. Hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Harang today.

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60 thoughts on “Game Thread: Dodgers at Reds — 2008.06.18

  1. I am so sick of this losing crap. Basically, we’re the Pirates. Losing season after losing season.

  2. That’s a good photo for Gary M. Cheeky!

    I’ve gotta say, this team is pretty boring the past few weeks.

  3. I’m thinking of making that Majewski photo my desktop wallpaper if I can ever compel myself to replace my Corey Patterson desktop wallpaper.

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