Jon Heyman at says that Griffey “has told intimates” that he would consider waiving his 10/5 no-trade rights and accept a trade to Tampa.

But there’s no evidence there are yet serious trade talks involving Griffey, and one intimate said, in fact, that “nothing’s imminent.’

In other words: Trial balloon floated by Jr’s agent/surrogate. Will Carroll looks at scenarios at BP Unfiltered.

Heyman also intimates that Griffey intentionally sat out the Philly series to hit his 600th HR in Florida, and is believed likely to prefer waiting to be traded until after the All-Star Game,” at Yankee Stadium, because he’s bitter at being kicked out of the clubhouse by Billy Martin in the early 90s 80s [Thanks.]. Does that sound ridiculously petty and selfish to anyone else?

It’s a little pathetic to see Griffey trying to orchestrate his way to his ideal situation, as if this is still 1999 and he was coming off 49-56-56-48 HR seasons, rather than a defensive liability with a 93 OPS+.

For the record, I admire much of what I hear about Griffey’s personality, and don’t blame him (much) for the injuries that robbed him of his Reds career. But if we can get anything more than a Weathers/Majewski-level reliever, let him go. Now.

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  1. Kurt Frost

    If Griffey is traded who is playing center everyday and leads off? I’m deathly afraid his name rhymes with Morey Hatterson.

  2. AnnapolisRed

    I am with you on this one. Just getting rid of his contract would be worth it. I would take Niemann for him in a heartbeat.

  3. Chris

    There’s no doubt that happens, at least until he goes 0 for 50 again and Hopper gets some playing time.

  4. BenL

    I would imagine (or at least hope?!?) that both Hairston and Keppinger will be back after the all star break, and therefore CP will not find his way back into the regular starting line up. In fact, I bet he’ll be gone by then… Call me an optimist.

  5. nycredsfan

    I’ll be really surprised if Griffey gets traded this year. The fact that he can and probably will any trade, combined with the fact that he’s just not that good anymore, means noone will probably take him. The only way I see it happening is if the Reds take a big bunch of his salary, but if they get some decent prospects in return, I’d be fine with that.

  6. Michael

    The article makes no connection between Griffey’s wanting to play in the All Star game at Yankee Stadium and any history with Billy Martin, though it does mention the two in the same sentence. Of course Junior wants to play in the All Star game at Yankee Stadium, this might be his last one. How would Billy Martin treating him roughly as a kid in the 1980s (not 90s) have anything to do with that ?

    As for Junior faking an injury in Philliy, we’ve all already heard that theory. So he didn’t take batting practice that Monday as part of the act ? The article incorrectly mentions 4 pinch hit at bats. Junior walked twice in two pinch hit at bats, and then started against Cole Hamels and in 4 at bats hit a double to deep left center and almost homered to straightaway center in his final at bat.

    It’s this writer who seems to think Griffey is still in his prime, choosing his spot to hit no. 600.

  7. mhopp

    Griffey and Corey Outterson are a needless distraction from what the goal is…winning. I’d be all for the Reds taking some of his salary for this year. Keppinger played DH tonight and hit well. Hopper played CF and did well.

  8. John of Muncie

    I knew a guy who was going through a divorce, and he expected to pay a ton of money in the settlement. He said, “Whatever it costs to get rid of her, it’s a bargain.” I sort of feel that way about Griffey at this point.

  9. Kurt Frost

    I think it’s funny that people think Griffey sat out so he wouldn’t hit a home run. If he could hit home runs whenever he wanted to he wouldn’t have hit into a double play yesterday with the game on the line in the 8th inning.

  10. AnnapolisRed

    I agree it is ridiculous to think that Griffey was begging out of the line-up in Philadelphia. I would just like to rid the Reds of his contract. Hairston in center, Keppinger at short. That way it wouldn’t be so bad to have the CF leading off and the SS batting second.

  11. hammer1

    Up here in NY/NJ we know not to trust anything John Heyman has to say, unless it involves a Scott Boras client, or Brian McNamee. Those appear to be his only two “inside” sources. So I am taking this report with several grains.

  12. rob

    Billy Martin did not kick Griffey out of the clubhouse in the early ’90’s. Billy met his Maker Christmas Day 1989 after one of his infamous drinking binges.

    As far as the Griffey to TB rumors I’m a firm believer that where there is smoke there is fire. Griffey is so polarizing but the Reds won’t win as long as he is the face of the franchise.

    I agree with Chris; a middle reliever along the lines of Weathers would be fine with me.

  13. nycredsfan

    Isn’t it sad that it’s to the point that most of us are fine with getting a middle reliever in exchange for a first ballot hall of famer? I agree with chris and rob, it’s just a statement on how far Jr. has fallen since he signed here in 2000. Things didn’t exactly work out how everyone hoped, huh?

  14. Michael

    For what it’s worth, it was George Steinbrenner who kicked Junior out of the clubhouse when he was a kid in the early 80s. The article by Heyman is a travesty, not even the most basic research (such as what Jr. did in Philly).

    More to the point, I live near NYC and have tickets to this Friday’s game, the Reds first regular season game at Yankees Stadium. Go Reds !!!

  15. Y-City Jim

    According to the the NY Post per DDN, Jocketty is getting ready to clean house of free agent including Junior, Dunn, and Freel plus Arroyo. I hope they are wrong about Dunn.

  16. brublejr

    If this rumor is true, is there any chance of getting Baldelli? He would be a major risk/reward, but if he could correct himself, we could have our CF/lead off batter we need. TB seems to be done with him. Also, I think if they have to pay of the money to get rid of him, it will be worth it in the long run.

  17. Chris

    I would be very careful before putting Jerry Hairston Jr into any sort of long-term plan.
    The guy is 32 years old and has a career .257 .327 .363 line. The odds of him actually becoming a .336 .382 .480 hitter at age 32 are microscopic. This is a hot streak. Enjoy it and milk it, but don’t plan around it.

  18. Justin Anderson

    The idea of that kind of scares me. We need one of those 2 bats in the lineup for the next couple of years at least IMO (preferrably Dunn obviously). We can get away with using a Hopper, Freel, or Hairston in the outfield, but not 2 of them. And Stubbs is far from ready. If we’re going to clean house, lets start with useless cogs such as Corey Outterson and flamed-out relievers like David Weathers.

  19. rob

    Since we are on the topic of Jr. to TB, a return of Baldelli would be fine with me. He has had a lot of injuries and has had some kind of undiagnosed “fatigue” problem this season. Still he would fit in nicely between Dunn and Bruce in the outfield.

  20. Sultan of Swaff

    A lot of you guys are undervaluing Griffey. From what I’m reading in the Chicago papers, there’s more than a few teams in the market for a left handed middle of the lineup guy. Maybe not as an everyday guy, but he still mashes righties. Red Sox, Tampa, Dodgers, basically all the same folks who are interested in Dunn. Heck, you could even throw the Cubs in there. I’d be real curious to see where Jocketty starts the bidding.

  21. Ellis

    Baldelli has a mitochondrial disorder. He is also a FA after this year like Dunn.

  22. nycredsfan

    I would like to keep Dunn, I think, as long as he’s not too expensive. I also like the idea of cleaning house as long as we get exciting young guys. With the young players we already have, this team could be really exciting. I wouldn’t mind a bit more losing as long as it was young, improving players doing it, not fading veterans.

  23. mhopp

    Keep Dunn, absolutely. He is still in his 20’s, rarely injured and doesn’t complain. He is on a pace to hit another 40HR’s Drive in 100 or so RBI’s, walk 100 times and score 100 runs for the 5th year in a row!! He also is rather easy to get along with and generally well liked. Otherwise, clean house. I’m wondering how good Jockety really is, after all he did have a great manager in Tony Larussa working under him and the Reds have…a mental case.

  24. justcorbly

    There’s nothing pathetic here at all. Griffey’s contract gives him every right to to control where he goes.

    What is pathetic is trying to assign any degree of blame to Griffey for his injuries. Athletes pick up injuries as they age. Athletes’ performance diminish as they age. Maybe we’ve been too suckered by chemical-ingesting cheats to remember that at 38 most professional athletes are already retired.

    No sensible and responsible team managment that signs any athlete to a multi-million dollar contract that runs unil the guy is almost 40 should rationally expect to be able to do anything more than dump the player when his career ends. If the Reds see no reason to pay Griffey big bucks next year, why should any other team?

    If you wanna blame someone, blame the people that promised Griffey — and the rest of us — that they’d build a winner.

  25. AnnapolisRed

    Chris-I was talking about this year only with Hairston in center.

  26. Steve Price

    In my opinion, Griffey is doing (or we think he’s doing according to what the gossip columnists are saying) exactly what his contract is specifically designed to allow him to do.

    He asked for that right, and was given that right, and the parameters for his contract have not changed since it was signed…other than Griffey agreeing to defer more money from time to time to allow the Reds to ….ahem… get better players.

    As the Phillies series went on the injury was somewhat changed from “soreness” to sore knees, as I recall, which is why they pinch ran for him after walking.

    As for the “yankees kid–clubhouse story”….I don’t even know if it’s petty…if he had spent time in the Reds clubhouse (which is documented) I can see where they would make an impression on a child…this story was mentioned when Griffey was traded to the Reds, too….that is, one of the reasons he wouldn’t go to the Yankees.

    Did anyone see the smile on Cody Ross’s face after the “walkoff” homer against his former team, the REds? These guys are competitive, and, anyway, I tend to think Griffey tells it to be humorous anyway and not address the real issues of why he would rather play somewhere else.

    Another odd part about the links to this story…Will Carroll talks about all the privileges given Griffey in Cincinnati and compares it to being worse than Bonds in San Francisco. The SI writer says just the opposite….his comparison to Bonds is that Griffey is well-known to be a clubhouse favorite, and that’s what I understand, too.

    It’s truly a shame that we didn’t get to see him in his prime after he came “home” to Cincinnati. I don’t think anyone’s more disappointed than Griffey himself.

    And, to think….we used to see complaints about Griffey not conditioning leading to his injuries…now, we recognize that his non-use of performance-enhancing drugs has probably led to a more typical decline due to injury.

    Oh, one more thing…we should remember that free agent salaries are payment for the production from PREVIOUS year….not usually expected continued outcomes….

  27. Chris

    Even that is probably too much to count on, Annapolis (unless you just figure they’re going to be bad anyway.)

    What I find pathetic is Griffey’s apparent belief that he can still pull strings – that any club out there thinks highly enough of his skills that they’d pay an inflated price to get him.

    And if Griffey is holding up a trade because he wants to go to the all-star game, he’s being selfish. The guy has what – 20 of those? If he wants to be traded to a contender he should want to go there and contribute, not waste a month in Cincinnati because he wants to play in an exhibition game.

    And if he’s holding up a trade because he wants to go to the all-star game because he has a 30-year-old grudge against the Yankees organization, then he’s being petty.
    One thing that should be clarified is that Griffey’s no-trade rights are because he’s a 10/5 player, and aren’t necessarily the product of his contract.