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Game Thread: Red Sox at Reds — 2008.06.15

The Redlegs are counting on Homer Bailey today. BoSox will have World Series star Josh Beckett on the mound.

Winner takes the series. Let’s get it on.

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137 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Sox at Reds — 2008.06.15

  1. 9 to zip, I can’t take it anymore. I guess I’ll wait some nascar….later all

  2. Ugly is right but the all female broadcasting team would be a hoot even for just one day…We’d definately make ESPN that night for sure.

  3. In fact I knew this game was gonna be ugly the minute I saw Beckett vs. Bailey.

  4. Is it just me or is Cincinnati just as stupidly impatient as Castellini?

    Everyone wants a youth movement but you’ve got these young guys like Bailey and Votto and EE who actually get booed. It’s extremely pathetic and rather disheartening as a fan. It actually drives me away from attending more games. I don’t go to games to boo a rookie for making a rookie mistake or a pitcher that just can’t get the bunt down.It makes me wonder why any player would want to sign with this team.

  5. Reds fans leave a lot to be desired. No wonder opposing team fans show up at GABP in such large numbers.

  6. Though I’ve been booing Bailey this whole thread, I do agree with you Phill that booing Bailey, our troubled rookie, vocally at GABP is not very classy, especially in front of the whole RedSox nation. If anything people should be booing Dusty and the coaches for thinking he stood a chance in hell of not getting creamed today.

  7. I think most of us understand that Bailey is very young and has lacked much in the way of sound tutoring in his brief professional career. If you are going to draft high school pitchers then an organization has to have sound coaching from the ground up.

  8. Jacoby can teach even the best how to not hit. His motto to hitters must be to swing at the first pitch.

  9. While I hate the Red Sox for spending mega bucks to build a winner, they have to be given some credit for developing some of their own players.

  10. Casey given the big ovation. Imagine if he had done steroids. Probably would have hit .400.

  11. I wonder if Crusty is tell them when to hit? You know how much control he likes to have…Jacoby was a good fundamental hitter but never had a lot of talent when he played the game. Would be nice to see Jr. go to TB and would make sense with his family there and an AL team!

  12. Booing Bailey and cheering Casey is sort of strange bi-polar behavior. Maybe 9 years of losing can do that to ya…

  13. If that Casey trade story is true then Krivsky and Narron are the two biggest jerks on the planet and Castellini isn’t far behind them.

  14. Just an FYI, but Dick Pole is Volquez’s pitching coach too. Maybe we don’t have good players? The same people complaining about Bailey today are the same people crying for him to come up. I have never been impressed by Bailey. Not by his stuff and certainly not by his makeup. I think Cueto is twice the prospect he is. He at least competes.

    By the way, entering today the Reds are hitting .203 in June, far and away the worst batting average in the major leagues.

    For those of you complaining about not getting FSN check TBS, it is the Game of the Week.

  15. The one claiming that his trade notification was a 45 second phone conversation with Krivsky and Narron. Thommy Boy and Welsh just pointed out that the story cannot be true because Krivsky wasn’t even GM yet.

  16. While it will never happen, imagine the impact that a Leo Mazzone could have if he came on as the Reds pitching coach.

  17. Good grief Jim you are dreaming now…I guess it’s okay to dream a little dream but lets keep it realistic here. Too bad Mario Soto is not the full-time pitching coach…think that’s possible?

  18. Burton is the bomb…too bad Crusty wasn’t smart enough to bring him in yesterday instead of Lincoln. Yes I’m blaming the manager again, he’s just awful. Bob Boone didn’t have the raw talent this team has. Several good decisions from the manager and some good coaching…this team could easily be above .500

  19. God couldn’t fix some of the Reds pitchers. We have been through five managers in five years. It isn’t always the coaches. Trust me, I think Dusty Baker has made some boneheaded moves, but last year we had a good manager in Pete M and everybody couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

  20. O I see…yea Im stuck with the NESN feed…although it is in HD and then of course there’s what’s her name. Leo or Dave Duncan….

  21. I don’t know if being a full time pitching coach is something Soto is interested in. Coaching at the MLB level isn’t a real attractive profession.

  22. Pete McMakin was the one manager not afraid of taking Griffey out of the line-up.

  23. I know what’s going on…the Reds are trying to play bad so they can rid the team of ole’ Jr. and his rocking chair since they know he wants to play for a contender!! Corey Outterson is just a decoy! Dusty Baker really isn’t that stupid and CP really doesn’t suck that bad…it’s some kind of conspiracy 😯

  24. I’d like to see Bailey shorten his armswing a little and not bring his hand so far down. I think it will improve his command(it’s just not there right now).

  25. I would like to see someone teach Homer how to analyze his own performance. There comes a time where a player has to take control of their performance.

  26. Ben Jukich is pitching for Lookouts at 5:30 so hopefully his success will continue and Thompson was back in form last night so there is some hope. Jim, do you know the history of Ben Jukich?

  27. Since Dusty’s signed for three years and Castellini is not going to eat that contract yet, the next move is to fire Pole, hire Soto, and put Bailey in relief and to work on his breaking pitches. And then try Affeldt as the 5th. starter.

  28. Jukich was the PTBNL in the Denorfia trade with Oakland. He pitched college ball in South Dakota.

    What if we were to give Dick Pole the benefit of the doubt and determine that the number of young arms makes it too big of a job for ONE pitching coach. maybe the Reds need co-pitching coaches, each with their own arms to work with. Just a thought. In many ways though, Pole looks too old and tired to do the job.

  29. If he gets the blame for Bailey, does he get credit for Volquez? You can’t have it both ways.

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