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Game Thread: Red Sox at Reds — 2008.06.14

Our expected ace, Aaron Harang, pitched great yesterday. Today, it’s time for the guy who has pitched like an ace this season — Edinson Volquez — to work his magic against the BoSox.

Unfortunately, Boston will counter with Tim Wakefield. I fully expect the Reds offense to struggle mightily against the knuckleballer.

It’s a nationally-televised Fox broadcast. Time to showcase the best of our Redlegs to the world! Discuss it here….

87 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Sox at Reds — 2008.06.14

  1. I hope that Jocketty can weave some of that magic in finding a good replacement next season for Junior.

  2. Honestly I would decline Jr.’s option, resign Dunn and sign Pat Burrel. Have them bookend Bruce in CF and be OBP/HR machines for the next few years….


  3. It sounds like there are actually a good number of Reds fans there today.


  4. Yet another reason why someone that is as clutch as EE has been should be closer to the top of the lineup! Nearly all the mistakes lead back to management and coaching Period!

  5. Baker is such an idiot…Cordero is the best reliever out there and should be in. You can’t save him for a save situation in this game.

  6. yep, why a pitcher that has an ERA over 4.50 in against the meat of an american league team…brilliant. Now I have the dry heaves!

  7. I’ve never seen a franchise that finds so many different ways to lose. I really can’t stand to watch this team play anymore. They’re just infuriating. I came in to work twice during the week to watch them get blown out by the Cardinals, and today I stayed home to watch them waste one of their only two good pitchers. Tomorrow Baily will get absolutely crushed. This season will be over before the next three series end, I promise you.

  8. gee Dusty do you think you should have brought a better pitcher in earlier? I am beginning to think that someone is betting on the Reds losing and I mean that seriously, these decisions do not reflect a rational person. Schotzi the dog could manage better than this!

  9. Good game but too hot…lets rundown Dusty’s mismanagement .
    1. Batting Janish second
    2. Bringing in Weathers.
    3. Pitching Lincoln 2 innings.
    4. Not bringing in Cordero for the 10th.
    5. Not pinch running Patterson for Valentin in the 8th.

    Anything I missed?

  10. Another game given away. A sac fly by Griffey and it’s 4-4, instead a DP. EE ties it in the 9th., and instead of the Toothpick going with his best (Cordero), he blows it with Lincoln!

  11. For how much stock Dusty puts into playing things by the book, he didn’t read the page about putting the closer in when you’re in extra innings.

    As far as leading off the tenth, Corey Patterson or David Ross. For the most part it’s an even split of outmaking but Corey’s faster.Hindsight is hindsight and there’s still hope for a series win.

  12. I really wish one of the beat writers would take Dusty to task for at least SOME of this crap night in and night out, but Dusty’s got a three year deal and these reporters have to get along with him in order to get daily content, so they won’t grow a pair and grill him. So much for journalism.

  13. Not pitching Cordero in the 10th makes ZERO sense.

    mhopp-Harang asked to be taken out last night. If you watched the game (you admitted last night you didn’t) you would have known that. Plenty of stuff to complain about without making stuff up.

  14. keppy expected in a week or so.
    Hairston 2 and half weeks
    Gonzo probably september

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