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Game Thread: Red Sox at Reds — 2008.06.13

Here come the Red Sox. Forgive me if I can’t get excited.

Aaron Harang vs. Justin Masterson tonight. The Sox no longer have Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Yaz, Jim Rice, Dewey Evans, Fred Lynn, Bobby Doerr, Carlton Fisk, Jimmie Foxx, Harry Hooper, Red Ruffing, Tris Speaker, or Cy Young. They aren’t invincible, despite what ESPN wants you to believe.

I really want to win at least two games in this series. Let’s start tonight.

Discuss the game here.

39 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Sox at Reds — 2008.06.13

  1. At least Outterson isn’t in the lineup so there is a little hope.

    Jay Bruce CF
    Paul Janish SS
    Ken Griffey Jr. RF
    Brandon Phillips 2B
    Adam Dunn LF
    Edwin Encarnacion 3B
    Joey Votto 1B
    David Ross C
    “Adam” (Aaron, nice blog work by Shannon Russell there) Harang P

  2. Jacoby Ellsbury cf
    Dustin Pedroia 2b
    J.D. Drew rf
    Manny Ramirez lf
    Mike Lowell 3b
    Sean Casey 1b
    Julio Lugo ss
    Kevin Cash c
    Justin Masterson rhp

  3. Non-Reds related but a classic moment in pro sports lore will be Kobe Bryant’s comments from last night after the Laker’s unbelievable collapse:

    “Lot of wine, lotta beer, couple shots, maybe like 20 of them, digest it and get back to work tomorrow. Nothing you can do,” he said

  4. Has Dusty started CF/SS or SS/CF in the 1 and 2 hole every game? I really think he has. He could have Mickey Mantle and Ernie Banks and would bat them 1 and 2. He could have Wade Boggs and wouldn’t bat him lead-off.

    I know we all harp on Dusty all the time and maybe it gets old, but the thing is, when it comes to some of the basics of baseball, he doesn’t seem to understand.

    I would love to see this line-up:


    Now, Bruce isn’t a lead-off hitter, but he’s probably the best we can do right now. I’d rather have Votto 4 instead of EdE but I know Dusty has to have that R/L/R/L thing and I can see some logic in that. There is absolutely no reason to bat Janish second. It’s nearly criminal. Having your most productive offensive player bat fifth is just as bad.

    I can’t figure out if Dusty is just stupid or stubborn. Or maybe it’s both. You think?

  5. The line-up if Dusty had been the manager of the BRM instead of Sparky:

    Cesar Geronimo
    Dave Concepcion
    Griffey (Sr.)
    Joe Morgan
    George Foster
    Pete Rose
    Tony Perez
    Johnny Bench

  6. Y city. Hilarious. Maybe it’s just me but I’m beginning to think I’m getting a sick enjoyment for rooting against corey patterson. As much as I root for him to be released I’m starting to realize I would have to find a new thing to focus on if it actually happened.

  7. Very sad news about Tim Russert. He was a throw back to how the news industry used to operate before the sound bite frenzy.

  8. Red Sox payroll is only 133 mil? That’s actually really surprising, I thought it was a lot more.

  9. 1975 World Series memory:

    Curt Gowdy saying, “The Reds win but what a World Series played by the Boston Red Sox.” The jerk would have been at home working for ESPN.

  10. Yeah, I wonder how the Reds rate in pitches per AB. Gotta be near the bottom of the league.

  11. Why is Directv only showing the NESN HD feed? THe guide lists 2 other feeds but the screens are black? Nice standing O for the Mayor. what the hell, why not?

  12. Where did Boston get this guy? He’s only got a few minor league appearances and his numbers are crazy. It’s easier to get wins for the Sox, but look at the number of hits he’s given up. Freaky.

  13. can someone explain to me the rationalle behind the the right left right left thing in a batting order? it seems to short circuit a lot of rallies.

    like tonight. we know their starter is a righty, so what’s the problem with a lineup like: Votto, Bruce, Grif, Dunn, Phillips, EdE, Ross, Janish?

    That’s a tough run to get through for a righty pitcher.

  14. Wow, another Pitcher having season high strikeouts against this awesome Reds line-up….uh, Why is Janish batting second?

  15. Nice hits but after watching Manny, wouldn’t it be nice if someone on the Reds could hit to the opposite field…pull..pull..pull…it’s like only knowing how to play the piano with your right hand.

  16. Did anyone else happen to catch chris welsh lie about his seats being view level and then come clean? What was that?

  17. So Casey got a standing ovation? Cool. I wasn’t sad that Casey left Cincy, but I always liked the guy.

  18. Burton is in. Great start by Harang. Hope Burton can continue his good work of late.

  19. I agree, Jimmy. Some fans, unfortunately, have a hard time separating “like” from “good,” and “worth the money.”

  20. Good inning by Burton. I like him, he is good, and he is worth the money. 😀

  21. Say “Aye” if you like having Coco Crisp batting (51 career HR) instead of Manny Ramirez (505 HR)

  22. I can’t believe it, I slept through a game and Reds beat the Bosox I should do that more often!

  23. Wow an offensive explosion of 3 runs in 7 innings behind Harang tonite or the equivalent of 25 runs for Volquez.

  24. It was a lot more enjoyable reading the game thread with you sleeping mhopp.

  25. If the Reds keep winning it will force me to be positive and that will be more enjoyable.

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