Once again, the Reds have followed up an outstanding homestand with a disastrous road trip.

Any suggestions as to what the Reds should do to fix the problems on the road? Maybe they should take Gapper and Mr. Redlegs with them, and hand out cheese coneys in the stands in visiting ballparks?

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  1. Mike

    The feeling yesterday seemed to be ‘oh well just another lose. Let’s get it over with and on to Ocean Drive for a late night out.’ And Dusty just leaves Harang in as he gets beat up. At least we have Bruce, Votto, Cueto and Volquez. Other than that, it’s a pretty spiritless team.

  2. Y-City Jim

    Wear their home jerseys.

    Maybe if one of the players would just freak out on everybody else except do it in the dugout not in the privacy of the clubhouse.

    Another idea that actually would carry over to all games. In high school and college football, players get stickers on their helmet for outstanding plays. How about something equivalent on the cap or sleeve?

  3. Y-City Jim

    Note to the above comment: Ryan Freel unnecessary diving catches don’t count.

  4. Y-City Jim

    An unofficial team captain would be in charge. I don’t trust Dusty to give them out. He’d give them all to Patterson, Bako, and Hairston.

  5. Y-City Jim

    Perhaps if they flew all members of Redleg Nation with them when on the road we could inspire them to a better road record.

  6. Sultan of Swaff

    This team is going to be every bit as frustrating as the 2006 team. Little did that team know how close they would be at the end of the season to the Cardinals, who won it all. That team phoned in September like this team phoned in April and May. They need to get serious about competing. Write off the division to the Cubs, sure, but look around at the standings. The wild card is and will be there for the taking. Our pitching is as good as anyone else, so why not us? It’ll be interesting to see if Walt keeps Dunn long enough to find out.

  7. Alex

    The line-up needs re-shuffling a bit in my opinion. BP drives me nuts. He is simply not a clean-up hitter. He swings at pitcher’s pitches and swings early in the count. Maybe moving him down in the line-up will teach him something. Move him to 5, and Griffey to 6. Bruce and Dunn at 3 and 4. Of course, this will never happen.

    Overall, offensively, the Reds just seem a little short. They have a near automatic out at the C spot. They have a very inconsistent player at 3B. Their second baseman has power and speed, but little plate discipline. Their RF is, at best, a slightly-above league average hitter. None of these things by themselves are that problematic–not even the great teams are perfect. But together, it creates a porous line-up.

    I’d skip Harang’s next start. I love Harang but he has just not been himself over the past month. I don’t know if he is tired or hurt, but whatever it is, he won’t say it himself. There is nothing wrong with skipping a start once or twice a season.

    As bad as the road trip has been…they played okay in Philadelphia. They lost Saturday mostly because of bad luck. Those types of losses happen to every team a few times over the year. If they win tonight, I won’t count the road trip as a disaster. But if they do…

  8. preach

    Good points, Sultan, but I’m not even willing to give the division to the Cubs quite yet. Look at their home record. No way they continue on that tear. They are just under .500 on the road, which is acceptable, but I think they have been a bit of a fluke at the Friendly Confines. But your main point is well taken, with the pitching and power we have we should be able to battle with anybody for a post season shot as at least the wild card. And when it comes down to a couple of short series anything can happen, and when you have quality starters, usually those things are good things. I don’t know if they are mailing it in or just haven’t jelled yet, but time is ticking. I also agree about taking us on the road with them.

  9. Dave E.

    I agree that BP is very frustrating. He is a double play waiting to happen.

    Don’t get me wrong; he is a good player. He is a joy to watch. He can hit and is great with the glove. But he rarely walks, so his OBP is merely average. And he hits into more DPs than any Red since Sean Casey.

    I’d make a subtle change in the order:


    First, Bako, whom I love, is inevitably reverting to Bakoness. Second, now, when BP gets up after a Griffey walk, Dusty cannot H&R his way out of a Double Play, because the Reds understandibly don’t want to run Griffey. But they can with Bruce.

  10. GregD

    3 – Griffey, 4 – Dunn, and Juniors gets to 600 two weeks ago.

  11. justcorbly

    They left their offense at home, again. But, it’s time to ask: What’s Wrong With Aaron Harang?

    Lame offense or not, Harang is pitching poorly. If the man was 9-1, not 1-9, we’d be in the thick of things.

  12. Sultan of Swaff

    I’d consider dropping Phillips all the way down to 7th and put EdE there. The 7 hole begs for a free swinger to drive in the batters that invariably clog up the bases ahead of him. Clearly, neither our catcher or pitcher coming up after that spot will do anything about it. Side benefit, maybe it gets EdE some better pitches to hit. If it backfires, though, it would be pretty ugly.

  13. Relient k Car

    that is insane
    EdE is to inconsistant to be that high
    he will kill us worse than now
    phillips needs to be third or 5th
    then dunn



  14. Mark in CC

    Boy, has Votto’s defense really gotten worse or is it just me?

  15. mhopp

    The bottom line is that the Reds did not sign a good manager to match the team. I vote Rick Sweet, why not he knows half the Reds players already. Dusty Baker is just a slow learner and that is why he prefers veterans.

  16. Mr. Redlegs

    The ripping of Baker rants are old, pointless and at times absurd. The guy’s been aboard just over three months into a three-year, $10.5 million contract and some of you act as though he’s the reason the team is where it is. This would be pretty much the same squad if Pete Mackanin or (gasp), Rick Sweet were managing. Oh, why not give Dave Miley a second chance. Hey, what about Ron Oester? Nevermind he’s been fired by the Reds twice, Tigers and Phillies once each. He’d kick ’em into gear. Yeah, that’s what they need, the Ozzie Guillen treatment.

    See how that’s working out for the Pale Hosers, eh? That crap gets old in a hurry in the clubhouse when you’re not winning the World Series.

    A team captain? For what? Superficiality? Captainships are earned, not demanded, and this is professional sports, not high school and college. Just because you stick that label on any given player doesn’t mean the clubhouse responds or respects the badge.

    Yeah, Baker’s got little things that drive you nuts, but so do all managers. Who’s perfect? No one. But Dusty’s doing okay thus far and the clubhouse respects him. This team just isn’t talented enough to contend. Never was going into spring training.

  17. GregD

    They have the talent, they just don’t have the experience to do it consistently.