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Game Thread: Reds at Marlins — 2008.06.09

Well, this road trip has been a disaster. This is not a recording.

At least Edinson Volquez is on the mound today. Let’s hope he can get the good guys back on the right track before the Reds return home to face the Cardinals, Redsox, and Dodgers. (After that, I will be in New York for the Reds’ series against the Yankees.)

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133 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Marlins — 2008.06.09

  1. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Dunn and Votto switch positions by season’s end.

  2. Bray needs to grow up and develop a reliever’s attitude. They should invite Randy Myers to tutor these guys simply in the area of attitude.

  3. We’re done, it’s weathers…ha ha to the “big winter coat” comment. I thought he might have a heat stroke on the mound many times.

  4. Votto’s experience is in LF. RF is a whole different thing plus I don’t know if his arm is strong enough for RF.

  5. Say your prayers, it’s Cody Ross vs. the stormy weather. We may see the team ERA get destroyed

  6. The Marlins are loose cannons. Ross overreacted to that pitch. I’d pitch that guy inside the rest of the season.

  7. Jay Peyton got tossed from the Orioles game yesterday for arguing balls and strikes. He said after the game that he had it coming because the rule is you don’t argue balls and strikes. Obviously the Marlins are unaware of that rule. If Cantu had been tossed earlier the Reds would have a larger lead now.

  8. Hmmm, I’m 1 for 5 tonight, how can I make up for it? I know, I’ll catch the ball falling over the wall!

  9. Bruce is still psyched about the catch. That needs to rub off on his teammates.

  10. Well, he didn’t burn the Reds that time and he won’t make any more good catches on 400ft out from Votto.

  11. Hopefully some of you will quit crying about Bako now. He is a superior defensive catcher to Ross and Ross is no great shakes on offense himself.

  12. Has this ever happened before in Bako’s career? With it being #21, I think likely not.

    Upstaging Griffey.


  13. You know that when CP was at AAA there was no picture of him in the Bats uniform at milb.com I’d say he thinks he is too good for that…too bad he’s wrong.

  14. Tyler, it might be tough to play him tomorrow. Griffey has to play since he hit #600 tonight. Fans will revolt if Bruce isn’t starting. Dunn had a day off just a few days ago. Of course, Dusty could insert him at SS.

  15. MLB.com has him in a Reds hat. If anyone pays attention to AA Lookouts…Ben Juckich pitched 7 innings of shutout ball before giving up 2 runs in 8th. He is now 6-2 with a 2.61 ERA

  16. If the fans revolt because Bruce doesn’t play, it could get ugly. They’ll already be revolting because CP is in. This could be one time to be thankful for 7 dollar beers.

  17. One would think tomorrow night’s attendance at Great American should be pretty good with the dual Nuxhall/Griffey tributes.

  18. A cheap beer night would be real ugly with Patterson in one of his 0 for infinity streaks.

  19. Wow, that attendance is unbelievably bad. Here in Philly the Thursday 1pm start game last week was basically sold out because Griffey was going for 600.

  20. BenL,

    I was at that game as well. I believe they said over the PA system that it was the 3rd largest crowd in stadium history.

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