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Game Thread: Reds at Marlins — 2008.06.08

Well, the Reds should be going for the sweep today, but instead, they’re going for a series win. Oh welll….

Not sure what else can be said. Discuss it here.

72 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Marlins — 2008.06.08

  1. Seriously… I have never heard anyone make more blatant mistakes doing play-by-play and his master of the obvious ramblings are sickeningly annoying.

  2. Oh and God forbid he use the word “damn”. I roll my eyes every time he makes mention of the best ___ sports show period. I guess he secretly thinks its a baaaad baaad show and that anyone involved with it or who watch it will be damned to hell.

  3. oh well… im done whining about everythong for today. its tough not to when our boys are losing this badly to a bunch of fish who cant get more than 10K people to show up on a weekend when they are 3 1/2 games out of 1st.

  4. After watching Major League II this morning, I am convinced that Scott Bakula should be the Reds manager.

  5. Well Jim, with Corey out there… this game and all the misery that has gone along with it can end just that much sooner.

  6. This game turned on that screw job call by the HP ump on the ball that hit Rabelo.

  7. I would be all for Scott Bakula coming in… Hell, let him bring “Bakula’s boys” with him. Sheen and Berringer couldnt be worse than Corey Patterson, right???

  8. I wasnt paying attention, what did he say to lead you to believe that Jim?

  9. I wasnt paying attention, what did he say to lead you to believe that Jim?

  10. Actually, I guess it was Major League 3: Back to the Minors.

    Pencil CP in the starting up for the next month.

  11. Okay, so I doubt that Tom Beringer could have hit that ball out. Either way, good for Patterson to do something productive in a game where we are down by 2 grand slams.

  12. Comments 40 and 43. Welsh saying he could understand Harang being negative and feeling like he has to pitch a shutout.

  13. Well I’d love to ride it out and watch the last inning of baseball here but I have to go out in this nasty heat and dig up a couple of trees. woohoo

  14. Marlins should build a new ball park on the beach with access to the beach. Add bikini-clad vendors and attendance will soar.


  15. A lot of good it did in a 9-1 game, now 9-2. At least I got an afternoon nap in and that’s what I’ll do from now on since CP will be back in the line up for another 0 for 30 or so slump.

  16. Wow not bad, D. Thompson beat up last night with Cordero blowing a save for the Reds, Today we have Harang getting crushed and Malony at AAA is beating beaten 4-2 now in Louisville. Isn’t it great being a Reds fan?

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