Well, the Reds should be going for the sweep today, but instead, they’re going for a series win. Oh welll….

Not sure what else can be said. Discuss it here.

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72 Responses

  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Technically they are going for the series win tomorrow (hopefully) – this is one of those odd-duck 4-game series that ends on a Monday.

  2. art

    See yesterday’s Wall Street Journal in the Personal Journal section for an interesting article on Jr. It makes a good case that he is better than Bonds and maybe the best ever when healthy

  3. Y-City Jim

    Today’s starting line-up:

    Jerry Hairston ss
    Jay Bruce cf
    Ken Griffey Jr. rf
    Brandon Phillips 2b
    Adam Dunn lf
    Joey Votto 1b
    Edwin Encarnacion 3b
    David Ross c
    Aaron Harang p

    Let’s get a winning streak going especially for Harang.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Great!!! Some guy making his debut that will likely baffle the Reds hitters.

  5. Y-City Jim

    Make Tucker’s name memorable, Junior.

  6. Y-City Jim

    Well, at least it wasn’t a DP by swinging at the first pitch.

  7. Y-City Jim

    Cantu psyched playing against the Reds?

  8. Y-City Jim

    Tucker is smoking the Reds thus far.

  9. Y-City Jim

    Harang batting higher than CP now?

  10. Y-City Jim

    Griffey might get to walk 1200 today.

  11. Y-City Jim

    BP hitting in the ball in all directions – up and down.

  12. BenL

    For those who aren’t watching the Florida broadcast on MLB.tv:

    Apparently Ryan Tucker learned how to grip his changeup from Voltron when they ran into each other at a Denny’s a few years ago.

  13. Chris

    Can someone explain why nobody’s bitching about Phillips? He has all the crappy (small sample) splits, and memorable failures that Adam Dunn usually has.

    w/ 2 out, RISP: .171 .256 .200 .456

  14. Chris

    Phillips, when the game is +/- 4 runs:
    .260 .301 .445 .746

    Phillips, when the game is out of reach:
    .341 .420 .727 1.147

  15. Chris

    I asked a few weeks ago which 2008 Red will be a “Dusty Guy” in 5 years. Nobody could come up with a good name – but it’s BP. He’ll be haunting Dusty clubs long after he’s useless.

  16. BenL

    Dusty seems to love EE. In the event that he never reaches his full potential I could imagine him being a “Dusty guy”.

  17. Chris

    I could see that, too.

    BTW, giving Cody Ross and Jorge Cantu away, for no return or reason, sure looks brilliant, don’t it?

  18. Chris

    Harang really isn’t fooling anyone with his fastball today.

  19. mhopp

    Giving it right back to the other team as usual. Brandon Phillips does not belong at #4 but he is terrible with runners on, soooo many double plays. I’m not sure which he does better, turning double plays with a mitt or hitting into them with a bat?

  20. Y-City Jim

    Cody Ross – no big deal

    Cantu – sure a big deal against the Reds but where would he play if still with the Reds?

    Reds sure lacked luck this inning.

  21. Chris

    Cantu would’ve fit nicely as a platoon partner/caddy/insurance policy for Votto and a power bat off the bench. It would have required moving Hatteberg sooner, which the Kriv couldn’t get done.

  22. mhopp

    Why is it that it is a different person each time who messes it up for the Reds?

  23. LVW

    Even the Marlins manager knows the Reds lies down on offense when Harang pitches- he decided to throw a 21 year old making his 1st major league start out there and true to form 4 innings and 1 run allowed(really zero because Harang had to get his own run).

  24. shane

    speaking of which, has there been any interest in Hatteberg?

  25. slattspub

    Whole lotta complaining going on out there today. Let’s look at the positive at least cp’s riding the pine. Let’s pick up the offense and help out the harangatang.

  26. Kurt Frost

    There aren’t going to be any Dusty guys in 5 years but Dusty Baker will not manage again after he is gone from the Reds in 2 years.

  27. mhopp

    well, I guess Harang is joining the likes of the rest of the losers. THis is enough to make me sick.

  28. Y-City Jim

    Can’t even look at this as a road game since they is only about six people in the stands.

  29. Y-City Jim

    If I owned the Marlins I would never have them play a day game. Same goes for Texas.

  30. LVW

    We might as well face it Reds fans- Harang is going to end the season with 2 wins and 20 something losses because it’s impossible to pitch when you know you have to pitch a shutout just to get a no decison and it makes it tougher when you have to get your own run at the plate.

  31. Justin Anderson

    Lets Face it Welsch… Harang hasn’t been on his game in quite a few starts and probably wont be until the team behind him gets him a couple straight W’s

  32. Justin Anderson

    This just continues to suck worse and worse.

  33. shane

    Think maybe Harang has told the team to either get him some runs by the 5th inning or he lets the game go to hell?

  34. Justin Anderson

    I used to look forward to having Harang on the mound as our proven stopper after a tough loss or 2. He hasnt proven much of anything this season, run support or no run support… his ERA is still up over 4 now.

  35. Justin Anderson

    Well hopefully the Reds bats aren’t as discouraged today as I am because they now get to face a greatly overused Marlin Bullpen… this is where we should be mounting a comeback, if at all.

  36. Justin Anderson

    Shane… I couldnt really blame him if that’s the case. They got 2 hits off a kid who never pitched above AA and wasn’t even supposed to start today.

  37. Justin Anderson

    Sombrero for Votto with a swing that looked more like he was waving at the ball to say hello as it went by more than it looked like a swing.

  38. Justin Anderson

    if we go 2-6 on this road trip… im done watching for the season.

  39. Y-City Jim

    Don’t throw strikes to Ramirez.

  40. mhopp

    Looks like I didn’t miss anything but the Marlins scoring more runs. If Volquez is not pitching or Outterson is in the line up I refuse to waste my time watching this team lose. Their morale is so bad and they’re just dysfunctional. Pathetic really.

  41. mhopp

    Good bye, time for me to take a nap before Ugla hits a slam, this team makes me vomit.

  42. LVW

    Get this- In the innings that Harang has actually been in the game the opponents ERA is 2.75; In an ERA where the league ERA is over 4, it’s impossible to pitch with that kind of lack of offense behind you no matter who you are.

  43. Justin Anderson

    I really wish George Grande would just lose his vocal chords permanently. The more words that come out of his mouth… the angrier I get.

  44. Justin Anderson

    Seriously… I have never heard anyone make more blatant mistakes doing play-by-play and his master of the obvious ramblings are sickeningly annoying.

  45. Justin Anderson

    Oh and God forbid he use the word “damn”. I roll my eyes every time he makes mention of the best ___ sports show period. I guess he secretly thinks its a baaaad baaad show and that anyone involved with it or who watch it will be damned to hell.

  46. Y-City Jim

    We’re saved!!! Corey is in the game. Let the comeback begin.

  47. Y-City Jim

    The Reds are inconsistency magnified.

  48. Justin Anderson

    oh well… im done whining about everythong for today. its tough not to when our boys are losing this badly to a bunch of fish who cant get more than 10K people to show up on a weekend when they are 3 1/2 games out of 1st.

  49. Y-City Jim

    After watching Major League II this morning, I am convinced that Scott Bakula should be the Reds manager.

  50. Justin Anderson

    Well Jim, with Corey out there… this game and all the misery that has gone along with it can end just that much sooner.

  51. Y-City Jim

    This game turned on that screw job call by the HP ump on the ball that hit Rabelo.

  52. Justin Anderson

    I would be all for Scott Bakula coming in… Hell, let him bring “Bakula’s boys” with him. Sheen and Berringer couldnt be worse than Corey Patterson, right???

  53. Y-City Jim

    Welsh reading Redleg Nation during the broadcast?

  54. Justin Anderson

    I wasnt paying attention, what did he say to lead you to believe that Jim?

  55. Justin Anderson

    I wasnt paying attention, what did he say to lead you to believe that Jim?

  56. Y-City Jim

    Actually, I guess it was Major League 3: Back to the Minors.

    Pencil CP in the starting up for the next month.

  57. Justin Anderson

    Okay, so I doubt that Tom Beringer could have hit that ball out. Either way, good for Patterson to do something productive in a game where we are down by 2 grand slams.

  58. Y-City Jim

    Comments 40 and 43. Welsh saying he could understand Harang being negative and feeling like he has to pitch a shutout.

  59. Justin Anderson

    Well I’d love to ride it out and watch the last inning of baseball here but I have to go out in this nasty heat and dig up a couple of trees. woohoo

  60. Y-City Jim

    Marlins should build a new ball park on the beach with access to the beach. Add bikini-clad vendors and attendance will soar.


  61. Y-City Jim

    Congrats to CP for breaking the 0 for 24 slump.

  62. mhopp

    A lot of good it did in a 9-1 game, now 9-2. At least I got an afternoon nap in and that’s what I’ll do from now on since CP will be back in the line up for another 0 for 30 or so slump.

  63. ChicagoRedsFan

    Harang is now on pace to lose 20 games. That’s pretty messed up.

  64. shane

    I’d guess it won’t be long before Harang is trying to demand a trade.

  65. mhopp

    Wow not bad, D. Thompson beat up last night with Cordero blowing a save for the Reds, Today we have Harang getting crushed and Malony at AAA is beating beaten 4-2 now in Louisville. Isn’t it great being a Reds fan?