Reds and Marlins, Johnny Cueto and Andrew Miller. After a disappointing result in Philadelphia, it would be extremely nice to see the Redlegs pick up a series win in Florida.

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83 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    SS-Jerry Hairston, Jr.

    CF-Jay Bruce

    RF-Ken Griffey Jr.

    2B-Brandon Phillips

    LF-Adam Dunn

    1B-Joey Votto

    3B-Edwin Encarnacion

    C-Paul Bako

    P-Johnny Cueto

  2. Y-City Jim

    This line-up cannot afford Bako’s weak bat.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Cooler in Miami than up north here.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Miller with a 5.37 ERA, which means the Reds will struggle against him.

  5. mhopp

    yes, why not Valentin who hardly has seen any action? I would think he is not hurting anymore.

  6. Y-City Jim

    Did Bruce even move his bat on that unchecked swing?

  7. Y-City Jim

    How different would things worked out if Junior and many others had always played on grass?

  8. RedRedMan

    Jr looked like he was in slo motion rounding 3rd.

  9. mhopp

    Why would you send a guy who is hurting at age 38 on a close play?

  10. Matt B.

    2 outs, and without a perfect throw, he’s safe.

  11. mhopp

    Great!!! Way to pitch out of a jam kid! I think that Cueto is really learning not to freak out. He has a great mind and determination! Thank God he’s a Red, now score some runs for him!

  12. Y-City Jim

    I’m still not sold on the injury excuses for Junior. I think he was held out of the Philly games.

    It took a perfect throw and I don’t think he was out. Umpire was not to the best position for that call.

  13. Dave from Louisville

    It was a close play, and he was sent because it will be a close game.

  14. mhopp

    I never thought I’d see the Reds in so many pitchers dual

  15. Y-City Jim

    Since Pillsbury Doughboy’s schedule is cleared until March, 2009, maybe the Reds can sign the big cheater.

  16. Y-City Jim

    The duel is one-sided at the moment.

  17. Y-City Jim

    Dumb move that worked for the Marlins. Moree sharply hit and the Reds are out of the inning.

  18. Y-City Jim

    So what name if the Spanish equivalent of Jones? Gonzalez or Ramirez?

  19. mhopp

    The Reds have 3 pretty good right-handed hitters injured, that would really help to have them in this game…especially Keppinger.

  20. mhopp

    Bruuuuce!!! NO DP HAIRSTON PLEASE!!!

  21. Brett

    He said on Jim Rome’s show today that he hasn’t ever hit a grand slam, at any level. But then he’d never hit a walk off hr either.

  22. Brett

    Aww just one RBI? GS would be a cool way to hit 600 in style.

  23. al

    what happened to miller? i’m just following on my computer and it just says he was pulled.

  24. RedRedMan

    No injury or anything, they just pulled him. 6H, 3BB, in 3.1 IN can do that.

  25. Chad

    Yonder Alonso was just intentionally walked over on ESPN.

  26. Chad

    Now Hairston with an automatic double. 6-2, two runners on for Bruce.

  27. Chad

    Two run hit for Bruce! 8-2 in the fifth inning.

    That’s three RBI for Bruce tonight.

  28. mhopp

    Wow, I went out for a short bicycle ride and boom I missed all the action.

  29. DevilsAdvocate

    Alonso is currently 0-1 with a walk and a strikeout, and a run scored.

  30. mhopp

    I think we could use that guy, a right handed power hitter…and possible CF? Too bad he’s on the other team he can hit

  31. brublejr

    Thanks DA, haven’t had a chance to watch much of anything.

  32. Y-City Jim

    Votto sure can look like a butcher at 1B sometimes.

  33. brublejr

    That was a good point…the RH bat off the bench the Reds need so badly was sent out for nothing in return. That was a bad decision

  34. mhopp

    Now DUSTY, can you see the Reds lineup WITHOUT COREY PATTERSON!!!!, scored 4 runs off a left hander and 4 runs off a RIGHT HANDER!!! It’s not all about righty vs lefty and lefty vs righty!!!

  35. mhopp

    I can’t believe Dusty is sending Cueto out there for another inning, I wonder if he has anyone warming up?

  36. Matt B.

    I wonder if he thinks that changing from the high socks to stirups will help his pitching performance.

  37. mhopp

    Between the Reds, AA Chattanooga, and AAA Louisville the Reds teams have banged out 56 hits tonight…and the latest game is in the bottom of the 6th

  38. mhopp

    Ok, Louisville is in the bottom of the 7th

  39. DevilsAdvocate

    This Lindstrom guy is reminding me of Derrick Turnbow.

  40. Chad

    Another hit for Hairston, a walk for Bruce (third time on base tonight), and another hit for Junior. Bases loaded with no outs. BP, Dunn, EE coming up.

  41. DevilsAdvocate

    So – sometimes you can walk across home plate!

  42. RedRedMan

    Bruce has been on 4 times, not 3. 2H and 2BB.

  43. DevilsAdvocate

    Reds first-round pick Yonder Alonso is now 0-1 with a K and 3 walks – two of those walks intentional. Arizona is just not going to give him a chance to beat ’em.

  44. Y-City Jim

    Griffey with two hits tonight is up to .261. Maybe this injury is one of those things that is going to help his hitting stroke.

  45. Y-City Jim

    With tonight;s contribution, Bruce has scored 14 runs and driven in 10 in just 11 games.

  46. Y-City Jim

    Is Baker laughing at someone in the vicinity of the camera or at the camera?


  47. TylerS

    Dunn doing a fine job of padding the FPCT that inning…

  48. Y-City Jim

    and the crowd chants COOOOREY!!!

  49. mhopp

    Corey Outterson could strike out on two pitches!!

  50. Y-City Jim

    Corey Patterson shall now be known as Bizarro Jay Bruce.

  51. nycredsfan

    I like it, Y-City…….he really is the opposite of Bruuuuuuuce! Someone should come up with a photoshop of Patterson wearing an all black, bizarro Reds uni.

  52. Dave from Louisville

    I love it Corey Outterson!!! That’s great!

    I like the new look Magic man. Hopefully he is healthly and confident.

  53. Y-City Jim

    Shoot for .500 on the road trip tomorrow.

  54. Y-City Jim

    Dunn must feel like he is still in Philadelphia.

  55. Y-City Jim

    Mr. Defense was a little lackadaisical there.

  56. BenL

    I feel sort of sorry for Weathers. He went directly from setup guy to pitching garbage time.

  57. nycredsfan

    I don’t feel sorry for him. He wasn’t as much good last year as lucky, if you look at his peripheral stats, plus he’s been really unreliable this year. I’m much happier with Bray, Burton, and Cordero being our close game guys.

  58. mhopp

    I’m just glad Corey Outterson struck out in a situation where we didn’t need a hit. Hopefully one more nail in his MLB coffin.

  59. BenL

    So am I. Still, he seems like a decent guy and I hate to see him fall from grace so quickly.

  60. nycredsfan

    That is true, he was always good with the media last year and didn’t shy away when the bullpen was struggling so much.

  61. mhopp

    I totally agree, David Weathers really stepped up last year and would this year if needed.

  62. mhopp

    On this date last year the Reds were 22-38 vs. 30-32 this year!!!

  63. Dave from Louisville

    The Reds at 21-20 since firing Krivsky!!! Go Walt Go!!!!