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Game Thread: Reds at Phillies — 2008.06.05

Homer Bailey makes his return to the big leagues today in an afternoon tilt vs. Phillies ace Cole Hamels. The deck is stacked against Homer, but I’m optimistic that he is going to be the Homer Bailey we all expected him to be.

A win today gives the Reds a split, on the road, with one of the hottest teams in baseball. That’s a great result from this series, as far as I’m concerned.

Ignore your work and discuss the game here….

108 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Phillies — 2008.06.05

  1. DA, I just used the embed code from YouTube.

    Did you see that Buster Posey (#5, SF) is asking for $12M? The previous record is $6M.

  2. No Reds loss is complete unless Patterson has had the opportunity to make an out. Down to .193.

  3. I wonder what the lowest ba is in history for a “lead off” batter? Oh well, you know what they say “Love is Blind” and so is Crusty for Corey Patterson…too bad all the fans have to suffer from it.

  4. The words “Next Year” keep resonating in my head…”Maybe Next Year”
    I’ll take a .500 finish though if it means Bailey & Cueto coming around with a glimpse of D. Thompson in the Majors

  5. mhopp, here’s a Hardball Times article that attempts to identify the worst seasons in the past 50 years by a leadoff hitter. Had to have a certain number of plate appearances to qualify, of course, and is about OPS and league average performance more than just raw batting average. But notable that the worst leadoff hitter (Ivan De Jesus, 1981) had a batting average of .194, 1 point higher than where Patterson now sits.

    On the plus side, after that season Ivan The Terrible was traded for a young Ryne Sandberg.

  6. Hmmm, I think there is a conspiracy here…Ivan the Terrible also played for the Cubs and the Orioles just like Outterson. Maybe Baker will suggest we hire Ivan for a hitting coach to help Corey?
    Kurt Frost, I think we’re going to see Outterson so long as Crusty is the manager. He does have a rep. of being given a lot of control and so far we see the poor results.

    Does any body disagree that this is the most “raw” talented team that the Reds have had in at least 15-20 years and maybe a little more? We have depth in hitting and pitching but need to work on fielding…and a better manager because I think maybe toothpicks have been shown to cause very large brain tumors and memory loss with irrational thought processes or something. 😡

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