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Is it just me?

Or am I over-analyzing?

But I don’t like Baker hitting Jay Bruce in the #3 hole so early in his career. I mean he did it in his 3rd game, then again the last two nights.

That’s a lot of pressure on the him. I’d rather see them leave him in the #2 spot.

But then again, I don’t know who I’d hit in the 3 spot..Votto maybe.

17 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. I agree that it is early to hit Bruce in the three hole. I know Griffey has been obviously hurt the last couple of nights. It seemed like he had started picking it up when Bruce was batting in front of him. That’s a couple of tough left handers early in the game. So I hope Griff is in the lineup tonight.

  2. At this point, I don’t care who hits 1-9 as long as Corey Patterson name is no where to be found!

  3. I agree. Supposedly Joey Votto is being protected by keeping him 7th to ease him into the big leagues. Why Votto not Bruce.

    By the way they have lost all three games Bruce has hit third.

  4. We have lost every game that he has been in the 3 hole….and won every game he was in the 2 hole.

  5. i know what happened to baseball supersticion?
    Bruce has alot of pressure on him in the 3 hole
    bat phillips there or something
    my lineup would be

    Ross or Bako

  6. To break this road lethargy me thinks they should wear their red jerseys and each player sport high red socks tonight.

  7. I don’t care about the red jerseys, but I agree with Mr. Redlegs that they really need to bring back the high sock look. I hate the current trend of wearing pants down to the shoes.

  8. Down to the shoes is bad enough, but it’s the guys that wear their pants to the dirt that I can’t stand.

  9. Yes, you’re overanalyzing. Baseball is a game, not an art and not a science. Statistics only document what’s already happened, not what might happen.

  10. Well, now you can see what he does with Patterson. I will not be watching if Patterson is batting though. Why in the world did they call Patterson up? We lose a right handed lead-off type hitter and you bring up a left-handed 8-9 hole hitter? WHERE IS NORRIS HOPPER!!!!??? A hustler just like Freel that hit .323 last year!! No more for me, I’ll watch Louisville instead!

  11. Bruce has been batting 3rd his whole life. Id like to think he feels comfortable there, not a bunch of pressure.

  12. I hate the pajama bottom look of today’s players. This team had stupid rules about facial hair for a million years, but they can’t institute a uniform rule for . . . uniforms? Baffling. Call me prejudiced, but the Redlegs need to show their red legs.

  13. justcorbly…I didn’t quote any stats, just a feeling that Jay might be feeling the pressure hitting in the #3 hole in the majors. Good point about his always hitting in the #3 spot in his career though, but that wasn’t the majors.

    Oh, and he was 0-4 in the 3 spot last night.

  14. If being in the majors didn’t rattle him (see his debut week), I don’t see how batting 3rd vs 2nd would.

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