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Great win tonight!

Nice win tonight, 2-0 over the Phillies. Another spectacular start by Edinson Volquez, and some offense by Joey Votto is the difference.

Again, we’ve only won one of three thus far on the road trip, but the Reds are competitive every night. It’s a good sign.

8 thoughts on “Great win tonight!

  1. Great Job by Volquez. With all the press Hamilton has been getting of late (and it is deserved), Volquez has definitely been just as impressive!

  2. Me too, Greg. I’m really disappointed that I won’t be able to watch Homer’s first start of the year.

  3. I really hope Homer can go out and give the Reds a quality start. They’ll need a lot of luck against friggin’ Hamels but maybe Volquez’s shut down and the loss will slow their momentum.

  4. Votto’s hit shows what kind of promise the youth on this team have…To be down 0-2 to a guy throwing a no-hitter and coming up with that clutch hit was a great sign of things to come.

  5. You guys need to invest in a DVR. It is a beautiful thing.

    Last night was a great win, but I am a little concerned with the lack of offense on the road. The Reds simply can’t score on the road.

  6. I’ve been at the games the past three nights. It’s been great to see the Reds play good, competitive baseball, even if they lost 2 of 3. And if you replace Utley with a mere mortal we very well might have had game 1. I’m especially encouraged about our bullpen. Bray and Herrera were great, and Dusty showed a lot of (well placed) faith in Bray by bringing him in to face the heart of the Phillies order last night.

    I really liked (most of) the Phillies fans. They are enthusiastic and knowledgeable… Of course I did get the full Philadelphia treatment. When I was in line to get my dollar dogs one nice young man saw my Reds shirt and said “F*** Cincinnati… F*gg*t”. I may not appreciate his tone, but I applaud him for trying so hard to form a complete sentence. I’m sure he’ll get there some day.

    One more funny moment came last night when they were doing the “kiss cam” before the 8th inning. (This is when they show a couple from the stands on the jumbotron and they are supposed to kiss.) After a series of Phillies fans kissed, they showed Volquez and Cueto next to each other in the dugout. The gave each other a big hug and got a nice round of applause. Good to see the guys having fun.

    Too bad todays game is a day game… … I suddenly don’t feel so good… … I think I need to go home from work.

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