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Edwin Encarnacion’s Struggles

I’m still firmly convinced that Edwin Encarnacion is breaking out of his slump as we speak. Sure, he’s my second-favorite Red (after Adam Dunn), so this may be wishful thinking, but so? Leave me alone. I’ll believe what I want to believe.

On a more serious note, Slyde has another great examination of FanGraphs data, this time focusing on Encarnacion’s season. It’s definitely worth a read.

5 thoughts on “Edwin Encarnacion’s Struggles

  1. I think that bloop hit two days ago may have started him back up. Just like earlier in the season. I want to see him get started back up. Be nice to see him hitting like we know he can again.

  2. I too think EE will be fine. I had more of an issue with him the last couple of years when he couldn’t make a routine throw to third. He seems to have worked past that and he will get hot again.

  3. Hasn’t EE been “breaking out of his slump” for a few years now? Just kidding but seriously folks, this guy seems to always be in a slump/mini streak/slump and he’s looking more and more 2 dimensional by the day. I mean, pull hitter or not does he have to pull EVERYTHING? I swear to god if I see him ground to short one more time, I’m gonna break a bobblehead..(it’s worse than Jr to 2nd)..And that “gettin’ cocky with the home plate umpire” bit is about as impressive as watching Ryan Freel’s gum hang out of his mouth in HD. Sure the HR’s and the 2B’s are great but it’s not like those are flying off his bat in droves. He’s got the worst OBP of all the regulars…worse than Bako for christ sake…he’s 14th on the team in avg .234 (just above Harang and below Valentin) He’s tied with Bako for 3rd most strikeouts…leads the team in errors, in fact, between EE and Votto you’ve almost got as many errors as the rest of the team combined. Compared with all NL 3B’s he’s near the bottom in OBP and AVG and not much better in SLG.. I know, I know, “he’s still only 25” and only in his 4th year and maybe part of it is seeing Jay Bruce arrive with such a splash but i for one am beyond weary of watching EE’s glacier like development pace. 3rd base needs more production…period. In my eye, If Keppinger were available right now and playing like he was….EE would be riding the pine!…. No offense to your Bro-mance with EE Chad, to each his own. Just had to vent. Great site guys!

  4. I’ve looked it up, and if you project his numbers through 162 games (yes, it is never accurate, but we still do it all the time) he’s on pace to hit 26 bombs and drive in 70 RBI. That’s damn good for a 25 year old hitting with the pitcher behind him…

  5. I mean hitting with the catcher behind him, but on our team, it might as well be the pitcher.

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