Well, the Reds had their chances tonight, but couldn’t pull out a win against one of the hottest teams around.

I suppose there are some positives to take away from tonight’s game, however. This kid Jay Bruce had another good game: 2-4 with his third homer. Two of the crappiest pitchers on the planet — David Weathers and Gary Majewski — had good outings. Edwin Encarnacion hit a homer, providing some hope that he’s close to emerging from his slump.

Another chance tomorrow. Things are still looking pretty good for the good guys.

20 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    It takes some luck now and then. The Reds had zero luck tonight.

  2. CeeKeR

    I’ll be at the game tomorrow, I fully expect to be able to report what Griffey’s 600th looked like (and, of course, a Reds win). …at least, that’s what I hope I can report!

  3. RedRedMan

    100% Jim. I’m about as happy as I could be after a loss today. Other than Arroyo’s lackluster performance, everything else was on spot. The hitting was spectacular (6 line-outs kills it though, just unlucky), Mejewski, Bray and Weathers had good outings, and we had no major screwups of defense (the best you can realistically hope for with this crew).

    Just some more luck on offense and we put up another run or two and win this game.

  4. AnnapolisRed

    It hurt not having Griffey in the lineup last night. He was really starting to swing the bat well. Hopefully he can keep it going tonight. Arroyo is either really good or really bad.

  5. preach

    tough luck loss. Defense was good, relief pitching was good, balls were being scorched, no base running gaffes. I’ll take the positives out of it.

  6. Alex

    There were definitely some good things to take from the game (good defense for a change). But Arroyo was so bad, that it was hard to find it a “tolerable” loss. The Reds really need him to be solid if they are going to go anywhere. I’m afraid he’s going to be inconsistent all season.

    It was also concerning that the Reds had ZERO walks. Even when you are hitting the ball well, it’s hard to win when you get no free passes.

  7. Andy

    I’m glad somebody has some people are keeping perspective on last night’s loss. After reading Hal McCoy’s blog this morning, you would have thought the Reds had just dropped all 8 games on the road trip.

  8. GregD

    I’m afraid that Arroyo’s “I like to pitch on short rest” is working against him, too. We saw last year that he’s not the rubber arm that the announcers portray him to be.

  9. Mark T

    Majewski kept the ball down. It would be great to have him pitching well. That would give them Bray, Majewski and Thompson for Kearns and Lopez, leaving them better off than they were.

  10. GregD

    That trio has helped the ML pitching staff the last three years how?

  11. Dan

    I’m going out on a limb and saying, I still have hope for Majewski. He’s had a very good month of May down in Louisville, and based on his numbers down there is a serious groundball pitcher. (GB/FB ratio of about 2.) We really need that.

    He’s also only 28.

    So, I realize he’s been terrible in Cincinnati so far… but let’s give the guy a chance.

  12. Dan

    I also like Bray a lot, and Thompson 2008 is starting to really have the look of Cueto 2007 about him.

    So maybe we really do win that trade, long-term??

  13. Dan

    All that said… and yes I know I’m beating a dead horse here… I’m still 100% convinced that *at the time of the deal*, Kearns and Lopez had FAR more value than what we got back. FAR more. Look up their stats at the time of the deal.

  14. GregD

    I think having his first 2008 appearances on the road is a good idea.

  15. Justin Anderson

    Dan, thankfully it just looks a lot better for us now that Kearns and Lopez have pretty much fizzled since they got to our nation’s capital. If Thompson keeps doing what he is doing… I say we win THE TRADE overall. I have little faith in Majewski (maybe… hopefully… he can change that for me) but Bray has been serviceable which helps cushion the transaction a bit. Thompson will be the ultimate key though, obviously.

  16. aaron

    How good are you when you go 2 for 4 and your BA goes down?

  17. Jared

    aaron, slg went up though. 🙂 Jay Bruce should have been in Cincy March 30. Nice to read through a genuinely positive thread after a loss. I love Arroyo but I almost wish he had been traded after his good year.

  18. Kerm

    This is why I have spent more times on blogs then listening to sports radio of late. I read this and honestly it is how I feel. Even if we are 9 games back of the Cubs it is hard to feel down and out. After listening to Alan Cutler bash the Reds for a good 20 minutes I turned it to the FM stations and listened to some music instead.

  19. Bill

    I agree Kerm. If the Reds honestly go young, and struggle this year. That’s fine…it’s to be expected with a young team. But there’s no point in having young guys sitting in Louisville and old guys playing here and still losing.

    Rosecrans was on Lance’s show yesterday and he said a scout told him that Roenicke is better, right now, than Burton and Bray. I hope that’s true, but find it hard to belive.

  20. GregD

    Dan #13 hit the nail on the head. Even Krivsky has admitted that he overspent in that trade.

    I don’t see how you can say we won a trade that was targeted to move offense for bullpen relief, yet only hurt the team’s 2nd half offense and has not helped the bullpen.

    I’m glad the Reds seem to have gotten lucky with a throw-in, but that doesn’t erase the lost value thrown away for the couple of seasons. (and I only say seem because Thompson knock had always been injury history, not talent. He’s showing talent, and we hope that he stays healthy)