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Game Thread: Braves at Reds — 2008.05.31

The Reds close out May with a titanic struggle vs. the Braves. Today’s game will be a FOX broadcast featuring…Josh Fogg and Jair Jurrjens? We all know about Fogg, so I suspect Reds fans are a little nervous. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised and Fogg will celebrate his return to the rotation with a good outing. There’s always hope, Reds fans.

The Reds have won 14 and lost 12 thus far in May. A 15-12 record in the month sounds good, and it will hopefully be a spur to an even better record in coming months.

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114 thoughts on “Game Thread: Braves at Reds — 2008.05.31

  1. I am sure glad we kept this kid in AAA for the 1st two months of the season … NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How about that kid! Bruce is really something else. Bruce for President! πŸ˜€

  3. These extra inning games are going to give me a stroke! I sure enjoy watching these guys win again!

  4. The June schedule is no picnic. If the Reds can repeat their 15-12 for May or even a little better, it’ll be something.

  5. #110 – That’s the point, Mike.

    I really respect most of the opinions of the editors on this site. I don’t say much, just casually osfuckolf

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