On Homer Bailey


This is exactly what I’ve been saying for a long time:

But there’s been talk about him not doing what the Reds have asked. Not playing well with others and generally being a jerk.

Terry Reynolds, the Reds farm director, was in Columbus for Bailey’s last outing.

“The stuff was there,” Reynolds said. “He walked too many. But he pitched well. He looked good.”

What about the talk of him not being with the program?

“That’s not true,” Reynolds said. “He’s got a good working relationship with (pitching coach) Ted Power and (manager) Rick Sweet.”

John Fay then echoes my thoughts when he sums it up:

I think Bailey gets bad rap because he is not media friendly. I wrote about that during spring training. He could take a PR lesson from Bruce. But if Bailey can come up here and get people out, fans don’t care. Some guys who are awful with the media are great players.

If you want to criticize Homer Bailey for what he does on the field, fine. I still maintain there is no evidence to suggest that Bailey isn’t coachable. To me, it appears that he went straight to Louisville and has worked on exactly what the Reds wanted him to work on, and he’s improving.

If you want to criticize the kid (and there are certainly flaws in Bailey’s game), you need to remember that Bailey just turned 22 years old. He’s young for his league. He has plenty of time to improve, and he’s still on track to be a great major league pitcher.

It really bothers me when people want to give up on Bailey and dump him. I guess it would have been alright to give up on Edinson Volquez when he was 22, too? No, of course not. Give Bailey time. He is still progressing steadily toward the goal of being an outstanding pitcher for the Reds.


  1. Glenn says:

    If Bailey can eliminate the walks he will be back in the bigs and Belisle will be out selling insurance somewhere.

  2. Bill says:

    I’d keep Belisle before Fogg…

    And now they’re making the same comments about Bruce and that’s why he was sent down in ST…

  3. AnnapolisRed says:

    I agree. Bring Bailey up, move Belisle to the pen and say sayonara to Fogg.

  4. Relient k Car says:

    and the people said…

  5. Scott says:

    What’s funny about this is that John Fay has been one of his most vocal critics. Hal McCoy takes a shot at him in one of his latest blog entries. I think there is a chance that Bailey is an arrogant jerk, but more than anything I think this is about three crusty old men (Fay, McCoy, and Marty) who don’t do their job all that effectively anymore and who Homer isn’t particulary friendly with.

  6. Josh says:

    McCoy and Marty are still excellent. I don’t think I like anything more than to hear Marty say that something is “just terrible” or just plain calling them like he sees them. Fay I could take or leave, but I love McCoy and Marty.

  7. GregD says:

    Belisle optioned to AAA.

    The Fay says Fogg will start Saturday against the Braves.

    A move a day until Jocketty gets the roster he wants?

  8. GregD says:

    Marty can still call a good game, when he talks about the game. Otherwise, his uneducated opinions come off as very negative and does this team a disservice. I’d like him to call them as he sees them, but he goes beyond that now, IMHO.

    Re Belisle/Fogg, I wonder if this is a spot start for Fogg and Maloney gets the call to start on the road next week? Or perhaps showcasing Fogg for a potential trade?

  9. Y-City Jim says:

    What good does it do to option Bellisle to AAA? Even more so with Fogg as the replacement because he will get hammered to bits.

  10. GregD says:

    ESPN.com is reporting the Belisle is going to the Louisville bullpen.

  11. GregD says:

    Who’s the long reliever if a starter gets knocked out early?

  12. Chris says:


  13. Relient k Car says:

    who even cares now
    i like the idea of maloney coming up.

  14. AnnapolisRed says:

    GregD-How in the world can you call Marty B. uneducated about baseball. I violently disagree with that assessment. Marty B is right 99 out of 100 times. I love how people on here whine about Marty being negative when this board is as negative as it gets (and deservedly so, don’t get me wrong).

  15. david says:

    Bailey has been the proclaimed savior by so many that his struggles at AAA are noteworthy. It may very well be that the critics are the same one who built him into the “savior” of the franchise, but that is secondary to legit arguments against his progression.

    ERA and wins in the minors don’t matter nearly as much as K/BB ratio. 28:52 in that category isn’t very good. In his last three starts it has been 15:14 which is terrible. Compare that to the first three starts 3:14. To say that he is regressing is a stretch but he isn’t improving either.

  16. Travis G. says:

    I suspect Fogg’s getting two or three starts to build up his value to this team or another. He’s certainly not a good pitcher, but he’s not nearly as bad as he was early this season.

    If he does well, hooray, and if he stinks the Reds will just DFA him and move on.

  17. Mike says:

    If Fogg bombs on Saturday and maybe another start, then Jocketty will move him out and bring in Bailey or Maloney as the fifth starter.

  18. Bill says:

    So, why not bring one of the others in now? At least they have the chance of improving or do these games that Fogg will be starting not count?

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