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Jay Bruce’s Pace

Jay Bruce is on pace to become the only player in major league history not to make an out in his entire career.

Heh. He’s good, but I’m not entirely sure he can keep up that pace.

3 thoughts on “Jay Bruce’s Pace

  1. I know Chad’s poking fun, however, I think John Paciorek’s only big league game may be even better than Bruce’s first night….John Paciorek was 3 for 3 (all singles), 2 walks, 4 runs scored, and 3 rbi for the 1963 Houston Colt.45’s. He was more famous for his brother Tom Paciorek, but less famous for brother Tim Paciorek.

    Wait…I checked further on baseball-reference.com…..Bruce’s OPS+ for the yesterday was 497…Paciorek’s was 495, so Bruce was better!!

  2. Tom was involved with a trade for Dusty Baker, I believe. Also was an all-star for Seattle or Chicago, if I recall. Had a couple of pretty good seasons. Could we trade Dusty for him again?

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