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Jay Bruce is not a savior

Paul Daugherty says that Jay Bruce is no savior, and it’s pretty much the first lucid thing he’s written or said in a decade or so (much of the rest of the column is ill-informed nonsense, but the thrust is correct). John Fay is saying the same thing. It’s true. If you are counting on Bruce to single-handedly turn this franchise around, you’re going to be disappointed.

However, Bruce is definitely a piece, the biggest piece, in the eventual transformation of this club into a contender. Along with Edwin Encarnacion, Edinson Volquez, Joey Votto (thanks, BenL), Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey, and Brandon Phillips, Bruce represents the most talented cog in a very talented young core of players. With the Adam Dunns and Francisco Corderos and Aaron Harangs surrounding them, this team has a different look. A competitive look.

It’s fun, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Jay Bruce is not a savior

  1. Or Keppinger! The beauty of having this much talent is that you can finally slot guys like Hairston, Freel, Patterson, and Gonzalez into their TRUE positions—valuable bench players. Yes, even Patterson has value when coming off the bench late in a game–play some D, steal you a base, bunt for a hit–the only things he does well. Any competitive team has to have a versatile bench, and we will have the makings of a good one once we get healthy. I’m still not enamored with any of our catchers, but I’m not willing to part with Bailey or Frazier to get one this year because this team needs some seasoning. Of course, a 7 game win streak could make me change my tune.

  2. No, he’s not but…Patterson is gone (possibly the worst lead off hitter in MLB history), Janish is up and Andy Phillips. I’m excited to see Mr. Darryl Thompson pitch tonight for AAA (you may remember him with a 0.00 ERA in spring training) who has an ERA of 1.67 at AA with a 4:1 K to BB ratio. Danny Herera (the 5’7″ monster) has an ERA of about 1.06 at AAA. Get some others on track and I’ll bet the Reds finish above .500!! Bruce Almighty is no Savior but the morale of this team will now change…which in essence has been the problem most of the season. If you think you’ll win you most likely will and if you don’t (because of someone like CP) then you won’t win.

  3. I’m predicting Bailey will never be what is expected at the bigs. I say trade him now when all the hype is still there. He is struggling even at AAA. I saw him pitch(while talking to 2 MLB scouts) last year in Durham, NC and I was like “this is the guy their so excited about? I was standing in a great spot of course next to the scouts of CLE and NYM.

  4. It would be absurd for us to think that Jay is going to single handedly win us the pennant. But I like the attitude he and Votto seemed to share in spring training. I think it is a definite improvement to the team attitude that the local sports radio likes to dog on.

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