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  1. Matt B.

    Jerry Hairston Jr. ss
    Jay Bruce cf
    Ken Griffey Jr. rf
    Brandon Phillips 2b
    Adam Dunn lf
    Edwin Encarnacion 3b
    Joey Votto 1b
    Paul Bako c
    John Cueto p

    Votto 7th? Come on.

  2. dan

    wow, thank god no CP. I understand the DFA, but I can’t say I’m very confident we’ve seen the last of the Dusty Baker / Corey Patterson love affair. I think until CP is taken away from Baker, he’ll still feel compelled to start CP and he’ll put him at top of the order, regardless of performance. CP will bat lead off again, I believe.

  3. CeeKeR

    So now it’s ss batting first and cf batting second. Poor Dusty just can’t kick that habit can he?

  4. mhopp

    Too bad Hatteberg is in the minor leagues

  5. Chris

    That’s two in a row for Votto. I think he’s an okay defensive 1b. He just has major problems with that one play.

  6. Chris

    Brantley is a lot better when he’s away from Marty – much less critical and more analytical. He’s actually giving me some perspective on the game, rather than just bitching.

  7. Chris

    My X.Nady story: My then-fiance and I had to wait a few minutes for the priest for our last pre-wedding meeting. He was delayed a bit talking to X.Nady and his fiance, who were looking at churches. He got traded to DallasΓƒβ€šΓ‚Β  the Mets about a month later, so I wonder where he ended up getting married.

  8. CeeKeR

    Good work by Cueto to get out of the no out, 2nd and 3rd jam. Now we get to see Bruce!

  9. mhopp

    It is irritating to hear him bitch but there will always be less bitching without Corey P. in the lineup. I can see how some of the mistakes they’re making are from inexperience. I can deal with that but not pure stupidity like demoting Hatteberg and keeping Patterson.

  10. Chris

    You mean Harris-ton?

    “Those aren’t boos, George.” AWESOME.

  11. Chris

    I was planning to go see Bruce tonight in Columbus. I’m skipping Homer Bailey’s start to watch this on TV.

    NICE start. Now, none of those were close, but that does show a good approach and some self-control.

  12. AnnapolisRed

    Did anyone catch what Grande said in the top of the first. The Reds need a centerfielder that can lead off and Jay Bruce can’t lead off, therefore he will eventually play right field. Now where did he get that from?

    Votto is not good at first base in any way, shape or form.

  13. mhopp

    Well Crusty Baker…what do you think of that?

  14. CeeKeR

    Eesh, double steal worked, but only because Batista has a mitt of iron.

  15. AnnapolisRed

    I actually don’t mind this line-up. Hairston has done a pretty good job. Griffey can’t get the runners over.

  16. mhopp

    Put Bruce at #3 or 4. Thank god, no DP for Brandon Phillips

  17. Chris

    Phillips has some trouble with off-speed stuff, I’ve noticed.

  18. AnnapolisRed

    George Grande is worse than Corey Patterson.

  19. Ellis

    If Grande calls Brantley “cowboy” one more time I’m throwing my beer at the TV…

  20. AnnapolisRed

    I say keep Jay Bruce at #2 and let him get comfortable. I think he will be a good #2 hitter.

  21. Chris

    I forgot I’m about 30 sec behind on Tivo. Caught up.

  22. AnnapolisRed

    The Buccos is as annoying as the Cowboy.

  23. MeanLittleBallsOfHate

    Bases clogged for Dunn…

  24. AnnapolisRed

    Lately Encarnacion=Pop up in the infield. Hopefully tonight he turns it around.

  25. Chris

    Those were three pretty good pitches. Snell nibbled and nibbled, then when right after Dunn. Very strange.

  26. MeanLittleBallsOfHate

    …who promptly forgets he’s no longer in batting practice. Come on, E5!

  27. CeeKeR

    …and that first inning is why these two teams habitually battle for the NL Basement.

  28. mhopp

    Crusty’s great lineup card does it again!!

  29. mhopp

    I wonder what the morale is on a team that loses a good player to the minors and keeps a bad one?

  30. CeeKeR

    Hope the bullpen is ready for tonight. Cueto at 60+ pitches and we are still in the third inning.

  31. mhopp

    Baily is throwing balls in Louisville!

  32. Bill N.

    Cueto’s first five starts: 33 2/3 IP, 6.42 H/9, 1.34 BB/9, 11.62 K/9, 69% of pitches for strikes.

    His last five + tonight: 26 2/3 IP, 13.16 H/9, 4.39 BB/9, 6 K/9, 61% of pitches for strikes.

    What happened? Is it all just the league adjusting?

  33. mhopp

    Well, Crusty how is that compared to your man-love Corey P?

  34. mhopp

    I think Griffey needs to go!! Keep Dunn, Bruce, Freel and Hopper for the OF and Griffey goes. I don’t care where he hits #600. Bailey 3B 4K 0ER through 4IP

  35. david

    Dunn hitting after Bruce and before Phillips makes way more sense to me.

  36. david

    By the way – can you honestly tell me that Drew Stubbs couldn’t hit better than CP? He’d probably play just as good of defense, gives you lead off speed (Dusty), yet does anyone in their right mind think that Stubbs is ready?

  37. mhopp

    Definitely…is it possible that’s really not Dusty Baker? I mean BP is the DP king so you want him to come in after someone like Dunn clears the bases, right?

  38. ChicagoRedsFan

    CP is now 0 for his last 18…

  39. mhopp

    Dusty is in love. I can’t stand him!

  40. CeeKeR

    Bruce might have as many ML walks as minor league walks before the game is over.

  41. mhopp

    Hairston and Bruce on all 3 at bats tonight. We can’t blame it all on CP as nobody knocked them in!

  42. Y-City Jim

    They should have DFA’ed Patterson or else Dusty will play him whenever he can. Jocketty has to take control.

  43. CeeKeR

    And the Reds finally get on the board.
    3-1 thanks to BP’s sac fly

  44. Y-City Jim

    Dunn’s HR leaves the stadium!!!

  45. Y-City Jim

    Bruce 1.000 OBP

    Patterson 0.240 OBP

  46. Chris W

    That’s the 3rd or 4th homerun in 2-3 weeks that Dunn has hit nearly out of the park!

  47. mhopp

    There it is Dunner wit a STunner πŸ˜›

  48. Y-City Jim

    If you have hitters getting on then the middle of the order guys will eventually start driving them in.

    Based on recent articles, I think Dunn wants to sign a contract to stay.

  49. Y-City Jim

    I guess it did stay in the park.

  50. CeeKeR

    I want Dunn to stay, that’s for sure. (I’d also prefer the Reds to stop double-switching him out late each game, but that might just be me.)

  51. mhopp

    If they don’t get rid of Corey P. with that OBP my stomach is going to be unclogged

  52. Y-City Jim

    Note to Marty Brennaman:

    Encarnacion does not lead the majors for errors by a 3B. Bill Hall leads with 11 errors. Edwin is tied with Crede, Reynolds, and Wright.

  53. BenL

    I agree with you CeeKeR… That’s one reason I hate that they kept CP today. CP is going to be Dunns defensive replacement every time we have a lead…

  54. mhopp

    Danny Herera is a 5′ 7″ Monster at AAA Louisville!! 1.08 ERA

  55. Y-City Jim

    There was no rational reason to release Hatteberg whose OBP is 63 points higher. I might have bought into DFAing Bako over Patterson but not by much.

  56. CeeKeR

    Every single time I see a groundball base hit up the middle I can’t help but think of (and miss) Keppinger a little bit more.

  57. mhopp

    Kent Merker throwing notin but strikes at Louiville

  58. CeeKeR

    Good at bat by Ross after a poor bunt attempt. And that’s it for Snell.

  59. Y-City Jim

    Bako’s first hit in weeks and it was a gift.

  60. ron

    Nice AB by Ross. I remember how bad he looked in the box last year, he looks so much better even if the power stroke hasnt been there.

  61. Y-City Jim

    Potential for a huge inning if Dusty doesn’t do something stupid.

  62. mhopp

    well, Merker gave up a run at Louisville. Little man Herera should come up instead of Merker.

  63. ron

    Nice to hear Kepp is feeling better, sounds like he is on track to make it back on time

  64. Y-City Jim

    Is Springsteen at the game?



  65. Mike

    Why are the Reds trying to sacrifice in the 6th inning when Snell has been really wild all night?

    So, this is what it looks like when the lead off hitter gets on base.

  66. CeeKeR

    2 consecutive singles with the bases loaded. Dusty won’t be happy, the bases are still clogged!

  67. Y-City Jim

    The Bruce era is in full swing!!

  68. mhopp

    Wow, that was some good hitting!! No joke, he just went with it. Good grief!

  69. ron

    LOL, Ceek, your right, time to send Bruce back down

  70. Chad

    Just caught up…got home late and have been watching via the magic of Tivo.

    I’m amazed by the Bruce show. What a debut.

  71. Jared

    Is only streaming this game in 800k and 1.2mb? The stupid ad telling me I have to pay more for them is covering where the 400k icon is. Grr..

    I’d pay it, but I can’t stream that on my weak DSL.

  72. Bill N.

    Hm, 4 straight times on base. Only 13 more to go to reverse Patterson…

  73. Chad

    Bruce has been on base four times tonight.

    Has Patterson been on base four times this month?

  74. CeeKeR

    And now a walk, that still doesn’t unclog the bases…Dusty is probably talking to the commissioner now for a loophole that will allow him to use Patterson again this game.

  75. Y-City Jim

    I love it when Reds fans get off their hind ends and make some noise. I hope for a day when they are as loud and crazy as Indians fans.

  76. GregD

    Still waiting for the first grand slam of the game…

  77. BenL

    Jared – I’m watching it at 400k. When I get that ad I think I usually close and reopen my web browser and it’s gone.

  78. ron

    Damn, BP about threw himself outta joint on that swing

  79. Y-City Jim

    Bill – 15 more since Patterson made an out in pinch hitting tonight.

  80. Andy

    Wow, I know we’ve all had high expectations for Bruce, but I’ve been really impressed by his Abs so far. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he tried to yank every pitch that last at bat into the Ohio River. Nice to know he’s not pressing to hard with all that’s expected of him.

  81. CeeKeR

    Dunn delivers another single. Bases still full (or clogged in Dusty terms) with only one out. Looks like that’s the end of Marte.

  82. ron

    LOL, Dunn gets a hit and they cheer for Bruce

  83. GregD

    Would a grand salami be a rally killer here?

  84. Y-City Jim

    Golly Gee!!! If Fred Rogers was still alive they would have to partner him with George Grande.

  85. Jared

    Thanks Ben, that did it. Just in time to see a lead only David Weathers could blow. Or a handful of other Reds pitchers.

  86. ron

    For real Andy, the big thing they were pickin on him about was the high Ks, low Walks, and he has looked very disaplined at the plate

  87. GregD

    Joking aside, Phillips swinging for the fences there is why he should be batting a little lower in the order.

    And Griffey/Dunn couldn’t bat back-to-back all season, but Bruce’s first game and he and Griffey bat back-to-back? Put Dunn and his hot streak in the cleanup spot and Griffey gets to 600 this week.

  88. ron

    “Popup” Eddie … new nick name til he gets back on track

  89. Y-City Jim

    I think Eddie is just a bit mad at himself.

  90. mhopp

    The only stat that looks bad from the minors was he batted .167 when behind in the count…that jumps to well over .400 when ahead in the count.

    Good grief can EE do anything but pop up?

  91. GregD

    Chris’s comment at #27 Phillips has some trouble with off-speed stuff, IΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’ve noticed. is still funny 100 comments later.

  92. mhopp

    Good idea GregD but too bad Dusty’s brain is clogged!

  93. ron

    I wonder if anyone will give us squat for Hatteburg before the 10 days runs out?

  94. mhopp

    Louisville loses 2-1 with Merker getting the loss, Bailey pitched ok at best and Danny Herera was masterful (can’t believe he’s my height). I think Louisville may have some trouble scoring runs now with Bruce in MLB. Anybody know when Thompson makes his AAA debut?

  95. ron

    Burton, that means we will see Stormy in the 8th … again

  96. Y-City Jim

    I think the Reds would just be happy if someone picks him up so they get out of paying his contract.

  97. Chad

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Stormy in tonight’s game, with a five run lead. Well, now that I think about it, I wish we could get an insurance run or six, to keep it within Weathers-proof range.

  98. Y-City Jim

    Are Marty and Thom still having that inane conversation about the pronunciation of the name Xavier?

  99. ron

    How do you really feel about DW Chad? lol

  100. Y-City Jim

    Ron, that is probably right since his contract this year was for $1.85 million.

  101. CeeKeR

    Burton did a nice job. As long as Weathers doesn’t go Danny Graves on us, we should have a chance!

  102. ron

    Bako trying his best not to return to career norms

  103. Y-City Jim

    I think the Reds should have a Jeff Brantley “Cowboy Hat” night.

    Burton pitching another inning.

  104. Chad

    Does it bother anyone else that Bruce is wearing Danny Graves’ old number? Hope it isn’t infected with something.

  105. CeeKeR

    Burton’s first career plate appearance… (His doesn’t seem to have the same excitement as Bruce’s did)

  106. ron

    Wow, Burton going two, Dusty may have figured out DW does not meet with Chad’s approval

  107. ron

    Well, since Grave excelled at putting the ball over the wall, I wont complain if Bruce follows suit

  108. Y-City Jim

    I think they developed a vaccine for it, Chad.

  109. GregD

    I think Baker should use 4 relief pitchers next inning, then go to Arroyo to pitch the 9th.

  110. Y-City Jim

    Kid holding up his Jay Bruce jersey. Pretty cool!

  111. Chad

    What is disgusting is that, even with a win tonight, we are still behind the Pirates in the standings.

    Hopefully, that won’t be the case much longer.

  112. Y-City Jim

    Don’t give him any ideas, Greg.

  113. Y-City Jim

    Touching mention of Brian Wilson.

  114. CeeKeR

    Greg: That made me laugh..and cry a little since it’s too close to the truth.

  115. Chris

    Just came back in from the garage, after listening to the game while making some bookshelves. Catching up on Tivo to see what I missed:
    – Damn what a HR from Dunn.
    – Votto IS Adrian Gonzalez
    – J.Bruce looked like T.Gwynn serving that single through the 5.5 hole.
    – BP is actually at his best when the rest of the team is struggling. He gets too wound up when everyone else is hitting – loses his patience.
    – EE is SCUFFLING.
    – I’ve had it with that Gwen Stefani song. They play it 800 times a game.
    – OBP, not hitting with RISP, kills.

  116. Y-City Jim

    What’s Bruce’s history on full counts?

  117. ron


  118. Chad

    I cannot believe what I am seeing from Jay Bruce tonight.

  119. CeeKeR

    Bruce has definitely been the man tonight. It’s much more fun to watch the Reds when the fans are in it…and he has them all excited!

  120. GregD

    Brantley had a great line “does he look like he’s ready?”

  121. Chris

    Maybe I’ll name my kid Bruce.

    **We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, so I will hedge my bets.

  122. ChicagoRedsFan

    Bruce has now equaled Corey Patterson’s RBI total for the MONTH of May!

  123. Y-City Jim

    If Bailey ever gets his act together this city will go baseball nuts!

  124. Jared

    Anyone else get the feeling the offense is about to really get on track?

  125. Chad

    You are absolutely correct, Jim (comment 170). It is going to be fun to watch.

  126. Chris

    I finally bench Bako on my fantasy team today, after 2 weeks of turds (.067 .200 .067). Now he’s hitting again. I did activate Bruce, however.

    Did you know his real name is: Gabor Paul II Bako.

  127. Jeff

    Can’t wait for the Photoshops of Sir Bruce … or is it Bruce Almighty?

    Has he already surpassed the offensive production of CP for the season?

  128. CeeKeR

    I think Phillips’ shoes stayed on, but he did take a ferocious hack for strike 2.

  129. BenL

    Jay works for a boy or a girl.

    Or you could go with “Brucetta”

  130. CeeKeR

    Pirates doing a double switch. Anyone think it is actually just to tempt Baker into taking Dunn out of the game before he bats right now? πŸ™„

  131. Y-City Jim

    It’s a lot easier to get the offense on track when you remove an automatic out maker from the order (especially from the lead off spot).

  132. Matthew H.

    “Votto is not good at first base in any way, shape or form.”

    Votto is the best 1b that the reds have had in a long long time…

  133. Mike

    Hamilton update 2-5 Grand Slam and 5 RBI’s

  134. Y-City Jim

    Nady not aware that it’s the CF’s call on that ball?

  135. Todd

    It’s finally nice to see the Reds having great young talent coming from the farm system again. Unlike when Bowden traded away all our young talent.

  136. Jimmy James

    Who is this new centerfielder for the Reds? I’ve never heard of him before.

  137. Y-City Jim

    Let’s trade Patterson to Texas for Hamilton straight up.


  138. Mike

    I bet there is a lot of #32 jerseys sold this week

  139. Chad

    Admit it…how many of you already have #32 jerseys with “GRAVES” on the back?

  140. Y-City Jim

    George Grande should have his own Oprah-type talk show. He’s so sensitive.


  141. Jimmy James

    Say what you want, but Patterson is much faster than Bruce. Bruce sucks.

  142. Chris

    192: Now that’s just cruel. For the record, I believe anything with “Graves 32” on the back would be a vest. πŸ˜₯

  143. MeanLittleBallsOfHate

    Jeff(177): I thought The Boss was his given nickname.

  144. Chad

    They should have had a Disco Demolition night with Graves jerseys after he was sent packing. To exorcise the demons, or something like that.

  145. Mike

    Need 5 slots to hit again for Bruce to get up again! πŸ˜‰

  146. Y-City Jim

    Eddie attempting to pop out again.

    Doesn’t that indicate that he is dropping a shoulder or something?

  147. Chad

    Votto has three hits tonight. He’s saying, “Remember me?”

  148. mhopp

    Gee, I’ll bet Bob Castellini would like to have that $3mil back on the waste of a CF Corey Patterson! Baker needs to get rid of him himself to regain any respect. When is D. Thompson making his Louisville Debut?

  149. GregD

    Did you say this is your first child? We have #2 on the way in August.

  150. Y-City Jim

    No more at bats for Bruce tonight.

  151. Chris

    First one, yep. Starting to feel real at this point.

  152. Mike

    Wonder if the Reds will get any love on Baseball Tonight?

  153. Brett

    Bruce is begining to make me regret getting a custom made Patterson jersey one week into the season πŸ™

  154. Y-City Jim

    Parenthood is wonderful!

    Our last one graduates from high school this weekend and is the valedictorian.

  155. Brett

    by the way for those who care the Lakers are up by six on the Spurs at halftime

  156. Mike

    Yahoo said that Kepp was taking some swings and walking without a limp.

  157. Y-City Jim

    Brett, custom made as in a t-shirt and magic marker.

  158. Y-City Jim

    He’s a good boy and his sister is pretty sweet as well.

  159. Chris

    Did you guys know Bruce’s nickname is “The Deal”?

  160. Chris

    Check that – that was just some dude’s idea.

  161. Chad

    Parenthood is the best. Took my 3 year old son to see my old high school’s baseball team play in the regional playoffs today. Just the two of us. We had a blast; nothing better in the world.

    Plus, our team won 20-2. That helps.

  162. Chris

    They’re still yelling “Bruuuuuuuuce,” apparently.

  163. Y-City Jim

    Affeldt trying to make it a save situation.

  164. Brett

    wow their, not they’re. but their’s doesn’t bat leadoff

  165. Y-City Jim

    This year’s bullpen is more like kerosene compared to last year’s gasoline compared to two years ago’s hydrogen.

  166. Chad

    Watching Dunn, Griffey, and Bruce in the outfield chatting during the pitching change makes me smile.

  167. hammer1

    Would love to hear what Dunn, Griffey and Bruce are talking about.

  168. hammer1

    Yeah Chad, looks like they are having a good time. It’s good to see.

  169. Chad

    …and this one belongs to the Reds!

    What a debut for Mr. Bruce.

  170. mhopp

    Sure is nice for Affeldt to try and look as bad as Patterson does.

  171. Chad

    Been a while since I’ve seen a smile like the one on Bruce’s face right now.

  172. Y-City Jim

    Bruce – What a joy to see him look like a kid in a candy store!

  173. Y-City Jim

    Let’s sign Bruce to a 20-year deal!

  174. pj

    theReds youth movement has begun!Patterson stays,1.salary 2.speed 3.still can play defense.Hati,limited throwing.He’ll end up in A.L. Good luck,Scott,you were a real professional.

  175. mhopp

    Jay Bruce Almighty, that has a nice ring to it. He makes Jr. look sleepy hitting behind that live bat. Darryl Thompson makes his Louisville debut tomorrow. We’ll see…keep an eye on Ben Juckich at Chatannoga

  176. mhopp

    Maybe the Rangers or Nationals will sign Scott Hati?

  177. slattspub

    Great game redlegs. I wonder what the difference was?