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241 thoughts on “The Official Jay Bruce Debut Game Thread

  1. Gee, I’ll bet Bob Castellini would like to have that $3mil back on the waste of a CF Corey Patterson! Baker needs to get rid of him himself to regain any respect. When is D. Thompson making his Louisville Debut?

  2. Bruce is begining to make me regret getting a custom made Patterson jersey one week into the season 🙁

  3. Parenthood is wonderful!

    Our last one graduates from high school this weekend and is the valedictorian.

  4. Parenthood is the best. Took my 3 year old son to see my old high school’s baseball team play in the regional playoffs today. Just the two of us. We had a blast; nothing better in the world.

    Plus, our team won 20-2. That helps.

  5. This year’s bullpen is more like kerosene compared to last year’s gasoline compared to two years ago’s hydrogen.

  6. theReds youth movement has begun!Patterson stays,1.salary 2.speed 3.still can play defense.Hati,limited throwing.He’ll end up in A.L. Good luck,Scott,you were a real professional.

  7. Jay Bruce Almighty, that has a nice ring to it. He makes Jr. look sleepy hitting behind that live bat. Darryl Thompson makes his Louisville debut tomorrow. We’ll see…keep an eye on Ben Juckich at Chatannoga

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