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Corey Patterson OBP Watch

Our illustrious leadoff hitter is now hitting a stellar .201. His on-base percentage, the single most important statistic for a leadoff hitter, is .242. That’s so bad, it is incomprehensible. Patterson’s OPS is 596.

He made nine outs in yesterday’s game. In nine at-bats.

Everything I said yesterday about Patterson applies double today. It’s a complete disgrace that the management of this team thinks that Patterson is a leadoff hitter. More discouragingly, it makes you wonder whether management has a clue at all — especially Dusty Baker, who has watched Patterson suck in person for several seasons.

Completely disgusting.

24 thoughts on “Corey Patterson OBP Watch

  1. Agree 100% on Patterson. He needs to be released ASAP. Bring up Bruce to replace him immediately.

    Another thought that I have not heard discussed… With our rotation screwed by the San Diego debacle, why not bring up Bailey at least for a spot start? If he does well, Belisle is out of the rotation. If he sucks it up, send him back down and the roatation is in a bit better shape.

  2. Who would bat leadoff if the Red borught up Bruce to replace Patterson in CF? Bruce sounds like a middle of the order guy.

  3. I would bet my house that Bruce’s OBP would be higher than .242….so, he couldn’t be any worse than the guy batting leadoff now.

  4. Bruce should lead off like Hamilton, and going back 20 years, Eric Davis did. It’ll get him 4-5 at bats per game.

  5. Having Jay Bruce lead off would just be moronic. He’s a middle of the order hitter that strikes out a fair amount. Lead Brandon Phillips off and hit Bruce 6-7 until you move him up to 5th or 4th.

  6. Brandon Phillips would be a bad leadoff hitter, too.

    Obviously not as bad as Corey Patterson.

  7. No, Patterson playing over Bruce is moronic. Having Bruce in the lineup, regardless of spot in the order, is the right thing to do now.

  8. Dusty is trying to maintain face in front of the owners by sticking with Patterson and praying he’ll start doing something. Once Baker admits he can’t be lead off he will lose some of what he loves most, control over decisions since he will lose respect. Remember, he went over Krivsky’s head to get Patterson, at $3 mil!!! He’s in the top 10 salaries on the team. Baker needs to admit he’s wrong and move on.
    On another note I was looking at MLB salaries and did you know that AZ signed Danny Harren for half of what the Reds signed Cordero for? Hell, we could have Cueto or Fogg in the bull pen and Danny Herren starting plus another $4mil left over to buy a better manager! Maybe it is good they fired Krivsky.

  9. What will happen, in my opinion, when Bruce gets called up is that EE and Freel will split time at third and Freel will find a couple other starts a week at other positions to be a part time leadoff hitter. I know I have read in several spots that the organization would not consider playing Bruce in CF much. If he gets called up, look for a deal shortly thereafter.

  10. John Fay reports that Jay Bruce will be called up at 4:00 PM tomorrow during a press conference with Jocketty in the Reds dugout at GABP.

  11. Hopefully Bruce works out better than Bailey did last year. Of course, Bruce can’t possibly be worse than yesterday’s 0-9 Patterson.

  12. Thanks for the heads-up guys. There’s a post at the top of the home page now.

    I was cleaning the garage when I happened to check my email on the blackberry and saw that you guys had posted the great news.

  13. I’ll be excited about the Bruce call up when I see who goes. If this team finds a way to keep Patterson, by claiming someone else is hurt or by releasing someone else, it will be beyond ridiculous. Patterson makes Stanton look productive.

  14. mhopp- with Haren, he signed a contract that took him through his arbitration years, so that number doesn’t represent what he would have gotten on the open market, although Cordero was a lot of money for not a lot of ip each season.

  15. Did the ‘move Phillips to SS’ thing go away completely? Freel batting leadoff at 2B and Phillips moving to SS could solve a lot of this team’s offensive concerns. I guess it’s just too much of a defensive liability for them to try the experiment? I imagine a pretty good lineup could be made out of some order of:

    Freel 2B
    Bruce CF
    Phillips SS
    Dunn LF
    Encarnacion 3B
    Votto 1B
    Griffey RF
    Bako C

  16. Corey has pictures of Dusty Baker trying to dance ballet in a pink tutu. Thats really the only reason I can figure for them paying this bum 3M and continuing to run him out there to suck.

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