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I can’t stand it anymore

If Corey Patterson isn’t gone by Tuesday (or at least gone from the starting lineup for good), I quit. This is ludicrous. He’s the worst leadoff hitter in the major leagues, and if Dusty Baker thinks he’s a good leadoff hitter, then Baker is irretrievably clueless.

I’m sick of this nonsense.

(And I actually wrote this post before today’s game in which Patterson made nine outs; I had planned to post it after the game. Yep, three full innings of outs.)

14 thoughts on “I can’t stand it anymore

  1. I agree, I’m not going to listen to any more Reds game and will have no part of a team that continues to purposely screw up. I know the team lost this game together but CP has to go. I actually think Crusty Baker needs to go but I know they won’t do that. I think management is the problem here. He sucks and I hate him…don’t know what else to say

  2. Bruce better be here on Tuesday. Patterson better be at most a bench player the rest of the year.

    Note to Dusty: no more double switching out Dunn.

  3. Busty won’t go at least until halfway through next year. We signed him to a ridiculous 3 year deal. Belisle/Fogg + Pattersuck better be gone by Tuesday.

  4. Well, I thought the Reds had to beat the Padres 3 of 4 to be seriously considered having a chance to climb back in this thing. They didn’t and they don’t.

    Let’s start thinking about next year.

  5. We need at least 90 wins to make the playoffs is my guess.

    That’s .604 baseball for the next 111 games.

    Yeah, we might be done. Let’s unload the dead weight.

  6. Baker refuses to be objective, which dooms him to being a horrible manager.

    Patterson needs to be released. He is the worst player on the team so no one else should go at his expense.

  7. On a non-baseball note, this PBS show on Truman (based on the David McCullough book) is astounding. The most unlikely president ever.

  8. I agree completely…The worst thing about the Patterson situation is that it just shows how stubborn (and ignorant) Dusty Baker is. Reds nation has been calling for the release of Corey Patterson, yet he continues to roll him out there. Patterson is what 19 for 125 since April 10th? But he still plays. How could anyone watching the games continue to start him, much less bat him lead-off? I think that signals bigger Crusty problems to come.

    Once again my decision to buy the month to month MLB.tv subscription pays off…I save money because I can cancel it June 1st. Way to go Redlegs!

  9. I totally agree with you guys. I will still watch because I can’t help myself but it is absurd what is going on. Dusty Baker may be a worse manager than Bob Boone.

  10. My guess is there is a better chance that Patterson is leading off on Tuesday than he’s released.

  11. It isn’t like Patterson has been unlucky. Nothing off his bat even resembles the possibility of a hit.

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  13. Agreed. He rarely even hits the ball on the ground where his speed could be a factor. He must lead the world in pop-ups.

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