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Game Thread: Reds at Padres — 2008.05.25

Today’s game is a big one, in my opinion. A win today gives the Reds a 3-4 west coast road trip, and I will take that every single time.

Unfortunately, today we have a matchup between Matt Belisle and Greg Maddux. No, it isn’t Maddux of the mid-nineties, and yes, Belisle looked good last time out, but still….

Discuss it here….

620 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Padres — 2008.05.25

  1. WTF was Grande talking about that Edwin should be bunting there that last inning? Was driving me crazy and I didn’t even sit thru 18 innings. Edwin can’t bunt, and I’d rather Edwin swinging than giving up an out for Ross and Outterson to try to do something.

  2. Looking over the box score, I figured Fogg’s 2/3rds was in regulation. He went 2/3rds in extras? WTF!!! You leave him out there sink or swim at that point, not kill your starting rotation for the week!

    I have an idea, let’s just smoke the arms of your ace and your 24-year old stud. And if you don’t ruin their arms, let’s hope you didn’t just ruin his psyche.

  3. The sad thing is the Reds didn’t lose just one game today, this loss will resonate for a while now that the pitching is a mess. I hope this doesn’t effect Edwin.

  4. Greg-Bray should have been in the game then. We were up two runs. You let Bray pitch that inning and you either win it, lose it or they tie it against Bray. If they tie it you go to Fogg and he pitches until the game ends. Period. Pretty much what Bud Black did.

  5. Anybody else miss Pete M? I guarantee you Patterson wouldn’t be on the team and he wouldn’t have screwed up this game. But no, everybody wanted a “name” manager. Well, we got what we deserved.

  6. Yes, I miss Mackanin. He wasn’t perfect, wasn’t even close to perfect, but he’s the best the Reds have had since Davey Johnson. That’s a sad statement.

  7. Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I am honored that I will be the first and last post for the longest thread in Redleg Nation history.

    I’d like to thank Weathers, Cordero, and Bray for the 3 blow saves to make this game last forever.

  8. Gotta agree Jim, they need to activate Baker, hang the loss on his baseball card, then DFA his ass

    If we get to 600 posts then we can trade ourselves to Seattle

    I saw the box score and couldn’t believe the totals, so I flipped over here to check out the game thread. Definately much funnier after the game is over. These two comments in particular made me laugh till I hurt.

  9. You can’t blame Weathers anymore than Cordero, Fogg, Bray, Baker and Patterson.

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