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Dusty Baker Suspended

Manager Dusty Baker was suspended today for two games for his tirade at an umpire in last night’s game in San Diego.

Frankly, I thought Dusty was entirely justified in his actions last night. Good to see him sticking up for Edwin Encarnacion.

9 thoughts on “Dusty Baker Suspended

  1. He got off lite. He should have been suspended by the Reds front office for two games without pay for each game that Patterson has batted leadoff.

  2. Is this a new stand MLB is taking this year? Girardi got a game, too, for kicking dirt.

  3. More info at Fay’s blog. Baker is still pissed and wanted to appeal, but coaches and managers are not allowed to appeal

    (Comment: what kind of BS is that?)

    Baker asked Watson: “Did you see me bump him? He said it looked like you inadvertently grazed him with your left shoulder.” Christian Roberts, the FSN producer, looked at replays from three different angles. He said Baker’s jersey makes light contact with Cooper’s shirt.

    Cooper told Baker that he ejected Encarnacion for holding up two fingers, meaning Cooper missed two calls.

    (Comment: wow, I thought you got tossed for dropping the f-bomb and such. Edwin signed that Cooper missed two calls. That’s some really harsh language there Edwin. Better reel that guy in.)

  4. I would much rather see this kinda of game management from Dusty. He did the right thing. There is a reason why Bobby Cox is one of the best managers of all-time, knowing when to make sure you get kicked out is a good reason why

  5. Hey
    Dusty will manage from the club house
    Corey was a good signing for that!
    we can use his speed to deliver messages from dusty to the bench coach.
    he is so fast! 😯

  6. Maybe Edwin held up two fingers like the British do when they flip you off. And maybe the ump is British..?


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