The Enquirer’s John Fay is predicting that minor league stud prospect Jay Bruce will be called up when the Reds return home from this West Coast swing.

What are your thoughts about that?

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  1. Phill

    I’m fine with it as long as it isn’t management pulling a Bailey and bringing him up because of media and fan pressures. Of course if he comes up he probably won’t be as much of a savior as hyped and people will be yelling to trade him fast because he’ll never amount to anything.

  2. Andy G

    It’s been long enough. Bruce has nothing left to prove at AAA as he is basically owning every single pitcher he faces. He’s the future of the Reds and he’s ready to learn. Get rid of Patterson, Hairston or Dunn and let him learn the game while picking Griffey’s brain. Griffey might not be here long, although I think he’ll finish the year with the Reds, and Bruce can gain so much from working everyday with Griffey. Bruce’s time is now.

  3. GregD

    It’s been a LONG time since I’ve said this, but DUH. Jock’s been hinting at this timing for a while. Team’s not playing well overall. Patterson is not producing. Jay is having his way with AAA pitching.

    That said, last year Fay predicted Bailey was going to get called up after every homestand. He was eventually right!

    Talent wise, the move is long overdo.

    What remains to be seen is whether Baker and Jocketty are on the same page about playing time. That’s been the issue according to Jocketty, playing time. It’s obvious to everyone else in Cincinnati that Bruce should be playing over Patterson.

  4. Jeff Gentil

    Hal McCoy is saying it, too. Must be something to it. I’m not sure he’s a CF long-term but maybe until they can clear RF for him, it’ll be ok. What’s the harm?

    btw…Homer getting killed in AAA. His star continues to fade. Head case?

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    I thought they should’ve done it before the road trip. I had a sense they would head west, lose all their momentum, and need his bat w/ Kepp out. Second, let him get his feet wet on the road, then come home to all the pressure (if 17k people can create pressure). Yeah, he’s the last guy you think would be affected by pressure, but it couldn’t hurt either. This team is nearly a third into the season. All excuses are null and void (cold weather hitters, small sample sizes, etc.). There isn’t an underperforming player in that clubhouse who has a legitimate excuse as to why we shouldn’t look at someone different. I’m talking to you Patterson.
    Jeff, getting sour on Bailey is just wrong. He’s 22 for chrissakes. The reason we have Volquez is because some GM was impatient and pulled the plug too soon.

  6. Sultan of Swaff

    Plus I’d like to see if Bailey could be a plus closer if he can’t replicate his mechanics consistently enough to be a starter.

  7. GregD

    He’s going to be inconsistent, and the Reds want him to work through these issues in AAA not the majors. It’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t throw perfect games every night. He got hit hard by Richmond on May 10, and now has 2 consecutive games with high # of walks. Looks like he’s a little shell shocked to me. 11 BB’s in his last two starts (10 innings.) Before that he had 14 BB’s in 50.2 innings.

    Just like the end of spring training, he needs to make an adjustment and get back to what he was doing in April. Bailey will be OK.

    Why did Cueto throw 114 pitches last night, his highest total of the season? I thought they were keeping him on a lower pitch count.

  8. Alex

    Great, great news if it happens. Everyone has said, “Put him in CF, replace CraPatterson.” I’d say, put him in RF, replace Griffey and put Freel in CF. It pains me to say that because I’m a Griffey fan, but he’s really hurting the team. I know he’s a great human being, a good clubhouse presence, and all that, but his defense is mediocore and his offense is well below what a RF should be producing.


    Of course, this will never happen because it’s impossible to bench Griffey and I think trading him will prove difficult. And Baker will continue to bat Phillips in the 4-hole.

  9. BenL

    I agree with Alex. I’ve been thinking about this the past few days. Obviously they won’t bench Griffey. It seems to me his trade value is MUCH higher before he hits 600, and it’s not like he’s been drawing a big crowd to the stadium recently. I like Junior a lot, and I hate to see him go, but maybe the best thing is to trade him before he hits 600.

  10. Andrew

    I think it’s time to try to move Griffey too. Take whatever you can get and shove him off to Seattle.

    It’s time.

    /Assuming he waives his no-trade.

  11. Dan

    Hey… a bit off-topic…

    I don’t know who takes care of this sort of thing, but could you add a link to Hal McCoy’s blog over there on the right?


  12. Mike

    If not on the right side, just go to Dayton Daily News – Sports Section for Hal McCoy’s blog.

  13. Mark in CC

    Who needs Walt Jocketty. It’s time to make some moves before the summer is more of a disaster than it is already.

    Let’s send Griffey to Seattle today for a Class A pitcher or a dozen balls as long as they pay his salary. His value is up since the 600 HR thing is stilllllll there. The Reds will not sell that many more tickets and even if they would they would still be money ahead to unload the contract.

    Jay Bruce replaces him in right field (don’t put all the stress of center on him).

    Josh Fogg to Colorado (I suppose they are still interested) for a bucket of hot spit and them taking his contract.

    Bring up Homer Bailey let him pitch a little long relief for a while (that approach seems to work for other teams).

    Send Patterson to Louisville, activate Hopper. Put Freel or Hopper in center.
    The positives are obvious here.

    Trade Dunn to someone for a couple of quality AAA pitchers. Even send him to Houston let the Reds benefit from him hitting against them 18 games a year. He hits alot of long balls but that sure hasn’t equaled wins.

    Put Votto in the outfield some (can’t be worse than Dunn and he has done it before and he can still play first half the time also)along with Hairston; put Hatteberg at first some and bring up one of the righthanded bench players from Louisville.

    Money ahead, the Killer B’s – Bailey and Bruce called up, a couple of AAA pitchers, a bucket of hot spit and probably more wins. Should work!

  14. Relient k Car

    i disagree with trading dunn
    u wont get enough for him
    and that leaves our outfield with one power guy.
    why complain about dunn
    he is on pace for over 40 homers and 100 something RBIS.
    bailey needs time
    but agreed trade griffey

  15. Craig in St. Louis

    I just want to add that I traded Miggy for Bruce and EE in my fantasy league thinking that Dusty Freaking Idiot Baker would SURELY have to get Bruce in there soon … well that was a week ago! What, EXACTLY, are those morons in Cincinnati waiting for?????? 👿