(I choose to forget about the Dodgers series that just ended.)

The Reds begin a four game series in San Diego tonight, looking to expand on the recent success experienced by sweeping the Indians and the Marlins. Aaron Harang is on the hill, facing Randy Wolf, so you have to like our chances in this one.

Let’s just hope the offense will back up Harang with some runs. Adam Dunn has started to crush the ball, and Griffey’s swing is coming around, but others are faltering now. Plus, the defense has been absolutely atrocious. It’s time to get those things ironed out.

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  1. Deaner

    Is anyone else listening to the SD broadcast on XM?

    Does anyone else think this guy talks WAY too fast?

  2. Jack Bauer

    Dusty Baker said Ryan Freel will likely start the next two games as well with lefties throwing for the Padres. “Corey (Patterson) has good numbers against some of those lefties,” Baker said. “But he’s just not hitting or getting on base.”

    Cant get anything by you Dusty…..

  3. MeanLittleBallsOfHate

    Dammit, Freel missed.

  4. Jack Bauer

    Did Welsh just say Wolf had Janish velocitized?

  5. hammer1

    Griffey, bomb! # 598. 2-0 good guys

  6. ChicagoRedsFan

    I with you, Chad. The Dodgers series was their mulligan.

  7. ChicagoRedsFan

    I AGREE with you, Chad. The Dodgers series was their mulligan.

    And that was my mulligan! 😀

  8. DevilsAdvocate

    Of all the places least likely for Griffey to finally homer again in…really? Petco? Great that it finally happened, it was a long drought.

  9. GregD

    Sounds like Baker finally looked at the back of Patterson’s baseball card.

  10. Brett

    For those who care, Boston is making a comeback against detroit (NBA), now down 2 with five to play

  11. Chad

    Detroit back up by 6, but this should be an interesting finish.

  12. Randy

    Harang has struck out 7 through four. Not bad…he likes pitching in his hometown, I guess.

  13. DevilsAdvocate

    However, 70 pitches through four for the San Diego Kid.

  14. Brett

    Could you imagine if Harang was a Padre? His stats would be quite audacious I imagine. That said, I’m very glad he is under contract for the next four years.

  15. CeeKeR

    Not a whole lot of hitting going on with these two clubs… 15 combined strikeouts through half the ballgame.

  16. Kerm

    I can’t believe Randy Wolf has 8 K’s through 5 innings.

  17. Chad

    Yeah, he’d be unstoppable in Petco Park. I agree, I’m glad he’s one of the good guys.

  18. BenL

    Dusty ejected! Hopefully this gets the guys fired up.

  19. BenL

    Wow. EE was ejected from 75 ft away. That’s harsh.

  20. rob

    i predict josh fogg will pitch tonight.

  21. DevilsAdvocate

    What the hell? four homers allowed…in Petco?!!??

  22. Chris

    On a 60 degree night, no less.

    Are we done with Mike Lincoln yet?

  23. ron

    If we get swept by the Pads and we return home with a lineup that still includes Patterson, and does not include Bruce, Im going to forefit the rest of the season. We are getting beat down by the worst team in baseball. The 6 game win streak was a farce. Those six games did not fix what was wrong with this team.

  24. preach

    8-2, goodnight everyone. Might as well get some sleep this week. What a waste staying up for this roadtrip.

  25. Chris

    I am REALLY glad I moved back to Ohio tonight. I would’ve been sitting there at the ballpark watching this b.s. in person, at $40 a ticket.

  26. mhopp

    Wow, this is really sad. I am trading the Reds in for the Rangers. They’re only one game under 500. Unreal, they’re so terrible…Even the Orioles are finally doing good.

  27. GregD

    Rangers Josh Hamilton now leads all triple crown categories. Tied with Quentin in HR, leads in AVG and RBI. I continue to root for the guy!

    The Reds probably could have had Carlos Quentin, a RH hitting OFer, pretty cheaply, too.