Via Deadspin, Jim Leyland’s hilarious rant about whether the Tigers are losing because Sean Casey’s smiling face isn’t in the clubhouse.

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  1. Sean casey is the man

  2. I’ve got to go pray now…..

  3. I really wish the Reds would have hired Jim Leyland when they had the opportunity.

  4. Bring back the mayor! LOL

    I can see how losing Casey could hurt a teams chemistry. The REDS could use a guy like Casey in the clubhouse, maybe not so much at first, now that we have Votto.

  5. FWIW, Casey and all his chemistry didn’t help the Reds or Pirates win a thing.

    Sean Casey’s career W-L record (games he played in): 644-706
    1997-2006: 557-636
    2007: 77-66
    2008: 10-10

    This isn’t all this fault, obviously. But it is a bit hard to see him the key to the Tigers’ success.

  6. Somebody needs to say that the Reds would have better chemistry if Jay Bruce was on the team and see if we can get Dusty to drop the F-bomb.

  7. Casey’s sporting an .888 OPS so far this season.

  8. Id rather take greg vaughn in the clubhouse

  9. I miss Casey. He’s my second favorite athlete ever, after Rob Dibble.

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