After taking 3 from the Marlins and sweeping the Indians in 3, the Reds will look to avoid being swept tonight by the Dodgers in L.A. The Reds will send Johnny Cueto to the mound to try and stop the bleeding.

I must admit, most of my attention will be on the other Los Angeles team tonight, but I’ll try to peek in on Cueto from time to time. Discuss the game here…

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  1. rob

    Might listen to the Dodger broadcast at Thom Brennaman is starting to grate on me.

  2. renbutler

    DirecTV’s HD feed isn’t working again.

  3. Jack Bauer

    Can we send a bill through congress that will prohibit Corey Patterson from leading off?

  4. preach

    I could swear in court that I heard George call Chris the “Crappy Lefthander”.

  5. Chad

    Chris was a pretty crappy lefthander back in his day. Good announcer, though.

  6. renbutler

    Check swing double.

    How about that?

  7. BenL

    Dunn should learn to do that on purpose

  8. Kenny

    Dunn with a double to lead off the 2nd.

  9. preach

    Dunner should take a lot of those outside pitches that way. One of two things would happen: either they would take off that crazy shift, or Dunn would know they would pitch him middle-in if they left the shift on.

    Should have had more than just one run that inning. I hope grounding back to the pitcher is not the trend all night.

  10. preach

    the Dodgers have a nice core of young players. They should be real solid for the next few seasons.

  11. Ron

    Dodgers have a strong farm system too … they have more on the way

  12. Chris

    I think they finally have a management team in place who will play the best players, as opposed to the biggest names. Of course, having Jones stink up the joint, and Nomar on the DL makes some of those decisions a little easier.

    Of course, there’s no explaining why Andy LaRoche still hasn’t gotten his chance.

  13. Chris

    Pete looks hilarious with that untucked shirt and blank ballcap.

  14. Chris

    Pete has finally asked the question: Why in the world does Dusty wear sweatbands?

    Pete’s tongue is definitely loose.

  15. Chris

    I think he’s had a few. If this inning goes on five more minutes, he’s going to get himself in real trouble.

  16. john

    Listening to Pete might be the highlight of tonight’s game. I can’t believe how shitty this team is.

  17. Chris

    C’mon BAKO. Now Cueto’s getting yelled at by Pole.

  18. Brett

    Marty gleeful in suggesting that Cueto spend some time at AAA, but at least Thom is defending him

  19. Chad

    Pete was surprisingly interesting to listen to. Definitely entertaining.

  20. Brett

    On a side note, the Lakers have just taken a four point lead after being down by 20 at one point.

  21. Chris

    John Fay is full of predictions today:

    – Bruce to be called up after this road trip (aka Tuesday).

    – Todd Frazier in the mix for a corner OF spot next spring, assuming both Dunn and Jr are gone.

  22. preach

    Talking about Club 4192:

    “Am I allowed to go in there?” Hilarious.

  23. Chad

    I’d be surprised if Bruce is up before June 1.

    And what are the chances Dusty would play him ahead of Patterson anyway?

  24. Kenny

    Matt Belisle vs. Greg Maddux on Sunday. I know Maddux is 80 years old, but I don’t like the sound of that matchup.

  25. Kenny

    Patterson is so terrible, it’s sickening.

  26. Chris

    I get the feeling Dusty isn’t going to have much choice in the matter. Patterson is going to be the king of the double-switch, I suspect.

  27. Brett

    Kobe Bryant is a beast. Fay’s Frazier prediction is really interesting, but where would we spend all of that freed up money? I don’t like spending on bullpen guys because the most you’ll get is 60 to 80 innings, so a catcher maybe or a starter. or maybe a cf to hold it down until (fingers crossed) Stubbs is ready?

  28. Relient k Car

    Jocketty has said that when bruce comes up its to play full time.
    he said thats why he isnt up cause they cant find at bats for him.

  29. john

    That money gets eaten up by arbitration and bigger contract years for guys like Arroyo ($11m I think).

    Btw…sorry if the s-word offended anyone earlier. Family site, I know.

  30. Chris

    Oh my goodness. They have 4 runs: 1 on a passed ball, 1 on a wild pitch, and now 1 on a pickoff throw into the 2nd row. Nice D.

  31. Brett

    Marty- “Johnny Cueto is an absolute train wreck”

  32. Mike

    John Fay is full of predictions today:

    – Todd Frazier in the mix for a corner OF spot next spring, assuming both Dunn and Jr are gone.

    Saw Frazier a few weeks back in 2 ball games. If he continues to progress, he could be something.

  33. john

    Brett – I stand corrected. Thanks for the resource!

  34. Mike

    I heard Marty on XM with Charlie Steiner this afternoon. He was composed and spoke quite well, Place him in the booth and the rant begins.

  35. john

    Really seems like BP is GIDP every single game. Why he still bats cleanup, I don’t understand.

  36. Mike

    Would sure be nice to have a true right handed #4 hitter, so BP could be placed somewhere else in the order

  37. Brett

    You are right though that there are a few guys reaching arbitration; EE, Volquez, Bray, Majewski, and Kepp are all geting arbitration next season, but it shouldn’t cost more than $10 mil, plus 400K for all of the three years or less guys, so there may only be $12-$15 million left assuming the Reds are going to spend like they have this season. You could use that to lock guys up with front loaded contracts (namely EE and Volquez) or else find a FA or resign Dunn.

  38. mhopp

    Sounds to me like another management mistake. The manager is the leader and should have taken Cueto out after the first batter reached base in the 5th. No wonder Crusty Baker did well with veteran players, just set the team on auto pilot and go. Nobody can get any rhythm because leadership is bad, playing a lead off man who bats about .200…my grandmother knows better than to put Patterson in the line up.

  39. Brett

    Marty is also stunned that Votto, like Cueto, has not yet been sent down to AAA

  40. rob

    mike according to vin scully hariston left the game due to dehydration/dizziness.

  41. GregD

    Bruce is blocked by Corey Patterson? Hopefully, that will end by the Reds next homestand.

    “I’d like to see him (Junior) get it over with (600hr),” Baker said. “I don’t care who you are, it’s got to weigh on you some. He doesn’t show it at all.”

    I’ve been saying it all season, bat Dunn 4th behind Junior and he’ll get to 600 before you know it. Just don’t bat Phillips 5th in that scenario because all his GIDP’s will erase Dunn’s walks!