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Game Thread: Reds @ Dodgers – 2008.05.21

After taking 3 from the Marlins and sweeping the Indians in 3, the Reds will look to avoid being swept tonight by the Dodgers in L.A. The Reds will send Johnny Cueto to the mound to try and stop the bleeding.

I must admit, most of my attention will be on the other Los Angeles team tonight, but I’ll try to peek in on Cueto from time to time. Discuss the game here…

57 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds @ Dodgers – 2008.05.21

  1. You are right though that there are a few guys reaching arbitration; EE, Volquez, Bray, Majewski, and Kepp are all geting arbitration next season, but it shouldn’t cost more than $10 mil, plus 400K for all of the three years or less guys, so there may only be $12-$15 million left assuming the Reds are going to spend like they have this season. You could use that to lock guys up with front loaded contracts (namely EE and Volquez) or else find a FA or resign Dunn.

  2. Sounds to me like another management mistake. The manager is the leader and should have taken Cueto out after the first batter reached base in the 5th. No wonder Crusty Baker did well with veteran players, just set the team on auto pilot and go. Nobody can get any rhythm because leadership is bad, playing a lead off man who bats about .200…my grandmother knows better than to put Patterson in the line up.

  3. Bruce is blocked by Corey Patterson? Hopefully, that will end by the Reds next homestand.

    “I’d like to see him (Junior) get it over with (600hr),” Baker said. “I don’t care who you are, it’s got to weigh on you some. He doesn’t show it at all.”

    I’ve been saying it all season, bat Dunn 4th behind Junior and he’ll get to 600 before you know it. Just don’t bat Phillips 5th in that scenario because all his GIDP’s will erase Dunn’s walks!

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